April 2011
Talk about quiet!!!   That's what it has been here at Palm Creek this month of April 2011.  As each day came and went there were fewer and fewer residents in the
park and in our immediate neighborhood.  As the month ends there are three occupied sites on our block of sixteen and three each on the streets behind and in
front of us.  A trend that has been increasing each year is that folks are leaving their RVs on their site and either driving or flying to their summer homes.  So, we do
have some RVs in the neighborhood.  And as we were enjoying the open space next to us, out of the hundreds and hundreds available,  the office parked a
temporary visitor in the site next to us.  Oh, well!
Scheduled activities dwindled as the days went by and we are now "in charge" of our own schedules.  We have managed to gather enough buddies to make up
regular tennis games several days a week, and some golf games on the alternate days.  With lower rates, we've ventured to courses outside the park a little more,
too!  Starting times have worked themselves earlier and earlier as the weather got a little warmer.  That allows us the rest of the day to take care of chores and
errands and to enjoy the air-conditioning.  We've also worked in some regular medical appointments and tests and are set to leave the medical community behind
for a couple months.   We have a list of "things to do" before we leave Arizona and prefer to work on the list just a little at a time.  Our biggest accomplishment is
that we got the entire outside of the motor home washed and waxed.  It looks pretty good, if we do say so ourselves!  Mary has been working on several sewing
projects in the park's fantastic sewing room and has helped with a couple of special projects in the Activities Office.   Tom is slowly scanning many of our old
photographs and slides onto DVDs.  We've cleaned out a few closets and boxes and made a donation trip to the Salvation Army.  Some of those are ongoing
projects!  Some of the "Things to Do" have turned into minor repair projects, so its good that we started on them a couple weeks ahead of departure.   Real exciting
days, right???
The weather has been almost absolutely perfect!  Mornings have been cool and evenings pleasant enough to be outside without sweaters.  In between there has
been lots of sunshine and a breeze.  Only one day has hit 100* and occasionally the wind gets pretty strong, but we're lovin' it! I think April is the best month here!  
The park staff, however, is gearing up for the long hot summer.  They have let the flower beds dry and eventually the beautiful blooms were plucked and the beds
raked into smooth dirt.  Hanging baskets and flower pots were gathered for storage. The golf course is still maintained, but the fairways are getting dry as well, but
after May 1,  play is free.  We can handle that!  A few new "Village Homes" and "park models" have been brought in and construction started to finished them up.  
The park has plans for some repairs and renovations in a few areas, so it will be interesting to see how things have changed when we return in the fall.
Neighbors always have to clean out the fridge and freezer this time of year
and one had a large turkey hiding in there.  So, on the last evening before
two couples departed, we had an early Easter dinner...turkey and all the
trimmings.  It was sad to see them go, but we'll gather again in the fall.
But there were still a few around for our traditional happy hours...and we
appreciated the shade of Dick and Alice's patio.
We gave a last send-off to our Swedish friends Ann and Ola
and hope that they can arrange to return to the US for more fun at
Palm Creek in a year or so.
Here is Mac and Lil's prickly pear,
and Paul and Jan's cactus,
Mary and Tedd's bottlebrush
and Ranger Bob's oleanders.
We had a pretty dry winter, so the native plants were not all that colorful this spring.  But, as the workers were pulling out the bedding plants, a few of the
more common local blooms started to appear....most of them just the day after the residents left for home.
We're gearing up for a mid-May departure from Arizona, so our next report truly will be of our "wanderings" as we travel to the east.
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