Eighty degrees and sunny weather was the "norm" for us at the beginning of November.  Palm Creek's population was growing daily and we were getting into our winter routine
with friends and neighbors.  Our neighborhood is a little different this year as some of our good friends elected to not return this year and others have played some "musical
sites" as they have moved around the park for various reasons.  No problem, though, as when it's 4:00 in the afternoon, friends find an empty space, bring a chair and gather to
visit and chat about their day.
There were a few celebrations to get our month going.  First we attended a party to help one of our tennis buddies, John, celebrate his 80th birthday.  There was a little live
music, some cake and a large group of friends.  Friends Mona and Doug celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary with a big potluck dinner and some Karaoke.  Congratulations
to all!     Veterans Day brought out the big crowds in the park.  There was a memorial center displayed in the center of our Palm Park.  A BBQ lunch was served, and again there
was some live entertainment.
We are not Pickleball players, preferring to stick to the tennis courts, but we did take a little interest in the National Pickleball Championships which came to Palm Creek this
year.  Over a two week period this month there were over 1000 matches played in skill and age brackets from age 10 to 85+.  Palm Creek has 32 beautiful pickleball courts and the
neighboring resort, Robson Ranch, has 16 courts and temporarily converted their tennis courts into 16 additional courts to share in hosting the tournament.  We watched some
spectacular matches!        Beside just playing Pickleball, the players and their travel companions were invited to participate in various activities here in our park.  Mary helped
with a class in the sewing room that by working a project, some of these people were introduced to the facilities and programs in our great sewing room.
"Back at the ranch" it was time for Thanksgiving.  Our neighborhood held its traditional potluck, although this year it was held at a different neighbor's patio.  We had 23 for a
delicious dinner of turkey (cooked on the grill) and ham with a huge selection of the usual side dishes and deserts.  We've been having a "cold spell" here in Arizona, so it was a
little chilly as we gathered around the fireplace at Kathy and Larry's but that certainly did not dampen our enthusiasm and enjoyment of the day with friends.  What a great
neighborhood we have!
After just getting into our schedule at Palm Creek we took a big break.  We flew from the Phoenix/Mesa Gateway Airport to Grand Rapids, Michigan and then drove the short
distance to Kalamazoo.  Why, in mid-November, would we go to Michigan???   We had to meet the newest addition to our family...precious angel, Evelyn Amelia, who had been
born on October 22 to our son Reid and daughter-in-law Kathleen.  We spent a great week getting to know Evelyn and helping the family adjust to their new routines.  Cuddling
with her made getting up in the middle of the night far less bothersome than when we're at home!  It was really hard to leave the little joy when we returned to Arizona (in spite of
a 10" dump of snow on our final day there.) Thank goodness for Skype and digital photographs.
With Thanksgiving behind us, everyone's focus has turned to the Christmas holidays.  It seems like everyone has shopping and/or projects to complete.  Many of our neighbors
will be headed to other locations for Christmas....we need the calendar to keep track of everyone's departure and return.  We'll be returning to Michigan for a few days as well.
We wish you all a wonderful holiday season and a great and prosperous New Year.
Our tennis buddy John's family came to AZ to help him
celebrate his birthday
Lots of Palm Creek friends joined the celebration as well.
The bride, Mona, led the ladies in singing Karaoke
at her anniversary party.
The Veterans Memorial at Palm Creek was a tribute to all
branches of military service.
The catering company for the park's Freedom Fest arrived in a
re-purposed fire truck.
One side of the truck contained all the supplies for a tasty B-B-Q.
The Pickleball matches were awesome.  Players came from all
over North America to participate.
A few ladies checked out the activities in the sewing room while
they were at the park.
It was "game day" for Ohio State vs. Michigan State.
A house divided in loyalty.
Bath time had its moments as well.
Warm clothes and cuddly blankets are much better, even if
she has 'bath-time hair.'
We made a trip to Jackson for Evelyn to
meet Great-Grandma Edith.
Four generations
This was the water bottle sold to us at the Mesa
airport....left over from summer?
Reid has quite a set-up for his home office as he commutes
to Detroit only 2 days a week.
We got to try out some "virtual reality" with some
of Reid's technology.
Time to get back to Arizona!
We spent a lot of time giving hugs to Evelyn
while in Kalamazoo.
Evelyn is growing fast...we can
hardly wait to see her again.
Thanksgiving dinner was enjoyed by 23 of our friends and neighbors.
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