The weatherman promised us a better February....and he came through with flying colors!  Boy have we been having some warm and sunny days...with just one or two days of
wind.  Its been a glorious month with 20 days over 80*!    With it also being "high season" there was plenty of activity here in Palm Creek.  To start with, the Quilting and Sewing
Guild held several events.  First it was another of their "Quilt Till U Wilt" nights.  Sixty or so ladies gathered in the late afternoon and went to work making pillowcases for the
several foster children agencies they support.  Everyone had a task assigned and by the time they were finished for the evening, Mary had hung 130 brightly colored pillowcases
on the wall.  (That was her assigned task and there was a not much rest!)  Later in the month the Guild held their annual Quilt Show.  The Guild's reputation for a fabulous event
was upheld....with a great variety of quilts on display and a big crowd of attendees.
Not to be outdone by the quilters, the park's busy woodshop held their annual show this month also.  It is truly amazing what can be done with a piece of wood.  There was a
number of pieces of furniture along with wall art, decorative pieces, tools, toys, and many more.  And then we have the pottery studio.  This group has found that their artistry was
so popular in the past that the pieces they offered for sale were "sold out" within an hour or two of opening their show.  So this time they had waited two years to have their event
with all of the participants working very hard to create a large stock of items for sale.  It was worth the wait!  What a wonderful show and sale it was. What talented people we have
in our park!
Palm Creek holds its annual "Cancer Awareness Week" every February.  Many of the clubs and organizations have special events and fund raisers to share in the contributions
made by the park to local cancer groups.  Our tennis club had a two day tournament followed by an awards dinner and an auction.  We did not play in the tournament, but enjoyed
the dinner and came home with a few auction items.  Proudly, our tennis club made the largest contribution of any of the groups participating in the park.     Concluding the
awareness week, Palm Creek sponsored an "evening in the park" with luminarias lining the roads from the gate to our "central park" where all of the walking paths were also
lined with the glowing bags.  This was one of the few days of wind so it was disappointing that the ten hot-air balloons that were gathered to present a "balloon glow" found it too
windy to inflate their colors.  However, they did light their burners and WOW!  They gave a great light and some welcome warmth as we sipped hot chocolate and visited with
friends and neighbors
This is also tournament season at Palm Creek.  The Pickleball Club's Member Tournament found several of our neighbors and friends on the courts for multiple matches.  
Unfortunately, a couple of our windiest days occured during the competition.  The Tennis Club Member Tournament was held over three hot and sunny days - without us
participating - but we did attend the concluding dinner and awards ceremony.  All our tennis friends have enjoyed using our newly renovated courts.
One of the final events of February was the annual Car Show here in the park.  We wandered among the displays of autos ranging in age from the early 1900's to the present day
while listening to 50's and 60's music.  
Another evening we enjoyed getting together with our "old neighborhood gang."  Connie and Dennis, who used to live across the street from us here, were visiting for a few
weeks so we gathered with some of the "old original souls" to share a meal and catch up....what fun!
We came to the end of February breaking weather records with the most days over 80 on
record for the month of February.   (Quite a difference from January!!)    
It's looking like we will enjoy March as well !!!
The sewing room was buzzing with activity on "Quilt Till U Wilt Night."
It's often this busy daily during "season."
Beisdes making pillowcases, the ladies filled little bags (made by
Martha, center)) with hygiene supplies for the kids.
The ladies made 130 pillowcases in about 3 hours.  They will be
donated to foster children in the area.
Mary's friends Patt and Linda served a homemade
meal to all the ladies.
Part of our quilt display at the Palm Creek Quilt Show.
Quilts for the foster children (there are 1500 in Pinal County) and
"Quilts of Valor" displays (for Canadian and US military)
More quilts
We have a group of ladies who create outfits for American Girl dolls.
The sunny warm day brought out quite a few viewers at the wood show.
Many different wood-working skills were on display.
Just a few samples of the pottery skills can be seen here.
Tennis buddies Penny and Larry led the action at our tennis
auction.  They did a good job as the tennis club raised $2100
for cancer charities.
Luminarias honoring cancer patients lined the walkways and
streets around our Palm Park.
The propane burners lent plenty of light an a little heat to a
chillly evening.
We have 32 pickleball courts at Palm Creek and about 850 registered
players.  The Members-Only Tournament kept the courts busy for several
days.  Our neighbor, Barry, in the white shirt
and another neighbor, Mary, also wearing white, are active me.mbers of
the pickleball club and battled a windy day along with some strong
The Tennis Club Members Tournament also took place over
several hot and sunny days days.
Our tennis players have a much larger area to cover on the courts than the
pickleball players, but we are enjoying our beautiful new courts.
Sandwiched somewhere into our month also were a few other activities.  The Superbowl seemed like a good reason to hold another party.  Neighbor Glen hosted the affair and
supplied several TVs (although one was tuned to the PGA Golf tournament going on in Phoenix until it was over).
Palm Creek hosted a "Movie Night in the Park."  The weather cooperated beautifully and a huge crowd brought their chairs and gathered to eat fresh popcorn and watch
"Brooklyn", a film nominated for this year's Academy Awards on the big screen
Mary joined a group of 20 Palm Creek golfers for their second annual outing at Francisco Grande, the resort built years ago for the San Francisco Giants Spring Training Center.  
The ladies played their golf round and then gathered in the hotel dining room for a drinks and a buffet meal.
Most of our neighbors are Denver Bronco fans, and were happy
with the outcome of the Superbowl game.
It wasn't the most luxurious theater, but the price was right and the
popcorn was fresh!
Mary's golf foursome was some of her tennis
buddies, Barb, Jean and Rita.
If this car is an antique...so are we!!
These are more like antiques!
The old original gang back together...we sure miss Connie and Dennis
being here all winter.
We continue to have gorgeous sunsets.
And the great weather allowed us to see the glowing full moon.
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