August 2010
There's nothing like a good visit with good friends...and our several day stop at Jim and Paula Jones' in Newfane, New York was exactly that!  We had parked
our rig in Jim and Paula's driveway next to their greenhouses on August 1st and over the next several days they showed us around their "neck of the woods."  
After church on Sunday we took a drive along Lake Ontario and enjoyed a concert in the park and a stroll through the shops in Olcott.  While in the area, we
also visited several farm markets, Grand Island in the middle of the Niagara River, and played a round of golf...and not to be forgotten were some delicious
meals with produce fresh from the gardens.  We had a great time and are glad we had the chance to visit.
Leaving New York State, we headed to our own "home turf" in northwest Ohio.  There aren't many nice campgrounds in the area, so we headed north, just
over the state line into Michigan and parked at the Harbortown RV Resort in Monroe, MI where we have stayed many times in the past.  We had continued to
have problems with our tow car, so our first order of business in Monroe was to get some repair work done.  That kept us pretty "close to home" for over a
week, but we're back on the road now.  Our time in Monroe also gave us time to take care of a few doctor appointments, visit with Tom's mother at her care
facility, get new driver's license and vehicle plates, get some computer glitches taken care of, and do some much needed maintenance and cleaning of the
motor home-inside and out!
Of course, there were the usual visits with family and a few friends.  We made a couple of drives to Jackson, Michigan to visit with Mary's Mom and enjoyed
get-togethers with Mary's brother and sister-in-law and Tom's sister and brother-in-law.   Our good friends Dick and Liz Lehto showed us their beautiful new
kitchen and Kathy and Dennie Dew gave us a tour of their new-to-them motor home.  Tom played several of the local golf courses and we went to the driving
range next to the RV park several times.           One day we made a trip to Camping World with Kathy and Dennie and helped them spend their money by
pointing out lots of things we thought they could use in their RV.  The girls made a trip to IKEA as well, to pick up a few more things.  Hopefully all the things
we keep telling them will keep them from a few of the "oooops" moments we had when we started out RVing.                 Our Bounder buddies, Jacques
Everhart  and Jo Gettys came up to Monroe for a visit, too.  Naturally, we shared a few meals with these great friends.     We made a stop at Tom's old office
and caught up with people there.  We've mentioned in the past how we often cross paths with RVers we've been with before - and this was no exception.  
When we arrived at Harbortown and got settled we discovered that we were just several sites down from David and Rosemary Baggett, who at one time lived
near us in our old neighborhood.  They've been full-timing for several years now and we were able to share some adventures before they moved on.
Our Palm Creek neighbors, Paula and Jim Jones
were great hosts at their New York home.
There was plenty of room in Jones'
driveway for our rig.
We enjoyed a Sunday afternoon concert in the
park in Olcott...overlooking Lake Ontario.
As we do at Palm Creek, the four of us
played a round of golf together.
Mary's mini-family reunion...Mary and Tom with Beth
and Bill and Mom
Surprise neighbors at Harbortown RV Resort...
Rosemary and David Baggett
Tom's mini-family reunion with Judy and Ron
Tom with our dinner guests, Jo and Jacques
Beth and Bill visited one night.
Tom and I have tried to check out everything on Kathy
and Dennie's new-to-them Damon Challenger.
We enjoyed a chance to visit with Kathy and Dennie's
daughter, Molly, and granddaughter, Charlottte.
Somehow our time in the Toledo area has flown by quickly...leaving us with a list of people we wanted to see and things we wanted to do, but just didn't
get them on the schedule.  Our last few days will be busy ones - getting a few last errands run and yet more repairs taken care of.  We'll be heading to
Michigan, Indiana and on west after the holiday weekend.
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