October 2016
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October is usually our favorite month in southern Arizona.  This year, the weather gave us a little pause to think about that......temperatures remained "above normal" with readings
in the 100* range until the end of the month.  We're not complaining, however!!   As the month progressed, more and more residents returned to Palm Creek...traffic picked up and
the lines grew a bit longer at the stores.  We welcomed the return of friends and neighbors and enjoyed hearing of summer adventures.  The park staff was working hard to get the
place all "spiffy" and we were part of a volunteer crew to clean up the tennis courts.  It was an early morning task spread over several days and when that was done we had gathered
enough players to start some regular matches.  The ball diamond across from our house turned a bright green after reseeding and the players appeared and began practicing for the
season ahead.
The palm trees on the golf course were the last on the trimming
schedule....what a job - and what a mess!
Thousands of flowers are being planted around the park to add
some color to our place in the desert.
Boy, there was a lot of dirt on those courts!!
With the work done, the gang could play!
The park has five teams in a local seniors league.
We've often seen the ads for a local farmer's market, so decided one Saturday to check it out.  It wasn't really much of a surprise to find that here in the desert, with temperatures
around 100*, that this farmer's market had no fresh produce.  There were, however, lots of cactus and desert plants and some craft booths, along with some food vendors and some
local musicians to entertain us.     

We enjoyed a visit with Mary's cousins, Geoff and Bethann, who stopped on their way from their home in Las Cruces to visit their daughter and son-in-law in California.  Now that we
have a spare bedroom, we were able to return some overnight hospitality that they have often given us as we travel back and forth to Texas.  We hadn't finished our furniture
shopping before Geoff and Beth arrived, so they found themselves sleeping on our air mattress.  By the end of the month we made another trip to IKEA and once again Tom became
a "construction engineer". Slowly, but surely, our house is "coming together."
Not many edibles at the Farmer's Market in Casa Grande.
We were so happy to have Beth and Geoff stay with us
and look forward to the next time.
Easy assembly!   Just follow the drawings.  Sure!!!
The cotton harvest is about to begin..The pods are popping
open to reveal the fluffy white balls.
Then the crop dusters come and spray the fields to make the
leaves dry up so that the harvesters can get to work.
We had some celebrations this month.....it was baby Evelyn's first birthday.  Along with our son and daughter-in-law, we celebrated a wedding
anniversary.  Then, of course, it was Halloween.  We are definitely grateful for the technology that helps us share the occasions long distance!
Evelyn said "Yay for cake!!" in Michigan
Ann and family decorated their pumpkins in Texas.
Ann sent a parrot costume from Texas
to Michigan for Evelyn to sit on the
pirate's shoulder.
We continue to enjoy the fabulous sunrise and sunset views of the southwest as
we look forward to the season ahead here at Palm Creek.
Looking to the east from our front porch around 6:00am.
Looking to the west around 6:00pm.