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December 2008   Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania for Christmas
November 2008    Palm Creek, Thanksgiving, a household divided
October 2008  a quiet month at Palm Creek Golf and RV, Casa Grande, AZ
September 2008  Las Vegas, Arizona
August 2008  an eight state journey from Pennsylvania to Colorado
July 2008  still in the Keystone State of Pennsylvania
June 2008  Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania
May 2008  leaving Palm Creek, travel to and time in northern Illinois
April 2008   winding down at Palm Creek, rafting the Grand Canyon
March 2008   visitors, happy hours, skydiving in AZ
February 2008 Illinois; visitors in Casa Grande, AZ
January 2008    return from the holidays; Casa Grande, AZ
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Reid's Costa Rica Adventures in 2006
December 2009  Holidays in Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Ohio
November 2009  a quiet month at Palm Creek in Casa Grande, AZ
October 2009  Oregon, California, Nevada, Arizona
September 2009  British Columbia and Washington State
August 2009  Michigan; Indiana to Iowa; Minnesota; North Dakota; Montana; Glacier Park; Fort Macleod, Calgary, Banff, Alberta; Kelowna, British Columbia
July 2009  Hershey Park, PA; FMCA International Convention, Bowling Green, OH; OH and MI
June 2009  Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania
May 2009  Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Illinois, Michigan
April 2009  enjoying the glorious weather and peace and quiet of Palm Creek
March 2009  another active month at Palm Creek
February 2009   a busy month at Palm Creek
January 2009  outings and friends at Palm Creek
December 2010  holiday celebrations at Palm Creek and with family in the Eastern US
November 2010  "Welcome Back" and Thanksgiving at Palm Creek
October 2010   a chillin' month at Palm Creek
September 2010  Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, across 1-70 to Colorado, Arizona
August 2010  Newfane, NY and our hometown area of Toledo, OH
July 2010  time in Pennsylvania
June 2010  from Alabama into Florida and the Everglades, then north to Virginia, West Virginia and Pennsylvania
May 2010  leaving Palm Creek, I-10 across Arizona, Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi to Alabama
April 2010  slow down at Palm Creek, a trip to Michigan, "hot time in the old town"
March 2010  guests, games and food at Palm Creek
February 2010  games and crafts at Palm Creek
January 2010   winter in Arizona
December 2011 The holidays are coming,  a trip to Texas and back
November 2011  The season begins, Thanksgiving, a week with a visitor
October 2011  Texas to Arizona
September 2011  Michigan; Indiana; through Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma and time in Texas
August 2011  Pennsylvania and the Toledo, Ohio area
July 2011  a return to central Pennsylvania
June 2011   adventures in Michigan, Ohio and West Virginia
May 2011  a little golf, a little tennis, and 2001 miles on the road
April 2011  talk about quiet!
March 2011   a whirlwind of activity and visitors in Arizona
February 2011  a busy time at Palm Creek
January 2011  days at Palm Creek in Casa Grande, AZ

December 2012 approaching Christmas and another road trip to Texas
November 2012  celebrations and good weather
October 2012 Texas and our return to Palm Creek
September 2012  Ohio, Michigan and a trek west through Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas
August 2012  Ohio, Michigan, a Grand Circle Adventure by air and land
July 2012  Ohio and Michigan
June 2012 high temps across the country...2450 miles from AZ to Ohio
May 2012  not "chilly" at Palm Creek and in Texas
April 2012  "chillin' at Palm Creek"
March 2012  fun, games, shows and visitors
February 2012 still at Palm Creek
January 2012  Palm Creek and a side trip to New Mexico
December 2013 family here, there and over there
November 2013 a new season at Palm Creek...company for Thanksgiving
October 2013  a few days in Texas...back to Arizona
September 2013  from Indiana to Texas
August 2013  more Ohio and Michigan
July 2013  Michigan and Ohio
June 2013  Texas to Michigan
May 2013  hot and windy...Arizona to Texas
April 2013  a perfect weather month in Arizona
March 2013  busy, busy, busy
February 2013  Arizona to Florida and back
January 2013  record setting in Arizona
December 2014 busy at Palm Creek, off to Texas
November 2014 the road west
October 2014  Indiana, Michigan and a wedding
September 2014  a few more weeks in Ohio and a move to Indiana
August 2014  quiet in Ohio
July 2014  Jackson, Michigan
June 2014  Jackson, Michigan
May 2014  mostly Michigan, a little Texas
April 2014  gettin' quiet!
March 2014 busy, busy, busy
February 2014 sports and shows
January 2014 fair weather in Arizona
December 2015  Christmas, etc.
November 2015 80* and snow
October 2015  home for the winter, family additions
September 2015 farewells, baby shower, repairs and travel
August 2015  a super quiet month in Toledo
July 2015  a warm and wet month in Ohio
June 2015  from Texas to Michigan and Ohio
May 2015 on the road...as far as Texas
April 2015 the big slow down
March 2015 a lot going on
February 2015 always on the go
January 2015  activities in and out of the RV park
December 2016  preparations and holidays
November 2106 balls, balloons, dice and food
October 2016  hanging around Palm Creek
September 2016  projects and a little fun
August 2016  more smiles, miles and home
July 2016  a month in Toledo
June 2016  company in AZ, then a lot of miles
May 2016  settling in and some travel
April 2016  Big changes
March 2016  Good weather and good times
February 2016  Sunshine!
January 2016  It's cold in Arizona!
December 2017   Happy Holidays!
November 2017 the season begins
October 2017  still warm and sunny
September 2017  quiet on the home front
August 2017  more miles and miles - and home!
July 2017  miles and miles before we sleep
June 2017   its a dry heat!!!
May 2017  summer is here!
April 2017  summer's on its way
March 2017  a flurry of activity at Palm Creek
February 2017  busy times in the park
January 2017 winter in the desert
December 2018  Happy Holidays!
November 2018 the season begins
August, September, October 2018 did we disappear?
July 2018  summer in the desert
June 2018 peace and quiet at home
May 2018  road trip and a couple of celebrations
April 2018 the big slow-down
March 2018 food and more food
February 2018 sunshine and snow
January 2018 a pretty quiet month
December 2019 happy holidays  
November 2019
speeding up again
October 2019 slowing down
September 2019 We're still here!
August 2019  It's still a dry heat!
July 2019  It's a "dry heat!"
June 2019  NY, Ohio, Michigan and back to Arizona
May 2019 quiet at home, then across the country
April 2019  a slower pace, but plenty of food
March 2019  Finally!  nicer weather and a flurry of activity
February 2019 cool and damp
January 2019 activities picking up
July and August 2020  a farewell
June 2020  The shutdown continues
May 2020  All quiet on the home front
April 2020   Stay at Home!
March 2020  a new way of life
February 2020
January 2020