January 2017
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Wow!    Twenty-seventeen!     Where did the time go?     The holidays were over and more residents were arriving in the park.  Activities picked up speed.  There are not
enough hours in the day to participate in all the things offered here at Palm Creek.  Add into that, the fact that we aren't as young as we were when we started spending
our winters here, and we've slowed down a bit.  But, we're still keeping busy!      

Mary's January tennis league got started.  There is a large group of players, but they operate on a monthly program because many participants are here for short periods
of time.  The ladies golf league is a friendly bunch and besides the weekly Wednesday play in the park, some of the ladies venture out to regular courses on other days.  
Mary is a sub in the Tuesday group.

The park sponsored a "Ladies Night Out" one night.  There were games, a little food, some music and dancing and then a "chick-flick"movie and popcorn settled them
down for the rest of the evening.  Great fun!!!
The quilting and sewing group continues to keep Mary involved.  The ladies had their monthly "Quilt-Till-You-Wilt" night with this month's project being pillowcases.  
About 50 ladies worked to make about 250 pillowcases to be donated to the local foster children's program.  There are about 1,000 foster kids in our county and of course
the population changes frequently.  Each entering child gets a new pillow and case and the pillowcases often also serve as emergency suitcases as the kids are moved
around. The ladies also filled little bags with sample size toiletries (collected by our many travellers from their hotel stays) to go with the pillowcases.       Both of us
continued our efforts to win at the bingo and poker tables in the evening, but our luck must have gone home with our Christmas visitors who helped us win in
December.   We also enjoyed several game nights with various groups of friends.  Tom and his duplicate bridge partner have their good nights and their not-so-good-
nights.  His weekly golf rounds at a local course are becoming more enjoyable as the weather improves and as always have some good days and some not-so-good.
Our weather was pretty nice as January started, but then "winter" arrived.  We had a healthy spell of wind, rain, clouds and cold (by Arizona standards).  We had to cover
our plants at night as temperatures got down to the 30* range, there were frost delays on the golf course, winds whipped up to the 40mph gusts and it rained enough to
lessen the drought status.  To battle the chill, the tennis club held a "Soup Tasting."  As a starter for our annual business meeting we were given small cups and invited
to try a little of each of the dozen soups on the buffet.  When you found one you especially liked, you could go back and fill a big bowl, add a salad and a dessert and
enjoy a tasty meal.  More great fun!  We were certainly glad to see the sun reappear on a daily basis for lengthy periods of time and our outdoor activities return to
The Phoenix Craft and Sewing Festival is always a big draw for the sewing ladies and this year they hired a bus to drive them to the State Fairgrounds for the day.  A
good time an lots of shopping was had by all.      The annual Palm Creek "Welcome Home " party had to be postponed a week because of bad weather.  In spite of several
other activities scheduled for the same day, there was a big turnout to enjoy the BBQ meal and check out the booths of all the active groups here in the park.  It was a
busy day in the park as we made the rounds from a tennis tournament, a baseball tournament and the "picnic in the park."
An unexpected phone call from friends Tony and Mary Campbell ended our month of January.  We met Tony and Mary when we were all members of the M.O.B. (that's the
Michigan O'Bounders).  We all attended outings in our Bounder RVs back in the late 90s and have kept in touch over the years as our paths crossed.  We had a great
time catching up on each others' lives of late and continued our visit over dinner at the unique Thirsty Donkey
By the end of the month, our 'normal' weather had resumed and we were once again enjoying sunny warm days.  The landscape workers were working full force.  Park
activities were going from dawn to well after dark.  Here's hoping our winter in the desert has turned to spring for sure!
OK ladies, get out those racquets and get on the courts!
We missed the bunker, but it still took some doing to get to the hole!
It was a great "Ladies' Night Out"
Some of the ladies really "got into" the music!
There was measuring and cutting
..................................and lots of sewing...............................................
and then some pressing.
And of course there was plenty of food.
At the end of the night there were about 250 pillowcases.
Sally and Gladys filled the little bags with toiletries.
Rain, rain, go away!!!!   But look at the double rainbow!!
Some of the soups lined up for our dinner!
Mary's Pegs and Jokers group can while
away a cold afternoon.
Cloudy days make for some glorious sunsets, caught on a
friend's camera.
Another friend happened to be at our front gate when a rancher
moved the sheep from one pasture to another.
The rain stopped but the wind continued, giving a couple a
chance to fly some kites across from our house.
Taking the bus is always more fun than a car pool for these ladies.
It seemed like miles and miles of vendor booths
at the Craft and Sewing Festival.
We can watch the baseball games from our patio.
We were spectators this time at the tennis courts.
The quilters had a booth at the Welcome Home party.
We had some great live music while we strolled the booths and
enjoyed a BBQ lunch.
The music got some of our residents to their feet for some
We had a great visit with Mary and Tony...and look
forward to the next time.
Tony wasn't too sure about this sample he chose
from the 40 taps available.
Here's one way to transplant a tree!