November 2016
Temperatures in the 90s. "Snowbirds" arriving daily.  Lineups at the grocery store and the gas station.  November was off to its usual start in Casa Grande. We got busy
with tennis games.  The golf course opened after re-seeding and Mary played regularly with the Ladies' League.  Tom's bridge group grew bigger each week and the
sewing room was buzzing with activity.  Tom finished up a program of classes called "Big and Loud" designed to help Parkinson's patients deal with movement and
balance and also with voice fluctuations.
Pickleball is said to be the fastest growing sport in America.  It certainly is "big" here at Palm Creek.  We now have 32 beautiful, dedicated pickleball courts, which draw
players to come to our resort.  For the second year, our park hosted the USA PIckleball Association National Championships.  It was a two week tournament with over 800
players from all over the US and Canada participating.  The park, and especially our neighborhood near the courts, was quite busy!  The weather was great and the players
were "top notch" ranging in age from 14 to over 80. We'll be hosting the tournament again next year.
Personally, we enjoyed being hosts to our good friends, Dick and Liz who came from Ohio to visit friends and family in Arizona.  It was great showing them our new
house and catching up on each others' lives.  We ventured to a new place in town for dinner.  The 'Thirsty Donkey' has over 40 beers and ciders on tap.  When you are
seated at your table, the server takes your drivers' license and returns with a bracelet which has a computer chip.  The diners then help themselves to any amount of
the beers they choose by "syncing" their bracelet with a matching icon on the keg as they fill their glass. The kegs have a sign on them telling about each selection and
the cost per ounce.  When you are ready to leave the restaurant, you return your bracelet and the server returns your license and gives you a print out of your beer
tab.  Quite a concept!!  The food was good, too!
The park held a "Fall Festival" on a sunny Saturday afternoon to welcome people back to the park.  The entertainment was a tribute band for the group ABBA.  Keeping
with the theme of the group from Sweeden, the main entree for lunch was meatballs....but I don't think our RV friends here from Sweeden felt the menu was very
authentic.  A crowd of close to 1000 enjoyed the sunshine, food and music that took us back to the 70s.
Our old neighborhood here in the park has always been a very social group.  Over the years the neighbors have changed as people move on (like us, now!) and
others move in...but we have tried to get together - other than happy hours - at least once a month for a dinner and game night.  This month, each couple got a roasted
chicken, salad and rolls to share before we started our game of dice.  (Sadly,no winners live at our house!) .  Our dinner was interrupted early evening as we went
outside to watch the rise of the "super-moon."

Then several days later we gathered again for our annual Thanksgiving dinner.  Strangely, only 6 of the 23 diners were from the US....the rest were all Canadians who
celebrate their Thanksgiving on October 10.  But - any excuse for a good meal.  Our friends, Larry and Kathy who, like us have moved a couple blocks from the old
neighborhood, hosted the meal.  We had two delicious turkeys and several large tables full of tasty side dishes and deserts prepared by our neighborly good cooks.
On the first day and the last day of the month, and often in between, we have heard loud "whooshing" noises as we get up in the morning.  Turns out that one of the
park residents finds the ball diamond across the street from our house a perfect place to launch his hot-air balloon.  Its a nice start to our mornings to watch it gently
rise and drift away.  
We're getting ready - and looking forward to a Happy Holiday Season.
Best wishes to all of you!
Tournament going on here!
A drone's view of some of our pickleball courts and the ball diamond from last
year.  Our house is now on the corner opposite second base on the ball diamond.
Mary's favorite hangout....the sewing room  
Match the donkeys to work the tap.
The taps at Thirsty Donkey are lined up on the back
wall under all the TV screens.
Trade in your legal ID for a bracelet and you're ready
to go!
Liz and Dick joined us for dinner at the Thirsty Donkey.
Palm Creek residents gathered in Palm Park for lunch
in the sun and a concert.
The ABBA tribute band put on a great show.
We roll the dice to play a game of "Left-Right-Center"
We had a sunny afternoon for our Thanksgiving feast with great friends.
Ready for launch!
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