April 2012
Those of our Palm Creek friends who headed back to their other homes at the first of April really missed out!  We have had a gorgeous month!  We have missed our friends,
but have enjoyed the slower pace in the park and in town.  There's a lot less traffic and shorter lines in the stores.  Mary has enjoyed working in the sewing room and being
able to spread out as she works on projects and to 'leave them be' for breaks without having to pack everything away...a luxury not possible when the 250 members of the
sewing group are sharing the time and space.
With the departure of a majority of the winter residents, however, activities did not come to a screeching halt.  Poker nights still draw three or four tables (rather than the
season high 10 or 12).  We enjoyed entertainment one evening in "Celebration of Arizona's Centennial."  It's hard to believe that the State of Arizona is not that much older
than we are and it's strange when they talk about things "way back" in the state history and they occurred during the first time we lived here in the late '60s.         There were
still a few of our neighbors around for the Easter holiday and the Duncans were anxious to cook a turkey they still had in the freezer before they left, so we were invited to a
great dinner with all the trimmings.  We enjoyed a last good visit and a tasty grilled turkey.                          The tennis club gathered for one last big happy hour before we
began scattering in all directions.  We were able to share our summer plans and visit without having to hit a ball back and forth over the net.                      The remaining park
volunteers were invited to a luncheon feast on the patio one day - we think they were cleaning out the park kitchen pantry and freezers as well!.  Mary put in a few hours
working in the activities office to help with projects to get ready for next season and Tom had a few more days as a starter at the golf course.
Our tennis and golf schedule omitted mid-day hours.  Mary played golf with a group of ladies at 7am some days and tennis with another group at 8 other days.  The tennis
group is a gathering of ladies from several nearby neighborhoods and they have enjoyed getting to know each other.  Tom's golf groups also chose an early hour, which will
get even earlier in May.  We participated in an evening couples tennis group organized by our tennis buddies Jean and Bob McConnell.  Afterwards we gathered around
McConnell's fireplace (more for ambience than heat, considering the weather!) for drinks and snacks....some fun evenings.  We enjoyed sharing a meal with friends Char and
Terry who used to live at Palm Creek (and in our home town of Toledo) and have moved to a nearby neighborhood.          
There have been a few 100+ degree days....but remember - "It's a dry heat".   The flowers have wilted and the landscape crew has cleared the flower beds.  The construction
crews have begun working on some of the summer improvement projects.  We've completed some medical appointments and are working on our "departure checklist."  
We'll be getting back on the road again in a couple weeks, so be sure to check us out to see what we're up to.
We learned a lot about Arizona history from these three retired
executives who are also excellent musicians and historians.
Tom's tennis buddy wowed us with his musical talent at our happy
hour.  Little did we know that the retired banker plays multiple
instruments and is in the Nebraska Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
Some of the neighborhood gang enjoying grilled turkey
dinner with all the trimmings.
Some of the park volunteers gathered at the pool patio
for a "thank-you" lunch.
Our friends, Bob an d Jean have an incredible patio which our
tennis gang enjoyed after an evening of mixed doubles.
We always have a good time when we're with Char and Terry,
and dinner at our house was no exception.
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