January 2014
The New Year 2014 dawned rather quiet in our Palm Creek neighborhood....there had not been any wild and crazy celebrations the night before and we welcomed a sunny New
Year.  Over the next several days and weeks, more and more residents arrived, and by the end of the month, the empty spots in our little corner of the park had filled in.  We
welcomed some new neighbors and were happy to see some returning friends. The tennis courts and the golf course also filled up.  Finding court time and tee times became a
little more difficult.  Tom's afternoons as a starter certainly became much busier.  How was he going to practice on the putting green if people were waiting to tee off?
Fortunately, the "Polar Vortex" did not visit Arizona, and we certainly had much sympathy for all our friends and family in the north and east.  Arizona had a record breaking mild
January.  We did have our heat on in the late evenings and early mornings, but our days were sunny and bright with temperatures mostly in the mid-70s....great for being
outdoors.  The Palm Creek Welcome Home party was held on a sunny Saturday afternoon.  All the clubs and organizations had a table in the park to show off their activities and
sign up new members.  The food court gave us the opportunity for a fun lunch and even some free beer.  Entertainment was provided by an ABBA tribute band performing on
our beautiful new stage.  A fun afternoon!
Mary has spent quite a bit of time in the sewing room this month, taking a class and working on a new quilt.  She also attended this month's "Quilt till U Wilt" night.  The theme
was "a pajama game."  Many of the ladies arrived in their "jammies" and they played games with a pajama theme.  Several husbands had fired up the cookers outside the door
and after the ladies assembled their favorite ingredients, the guys cooked "breakfast in a bag" for dinner. Aside from all the fun and games, the ladies were productive....180+
pillowcases were made, to be given to a children's hospital.
Over the past couple of years, our neighborhood has grown to include a few more new friends.  Our daily happy hours have grown so big we have trouble finding a gathering
spot when all the RV sites are filled.  And, winter weather sometimes is "less than pleasing" by our 4:00 gathering time.  So, we have continued the tradition of reserving an
indoor space once a month to gather for fun, food and games.  Our January gathering honored neighbor Dan for his 70th birthday, and we shared a chicken dinner and played
the local favorite game, "Left, Right, Center."  Several days later we gathered outdoors for Cindy's birthday....we never pass up an opportunity to party!
The big new stage wasn't the only improvement in the park this season.  The patio at the Bistro, Pro Shop and first tee was enlarged, covered with a shade structure and
fireplaces were added.  We enjoyed the fireplaces at an early morning "coffee and doughnuts" gathering for park volunteers.  They even gave us a free T-shirt in recognition
for our service on the golf course, host station and in the library.  The patio and fire pits have become a popular spot for early morning and evening gatherings as well as those
of us with early, chilly tee times.
One wild bunch of crazy ladies (otherwise known as the Palm Creek Quilting Guild) departed on a bus headed to Ontario, California on January 22 to attend the "Road To
California" quilt show.  For three days and nights they walked the convention center aisles admiring beautiful award winning quilts, shopping the vendor booths and attending
classes, seminars and a party or two.  They stayed in a hotel right across the street from the convention center so they could rest their weary feet, drop off packages and reload
their wallets as needed.  Even the bus driver seemed to enjoy the fun-loving gang of 45 ladies.
We didn't venture to Phoenix for the Waste Management Phoenix Open Golf Tournament, but were happy to welcome our former Ohio neighbor, Dick Lehto for a visit while he
was in town to work as a volunteer for the event.  Dick had a great week meeting and greeting the pros as they arrived at Sky Harbor and needed transportation.  We had a great
visit with Dick over dinner at our place one evening during his stay.

The final event on our January calendar was the "Palm Creek Super-Bowl of Tennis."  The event was organized with 6 teams of eight players each, named after an NFL team.  
Players were teamed up according to their ability and pitted against a pair from another team.  As luck would have it, Tom (playing for the Broncos) and Mary (playing for the
49ers) helped advance their teams to the finals, and are scheduled to play against each other for the championship....stay tuned!
Palm Creek residents gathered in the renovated Palm Park for the
"Welcome Home" party
It was difficult to find a seat as we "chowed down" on picnic food and
free beer while enjoying the entertainment.
Every craft group, sport, club and interest organization had a table at the
Welcome Home party, to "show off" to new residents.
An ABBA tribute band provided an afternoon of entertainment.
The ladies put their eggs into a bag, added desired toppings of
peppers, onions, mushrooms, etc.  
then sealed it up to be boiled in the cooker.
Meanwhile, the rest of the 50 or so ladies were busy making
180+ colorful pillowcases to be donated to a children's
hospital in Phoenix.
We gathered around the tables in the Saguaro Room for
dinner and games.
And we sang Happy Birthday to Dan.
Several days later, it was another group chorus of Happy
Birthday to Cindy.
The fire-pits and heaters took the chill off our early morning coffee
and doughnuts on the patio.
The bus ride to Ontario,CA gave the ladies time to chat,
read, do hand work and plot their strategy for shopping at
the "Road to California" quilt show.
Note the pile of "stuff" in front of each lady...as the evening
progressed at "Party Time" the attendees gathered quite a
few prizes.
This is just one of the hundreds of beautiful quilts
on display at the show....many hours of work and
skill on each one.
We had to contend with clouds and wind on the first day of
the tournament, but we persevered into the finals.
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