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Well, the winds died down and the sun came out...for the most part, anyway.  And, it being Texas, the temperature rose.  For the rest of our stay, it was over 90* each day -
usually very close to 100*  Whew!  We continued doing a few things around the McCurdy household and enjoyed being involved in the granddaughters' schedule.  We
always enjoy a cook-out dinner and one evening, instead of the usual grill, we cooked hot dogs at the fire-pit in the back yard.  And, what fire-cooked dinner wouldn't be
complete without S'mores for desert?  Mary took in the "stars Over Abilene" Regional Quilt Show and enjoyed checking out all the handiwork and the vendors.
On June 5, Mary had undergone some skin cancer surgery The supposedly simple procedure turned into sort of an adventure when the dermatologist decided it got more
complicated than he anticipated and mid-procedure sent us down the street to an opthomologist/surgeon.  Doctor #2 got everything back on track and after a couple of
weeks and some follow-up visits, Mary was released for travel.  So, on June 19 we got the wheels rolling once again.  As we headed into Oklahoma we kept a good eye on
the weather.  We chose a route to avoid the city traffic in Oklahoma City, but did view some of the deadly tornado damage near Shawnee, east of the city.  It was our annual
"casino tour of the midwest" as we made overnight stops at the Cherokee Red River Casino in Devol, the Fire Lake Grand Casino near Shawnee, and the Downstream
Casino west of Joplin, MO.  We passed up Harrah's in St. Louis as we headed into Illinois for an overnight Walmart stop.
There were several nasty storms while we were in
Abilene, but we did get to see a rainbow at the end of
An interesting "RV" was parked near us in an Abilene
RV park.
There were several hundred quilts on exhibit a the
Abilene Quilt Show.
Hot dogs and S'mores - an "all American" menu.
Merrick on a horse
Merrick (in the rear) with her "Eskimo Cabin" gang.
Hatchet was Merrick's pal for the week at camp.
Two of the little tiny dots at the top of
Machu Picchu are our granddaughters.
The week of June 9 was travel week for the McCurdy girls.  Ann, Coffey and Close traveled with a group from the local high school to Peru.  They had a great trip and enjoyed
seeing and tasting the culture of the South American country.  We tagged along when Matt took Merrick to camp near Kerrville, TX.  She enjoyed a week of adventure along
the Guadalupe River and spent a good part of each day on horseback.  Back in Abilene during the week, we took care of a few household chores and the dog while Matt was
at work.  Once back in town the girls dove right into their usual hectic schedule...with Coffey and her learner's permit willing to drive us anywhere!  Father's Day was a quiet
one for us all as the South American travelers had brought back a stomach bug of some kind and took a few extra days to recover.
Close and her friend Alex were volunteers at a day
camp for gifted students at the Jr. Hi...and were all
dressed for "crazy hair day". (if you look closely,
Alex's hair is blue!)
We tagged along when Coffey went to
be fitted for her first pair of "pointe"
shoes.  We're not sure how any of them
could be comfortable!  Note the softball
jersey paired with tights and ballet
Apparently it is a tradition that ballet students sew all
the straps and ribbons on their first pair of "pointe"
shoes themselves.  Grandma helped Coffey a bit.
The Quapaw Tribe of Indians who operate the
Downstream Casino also have a small herd of buffalo
on the property.
Maybe we should get a new tow car like this one
we saw on I-44...a helicopter!
A support vehicle was following the helicopter with a tank
of fuel and a "portable" landing pad!
Reaching Indiana our mission was to take care of a few RV maintenance and repair issues.  At the Newmar factory we picked up a few small parts we needed and had our
door latch repaired. (We no longer need to be worried about getting locked out - or inside the coach because the door won't open!)  In Elkhart the repairman said it
wasn't worth fixing our washer/dryer, so we now have a brand new one.  Then it was a short drive to Charlotte, Michigan and the Spartan Chassis factory.  We managed to
get a little ahead of our projected schedule, so we are waiting till July 2 for our appointment at Spartan to have the chassis and engine checked out and serviced....it's 10
years old and we'd like to keep ahead of any problems!  Unfortunately, at Spartan we have only electric hookups, so we can't try out the washer!  

This location is also only about 30 miles from our son's home in East Lansing, so we're coordinating schedules with him.  Over the weekend we met Reid and his friend
Kathleen in Battle Creek where we enjoyed a great visit and dinner at the Arcadian Brewing Company.  After participating in a 30 mile bike ride on Sunday, Reid stopped
by for a visit in Charlotte before heading home and a busy week in Lansing.  We're looking forward to more family and friends visits over the next several weeks while
we're in the Michigan and Ohio area.  And, gee, we're almost cold...the temperature in Mighigan is only about 70*...we're not in Arizona any more!