We've been in a "maintenance and repair mode" since we arrived back in the mid-west, so we started off August with a trip to the tire shop.  At our check-up at Spartan
Chassis last month, they discovered a bad tire. After a few phone calls, emails and photos exchanged we had arranged to have a replacement tire installed at the shop
where we had purchased our tires several years ago in the Toledo area.  We had to unhook and pack up to leave our campsite, but the chore was taken care of with a
minimum of disruption and cost to us.  

As we continued our stay in the greater Toledo area there were more visits with family and friends.  Mary's brother Bill and his wife Beth live within walking distance of a
nice mall so while visiting them one day we walked over to PFChang's for lunch. Tasty!  We made several visits to Tom's Mom at her care facility and took care of little
chores around town. We admit we'd never quite "gotten the hang" of using our Kindle to borrow books from the library, so we attended a class at the Main Toledo Public
Library.  Mary had worked there for six years in high school and college and it was fun to go see all the marvelous changes they've made over the well as get
some info that we were lacking!  One day we drove with Bill and Beth back up to Michigan to visit with Mom for the day.  We went out to lunch at a new Japanese place in
Jackson...another good oriental meal.

A major event for the month was that Tom had decided to have cataract surgery, so we had several appointments with the ophthalmologist and the big event at St. Luke's
Hospital early in the month.  Recovery went as well as was expected but not without some frustration.  By the end of the month he had "passed inspection" and was given
the ok to travel west.
It was another of those "where did the time go" moments when we attended the graduation party for our great-niece, Sydnie, daughter of Tom's godson/nephew, John.  
Wasn't she just born a few weeks ago?  Sydnie will be attending college in California and we wish her well!

We enjoyed having dinner guests a few times, getting together with the best man at our wedding, Bob Weaver and his wife Janis, previous neighbors, Dick and Liz Lehto,
and good friends Kathy and Dennie Dew over a period of several weeks...and then visiting their homes as well.  We attended a "care conference" for Tom's mother at her
care facility and Mary was able to renew her Driver's License seven months in advance since we don't plan to be in Ohio during snow season.  :-)   It was a busy month!  

Meanwhile, back at the campground we had noticed a major septic tank problem. We have "full-timer" neighbors on both sides and we occupy three of the four full hookup
sites at Big Sandy.  For a couple of weeks we had to be careful with our water usage and monitor the system.  Mid-month, we took the Dutch Star up to Michigan for a week
to visit with our son Reid and Mary's Mom.  While we were gone, the campground owner took advantage of us being away and brought in the big equipment and made
repairs to the septic system which was "conveniently located" right at the rear of our site.  We'd had our new washer installed in June, and two months later we were finally
able to use it!
During our week in Michigan we stayed at the Ingham County Fairgrounds in the town of Mason for four nights in between the horse shows which frequently overtake the
facility.  Reid came to visit us most days and we enjoyed sharing 'RV tips and tricks' when he brought along his former boss from the Lansing newspaper.  Its also fun to
hear about Reid's biking and travel adventures as he continues to explore his year old residence in Michigan.  From Mason we moved down south a bit to Jackson and
spent a couple of days parked at Mary's Mom's condo.  There weren't any big projects this time...just some good visits and games.
Returning from Michigan we had one last week to squeeze in our final visits for the summer.  We had a wonderful dinner at Janis and Bob Weaver's where we were joined
by Bob's twin brother Dick and his wife, Pat, whom we hadn't seen in many years...a fun evening!  We had lunch with our RV buddy, Jacques Everhart and caught up on his
latest news,  Our food odyssey continued as we met Tom's sister, Judy and brother-in-law Ron for dinner at Chili's; shared pizza with Mary's brother Bill and his wife Beth
and Mary's Mom who was in Toledo for the day;  had dinner at friends, the Dew's one night;  and visited our old neighborhood for grilled steaks with Dick and Liz Lehto
and Bill and Ann Waters.  Whew!
We had a delicious meal with Beth and Bill at
PFChang's near Toledo.
All of the beautiful glass murals have been preserved over
the years of renovations at the Toledo Library.
Lunch was cooked at our table while we watched at the
Japanese restaurant in Jackson...very good!
The male relatives had some wild games of bean
bag toss at our great-niece's party!
Tom's sister, Judy and husband Ron are the proud
grandparents of our great-niece, Sydnie.
We always have fun and a good meal at Dick and
Liz's-this time overlooking our old backyard!
Liz brought out lighted brownies to
celebrate Tom's birthday!
August 31 was a travel day as we pulled up stakes from Big Sandy and headed west through the countryside to Nappanee, Indiana.  RV friends, Rich and Diane Emond
were waiting for us at "Camp Newmar" - the 'birthplace' of our Dutch Star.  We'll be enjoying some time with Rich and Diane and having our last (hopefully) repairs done at
the factory before heading west next week.
Its not often we're all together, but the five of us had several good
visits during our stay in the area...Bill, Beth, Mom, Tom and Mary
Another great evening...with Pat and Dick Weaver and
Janis and Bob Weaver.  
We'll miss the domino games and fun times
with Kathy and Dennie.
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