March 2013
Where has the time gone?  It seems like things just got started here at Palm Creek, and suddenly many of our friends and neighbors are packing up and heading out.  Since we
had such a strange weather winter we feel a little the end of the month, the weather is just now getting nice.                       It was still a little cool at the first of the
month when we welcomed visitors, Tony and Mary Campbell, friends from Michigan who we'd met in our Bounder club years ago.  They are also full-timers and travel the USA
working on Habitat for Humanity projects.   Mary's cousin, Geoff and wife, Bethann stopped by on their way to California.  It was great to catch up with them and we're excited
about the possibility of them becoming New Mexico residents again.  We've had several visits lately from another species...we seem to have quite a few roadrunners in our
neighborhood these days and its always fun to watch them move about.
Our month was filled with special events of all kinds.  Vintage cars of all sorts filled Palm Park one Saturday and we walked through the displays...which made us feel a little
older as many of the "vintage" cars were ones we'd learned to drive in.  The Palm Creek Chorus performed their annual show with some great music and the Art group had a
fabulous show displaying their many talents.  Our local Dillard's store provided fashions for the annual ladies luncheon, giving us the opportunity to shop and eat out all at
once....yummy!     Being at the beginning of the "Baby Boomer" age group we enjoy music from the 50s and 60s. " Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and the Big Bopper"  were here for
a performance one evening and we enjoyed the show.  The "quilters and Sewers" held their last "Quilt till You Wilt" night of the season and rather than work on sewing
projects, about 65 ladies had a "fun night" with a buffet dinner, games, karaoke and line dancing....a bunch of "wild ladies."    After the final guild meeting they celebrated the
end of the season with a Mexican Fiesta luncheon.
Nasty weather postponed the Tennis Club's annual gala for a week, but the "Black Tie Affair" was a perfect evening of fun.  All the members wore black and white "formal
wear" and gathered at the courts for a very special evening.  At the opening ceremonies, the US, Canada and Great Britain (home of tennis' pinnacle event, Wimbledon) were
honored with the singing of the national anthems. At the end of "god Save the Queen" who should appear but Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip.  What an honored surprise!  
While tasting the many wines and appetizers brought by the members, we watched a match played by four of the clubs premier players.  At the end of the match we devoured
tasty deserts and coffee.  It was quite and evening!
March was a month of birthdays.  Neighbor Tedd Duncan's came first, and several days later his wife, Mary got to blow out the candles.  We were invited to spend Mary's
birthday evening having dinner with our friends the Lichtenbergs and the Spencers.  Afterwards, Mary and Jeff Spencer blew out the candles to celebrate their mutual
birthday.  Neighbors Kathy and Ann celebrated theirs in March as well, but the photographer didn't get any shots there. Several other friends and relatives celebrated this
month wishes to all!
St. Patrick's Day was a warm and sunny one here in Arizona, and the neighbors planned their monthly get-together for the afternoon.  We started out with a "Mini-golf"
Tournament.  Our foursomes went to 9 different RV sites in the area where the residents had each constructed a golf "hole."  Hole #1 was our big "tee shot" hole where we
used marshmallows to see how far each of us could "drive."  From there we faced holes with a multitude of challenges including sand and water hazards.  Following our play
we shared a fantastic potluck dinner.  Great fun!
The "Itty-Bitty Triathlon" was held on a Sunday morning.  No, we did not participate!  But we did volunteer to help with the event.  Maybe its a goal for next year?  The
participants' first event was in the pool where we kept track of how many laps they swam.  From there, they ran out to the street to get on their bikes for a ride around the
resort before jumping off the bikes and taking a nice run, ending at the finish line in Palm Park at the center of the resort.  Whew!   They all made it and can be congratulated
for a fine effort!  One of the guys had been in Florida in January and had "practiced" for our event by swimming across Tampa Bay.  Wow!
Our "season" was coming to an end, so almost every group had some sort of "going away event".  We attended appreciation meals for our efforts as library, golf and
activities volunteers, and missed a couple of others because of schedule conflicts...just too much going on around here!  The resort held their annual "Going Away Party"
with a Beach Boys theme.  Our Saturday night "Pegs and Jokers" group finished the season with dinner provided by Rita and Martin, our hosts and organizers.  Thanks, you
two!   The sewing guild held their final meeting with a "Mexican Fiesta Lunch" and raffle, but Mary is looking forward to being able to work in a less crowded sewing room as
many of the sewers depart.  A few of our activities will continue into April and May.
We couldn't have asked for better weather for Easter Sunday.  The "Easter Cafe" was open at the Duncan's site.  The buffet was set up on a site across the street, and about
35 neighbors gathered for an Easter Feast.  There was a huge turkey with all the trimmings, ham, veggies, salads, breads, and of course, deserts!  There was a beautiful
sunset and we sat out well into the evening.  Nobody wanted to say good-by as quite a few were leaving the next morning.  We look forward to all being together next season.
Being near the hospital, we are quite used to helicopters overhead frequently.  But, one day the sound was a little different and we came out to see a balloon very close to
us.  It didn't land, however and we waved to the passengers as they drifted overhead.
We had a great visit with Tony and Mary Campbell, friends
from our Bounder days.
Mary's cousin Geoff and wife Bethann stopped by for
another good visit.
This little guy passes through frequently, but is never a demanding
guest...too busy roadrunning!
Palm Park was filled with "really old" cars from the 50s
and 60s on the day of our car show.
All sorts of "medium" were exhibited at the Fine Arts
Show.  If only we had some walls on which  to hang
some of the art.
The ladies enjoyed an Italian meal before the start of
the fashion show.
It was an evening of great music as the chorus
presented their annual show.
Obviously, not the real guys, but we enjoyed the music of "The Big
Bopper," Richie Valens and Buddy Holly.
The games played on game night in the sewing room
offered fabric strips as prizes.  Mary won 30 of them -
now made into a tote bag!
The end of the season affair for the quilt guild was a
Mexican Fiesta.
The crowd began to gather at the tennis courts for the "Black
Tie Affair."
Each couple brought a bottle of wine for tasting and an
appetizer to share.
We joined to sing the national anthems of Canada and the US
for our opening ceremonies.  
Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip
were welcome guests at the tennis
We gathered along the edge of the court to watch the exhibition.
Bev, Manny, MaryEllen and Mark put on a good show for us.
Happy Birthday, Tedd.
Mary and Jeff shared a birthday and a cake.
.Mary Duncan blew out her candles, too.
Quite a crowd gathered to help neighbor Dale
celebrate his 90th birthday.
Hole #1...the big "Tee Off" far down the street will your
marshmallow go?
OK...just chip the ball into the target!
...past all the wine bottles, through the hole, and into the
...drop from the top, through the hose, down and around
the curve into the cup!  (This was Tom's creation.)
Dinner and awards followed the golf tournament for a Happy
St. Patrick's Day.
Swim 8 lengths...
Ride around the park on your bike...with Rangers to stop
traffic for you...
Quick...park you bike here and run!
Ahhh.....the finish line!
We made it!
Good morning, folks!
Mary's Sunday night group played a game of dominoes.
Welcome to our Beach Party!
The "Beach Boys" played for several hours on our
stage...(well, maybe their cousins!)
The food lines were well organized, and the beer was
It was a perfect day for a picnic!
The tasty buffet table...
Duncan's outdoor "Easter Cafe"
Yes, we're grown-ups...having a water balloon fight.  
Our hostess thought they made cute Easter Eggs.
Tom's dessert creation...yum!
It's getting hot in the desert!
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