June 2016
We had returned from our trip to Texas at the end of May and were up with the sun on June 1st ... headed off to the golf course for a round with our friends Marilou and Harry.  As
the days heated up, our schedule had shifted to sunrise tee times with breakfast, showers and naps following!!      The next day, June 2 we were off to San Diego to meet up with
our good friends, Kathy and Dennie.  On Friday we attended the final adoption ceremony and a celebration party honoring their youngest grandchild, Emily.  Saturday was spent at
the San Diego Zoo.   We had a great weekend and are quite proud of the parents that Darin and Mike have become to little Emily.  
Our next focus was getting ready for summer travel.  We did some research online and talked to various friends and neighbors at Palm Creek....what should we do to leave our
house for the summer in the Arizona heat and monsoons?    Another goal was to sell our motor home.  Several local possibilities had not worked out, so the decision was made to
take our RV to a consignment dealer in Texas. We had emptied and cleaned out the rig already, so we put just a few essentials back into the coach, hooked up the car and hit the
road to New Braunfels.  PPL Motorhomes had plenty of paperwork for us to sign and they put the RV on their sales lot and website.

From New Braunfels we made a short drive to San Marcos where we did some shopping at the huge outlet mall and visited the campus of Texas State University.  Our #1
granddaughter will be a sophomore and #2 will be a freshman there this fall.  The girls were not there, however, as they had taken off earlier in the month to tour some of western
Europe before returning to Spain to spend a month as "nannies" to the three daughters of our former exchange student, a job they had immensely enjoyed last summer.  We hope
to return to their beautiful campus sometime when they are there.
Next stop on our tour was the town of Leander, Texas, a suburb of Austin.   Our daughter, Ann and family and their moving van arrived shortly after we did, so we rolled up our
sleeves and helped unpack boxes, assemble furniture and try to find places for things in their new home.   Merrick, our #3 granddaughter, will attend a brand new high school just
a block away from their house.  It will have only freshmen and sophomores and therefore Merrick will be in the first graduating class in 2018.  Our son-in-law, Matt is continuing his
work with Pactiv/Reynolds Corporation from the family's new location.
Continuing north from Texas we drove our car through th mid-west to Michigan.  As we reached Kalamazoo we discovered that our son, Reid, Kathleen and baby Evelyn had just
arranged for the movers to transfer all their "stuff" from their rental house to their newly purchased home across town.  So.....we spent a few more days helping to unpack boxes
and making attempts to find places for everything.  To lessen some of the confusion, we camped out at the empty rental house and did a little work there.  The best part of that
visit was spending time with Evelyn who had grown and changed so much since we'd last held her.  She is developing quite a personality and at this point, she was not so sure
who we were.  We're working on that!
Whew...we covered a lot of miles in June!  On the 30th we departed Kalamazoo and drove to Jackson where we picked up Mary's mom and then continued on to Toledo.  Mom was
going to stay at the home of Mary's brother, Bill and his wife Beth.  We had a warm greeting when we arrived at their home, and the five us went out to dinner together.  Later that
evening we checked into the really great condo we had rented through "AirBnB"...a perfect place for us to spend a month while visiting various friends and family in our old home
Early morning sunshine creates long
shadows on the golf course.
We joined proud daddies, Mike and Darin along
with Emily at the courthouse in San Diego.
The "family" joined the judge in the courtroom for signing
of the papers of Emily's adoption.
A trip to San Diego is not complete without a trip
to the fabulous zoo!
Just one of the friends we made at the San
Diego Zoo.
Emily and Tom shared some stories.
Back at Palm Creek once again we were happy to find that our "shed" construction had been completed.  We got to work and moved all the "stuff" that had been stored in our
second bedroom out into the shed and made the bedroom acceptable for guests.  Kathy and Dennie arrived to spend five days with us as the temperatures moved into the 110*
range.  We had great fun showing them around our part of the world visiting the Casa Grande Ruins National Monument, the Queen Creek Olive Mill, the Basha's Gallery of
Western and American Indian Art, and the Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch.  Thanks to the heat, we stayed away from the golf course, but the ladies did check out the new pool
across from our new house...and we had a five day tournament of dominoes.  It was a grand visit and we hope Kathy and Dennie can return again soon.  
The Casa Grande Ruins were originally built by
the ancient Hohokam people, but
abandoned around 1400.
Our evenings during Kathy and Dennie's visit were
spent playing dominoes.
One ostrich egg is about the same as two dozen
chicken eggs.  You can purchase eggs or just the
shells at the ostrich ranch.
Lorikeets were just one of the different animals at
the ostrich ranch...all of which we were able to get
"up close and personal" with.
I'm sure the mall at Texas State often has far more people
walking through it than it did on a hot summer Sunday
afternoon in late June.
The campus at Texas State is a lush green of trees and
flowers and has a river running through it.
Tom gathered the last few items from the Dutch Star as we
placed it for sale on consignment in Texas.
After wandering the long path through IKEA, Tom and Matt got
to work as assemblers.
The shiny new house in Leander will be a great home.
Reid and Kathleen's new house is in a lovely wooded
area of Kalamazoo.
This visitor comes regularly to the yard...they
named her Penelope.
Evelyn was now 8 months old and a happy, happy baby!
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