March 2020
As I begin writing about our adventures in March, I honestly don't remember much about the weather...did March "come in like a lamb"?  I think we had some good weather, and I
know we had a spell of several days of rain in a row somewhere. But things have certainly changed a lot since March 1.

Our month began quite normally for activities here at Palm Creek.  Within the first week of the month we attended the pottery Club Show, the Choir Concert, the Glass Show and
the Photo and Fine Arts Show.  That means a lot of talent was on display!!!!  It is always amazing to see what our fellow residents can do.  We enjoyed checking out all the
displays.  Mary's birthday fell in that first week and we enjoyed a dinner out which, surprisingly, when we went to pay our check discovered friends at another table had paid for
our meal. (Thanks again, guys!)        During that first week we continued with our usual activities with friends....card games, tennis games for Mary, get-togethers with friends, a
few doctor appointments, PT for Tom, Bingo, Bridge and our golf games.  The ladies golf group had a "mini-championship" and Mary won first place in her "flight."  (She says that
was because she had the highest handicap and for once had a decent game.)  The Sewing ladies usually have a monthly "Quilt Till You Wilt Night" where they work together on
major charity projects. This month they rewarded themselves for all their hard work with a catered dinner and an evening playing Bunco with lots of good prizes.
The Photo and Fine Arts Show was full of inspiration.
"Cheers for 20 Years" was the theme of the
Chorus Concert, singing songs popular
over the years since the park opened in 1999.
The Stained Glass projects are just a sample of the talent of
our residents
Chocolate Mouse Pie was better than cake!
"Daubers up"...little did we know it was our last night of Bingo.
The sewing ladies had a great Bunco night!
And then it happened!!!  In our own little world here in the park we had at least been aware of the growing number of cases of Covid-19.  On the afternoon of March 12, our park
manager closed down all pools and public indoor facilities within the park.  No gatherings for cards, games, crafts, hobbies, dances or food at the snack bars.  Even the restrooms
were closed. Almost immediately the sewing ladies started heading up to the Sewing Room to gather up all their personal belongings, projects and machines.  It was almost like a
party going on as 100+ ladies were in and out loading things to their vehicles and giving hugs and saying good-by to those we wouldn't see for a long while. Strangely, as that was
going on, we had a huge double rainbow in the sky.

The second half of the month became suddenly much quieter...more like what we're used to in the middle of the summer here.  Most of the Canadian residents packed up within a
few days after things were closed down, heading home as they were notified by their travel health insurance that their coverage would end in 10 days.  They were also facing a
mandatory 14 day quarantine once they arrived in Canada.  We've heard from friends who were glad to be home, but not so happy having to get out the snow blower and be
cooped up inside their homes for 2 weeks.  Meanwhile, we're managing to find things to keep us busy.  The Pro-Shop closed so playing golf in the park is free!  We are just now
beginning to get warmer weather so the course is in great shape.  The golfers are doing a great job of keeping their distance and not touching the flagsticks or each others
balls...they are just out for a walk(usually only 9 holes)  Tom's weekly game at the municipal course continued with each golfer getting his own just washed down golf car to use on
the 18 holes.  We have ordered our groceries with pick-up at the nearby store going smoothly. Several doctor appointments and haircuts have been postponed or

In Kalamazoo, granddaughter Evelyn (and her parents) were disappointed about not going to the big family St. Patrick's Day party, so they had a celebration at home.  And with
schools closed we have been sharing online lessons with Evelyn via Facetime and Zoom.  Hooray for today's technology!

Contractors in our area have continued to work...several new houses have been delivered to our neighborhood.  And at our house our name finally had worked its way to the top
of the list of scheduled work orders.  We now have a new pergola and paved patio.  I'm sure the work was strenuous, but it sure doesn't take the workers long to get a project
completed.  Guess we'll wait, however, to shop for more comfortable furniture.
Ok, everyone...a sign of hope!
The ladies of the sewing guild have been busy making face masks.  Close to 200 have already been donated to the local hospital and Urgent Care and some ladies have
been sending theirs to relatives in the medical field.   We were proud to get a phone call from our #2 granddaughter telling us that as she completes her studies at Texas
State University (with graduation postponed till August) she (and her boyfriend) will start new nursing jobs at the Baylor, Scott and White Hospital in an Austin suburb.  

Besides making masks, Mary participated in something new for online "quilt-along."   The instructor sent out a pattern the day before allowing the participants to
gather the things they needed to work on the project.  The next day everyone logged on the Facebook page at scheduled times throughout the day as demonstrations and
directions were given and questions answered about each step of the project.  If you kept up, you had a finished quilt top at the end of the day.  Supposedly there were
1800 quilters participating.  It took Mary an extra day or two to find the time to finish up, but it was a fun project and she happened to have what she needed on hand to
make it work.
Tom on a daily walk.
Our new patio.
A supply of newly made masks ready for our local hospital.
Close Ann and Andrew celebrating their
successful job interviews.
Mary's "Quilt Along" ready for the sewing
As March has come to its end it seems as though we could say its going out as a "lion."  Life as we know it has become somewhat of a chaos with no definite ending.  We are
fortunate that we live in a place with decent weather and opportunity without stress to be naturally spread out.  We have resources nearby and friends and neighbors we can call
on if needed.  We hope for the best for all of our distant family and friends.
Our empty Palm Park in the center of the resort.
The cactus are starting to bloom.
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Happy St. Patrick's Day!
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