February 2018
It really didn't seem like February as we started the month........we were blessed with gorgeous weather more typical of March or April in this part of the country.  Palm Creek's
annual "Cancer Awareness Week was the first event of the month and the great temperatures and sunshine made the various competitions and activities all that more
enjoyable.  We did not participate in any of the tournaments, but we went to the tennis courts for a bit to cheer on our friends and competitors in the "Super-Bowl of Tennis.  
The Lions Club held a 'Rubber Duckie" race in the canal near our house, so we cheered on the racers there as well.  On Friday night, February 2 was our annual "balloon
glow", silent auction and luminary walk.  During the evening's activities, Mary worked a shift at a booth handing out cookies and hot chocolate sponsored by the local Cancer
Support Center, for which she volunteers.  Early Saturday morning there was a lot of activity around our house as the balloons that had attended the 'glow' the night before,
were launching into the air from the ball diamond and nearby park, taking passengers for a ride over the community.  Saturday evening we attended the Tennis Club awards
dinner and auction honoring the players in the Super-Bowl of Tennis tournament.  Overall the various activities raised about $27,000 for the Cancer Support Center, with
$2755 of it raised by the tennis club - the largest contribution by any of the park groups.
One of the fund raisers for cancer was that for a donation you could
have a flock of flamingos planted in a friend's yard.  Our neighbors
were so blessed!
Here they come....some of the rubber
duckies racing down the canal.
At dusk on Friday night the balloon teams started
working to inflate their crafts.
After dark, his was part of Mary's view from the coffee and cookie tent.
Early Saturday morning the balloons were inflated once again...this time
on the ball diamond across from our house.
Before long, we had a fleet over our heads following the currents.
Our friends Penny, Deiter, Leta and Larry took charge of the tennis
auction and raised over $2700 from our tennis buddies.
Although February started out quite warm in Arizona, the weather took a turn downward after the first week.  We had some very chilly mornings and a few afternoons found
us not much warmer at around 55*.  That helped acclimate Mary for a trip to Michigan.  Reservations had been made a ways in advance, but Delta Airlines tried to alleviate
hassle on their part and sent messages to Mary that changing her flight might be a good idea.  So, with about 2 hours notice on February 8, Mary was off to Sky Harbor and on
to Kalamazoo.  Tom remained in Arizona, "holding down the fort."  The snow had just begun falling when Mary arrived at Reid and Kathleen's just before midnight.  The next
morning everything was white and Kathleen had a "snow day" from school.  By Friday night, there was about 15 inches of snow on the ground.  Welcome to Michigan,
Grandma!  Mary put off renting a car for a few days and enjoyed time playing with Evelyn and visiting with Reid and Kathleen and with Kathleen's family who had also arrived
for a visit.  By Saturday night, the ladies in the family were able to bundle up and venture out to a fun dinner in downtown Kalamazoo and to attend a fantastic live
performance of "The Sound of Music" at Western Michigan University. A big reason for Mary's trip east was to visit her Mom, so on Sunday Reid and Evelyn went with her to
Jackson for a visit with 'great-grandma".  On Monday, Mary had picked up her rental car and returned to Jackson, and along with her brother Bill and wife Beth, took Mom out
to lunch to celebrate her 95th birthday. They had a great visit and celebration.  Mary spent Tuesday with Mom as well, doing a few chores and just enjoying the visit before
she returned to Arizona on Wednesday.
Welcome to Michigan!!
What else to do on a snow day but make
cookies with Grandma!
The snow was up to Evelyn's waist...easy to
make a snow ball.
The backyard hill is perfect for sledding with
cousin Conner.
Then there's time to teach Grandma Rose
how to use her I-phone.
Evelyn was a little shy, but finally gave
Great-Grandma a big hug!
Happy 95th Birthday, Mom!
A classic winter view from Mom's window...brr!
Back in Arizona, it was back to the usual routine.  Mary played in the Tennis Club's annual Tournament and managed to come in third place in her skill level...out of three teams
:-).  We both participated in our usual golf and tennis activities and enjoyed some card games with friends.  Mary continues to spend time in the sewing room and Tom has
brought home some winnings from his bridge games....poker, not so lucky!  As the end of the season approaches, the various groups hold their showcase open houses.  Mary
worked the "Chinese Auction" table at the Quilt Guild's annual show and we attended the Wood Show and the Fine Arts Show. There are so many talented people here in the
park.  The annual Car Show brought in vehicles from outside the park as well as a few lovingly restored by residents.  Lots of work there, as well.
Mary's friend Linda made this gorgeous quilt.  It
was one of over 100 on display.
There were over 100 items to bid on at the
"Chinese Auction" manned by Mary and friends
Chris and Darlene.
Some gorgeous wood creations.
Some interesting figurines.
Some beautiful art.
Mary's Dad's '66 Mustang was
candy-apple red, not yellow.
It's been a while since this '37 Willys
was in Toledo.
February has passed quickly...the season at Palm Creek is winding down, but our calendar is looking pretty full.  
We're expecting the weather to warm up and to enjoy a busy spring.
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