July 2010
Our spot at the J&D Campground in Catawissa, Pennsylvania was a very pleasant place for a
month's stay.  We had arrived at the end of June and had a great visit planned with our
daughter Ann and her family.  Its a good thing we had planned to stay for the month because
the gremlins were at work with various little problems.  First off, when our milk for the cereal
was chunky, we realized that our refrigerator was not working properly.  After several phone
calls and a check by a local tech, it was determined that our cooling unit would be replaced
by the supplier who had sold us this last one just three months ago.  We just needed a little
patience for it to be shipped from Tucson over the holiday period.  Luckily, the campground
owner and his staff are also RV repair techs, so when the unit did arrive there was someone
to help get it installed.  It was a three week process, but we currently have a working fridge!  
The "idiot lights" on the car were once again flashing like it was Christmas, so that meant
another trip to a dealer for some electrical repairs, and when Tom took the car to have the
tires rotated he discovered that two of them were beyond useful, so we got two new tires on
the car.  I guess we have to expect some of this hassle when our vehicles get a little older
As the month moved along, we were enjoying being a part of family life in Elysburg.  Our two older granddaughters, Coffey and Close, play on two different
softball teams so there was a constant coming and going to practice, games and tournaments.  Coffey also is part of the school band and had oboe lessons and
flag corp practice.  All three girls are involved in Girl Scouts and we provided transportation to and from day camp (held in the evenings).  As one could
expect....some of these activities all happen at the same time - and, of course - in different nearby towns.  It took three adults and vehicles to maintain the
schedule some days.  But, that's what we enjoy about being here!   And, as usual when we spend time with our granddaughters, the weather was HOT and humid!!
In our moments of "free time" we tagged along on trips to the library and shopping, and ferried the girls over to the apartment complex that Ann manages
where the girls are the official office and laundry room cleaning crew.  Mary and Ann and the girls made two "shop till you drop" trips....one to the Outlets at
Hershey (with a side trip to Chocolate World) and another to the town of Muncy where there are big box stores and a mall.  (Ann and Mary are trying to figure
out how a person wearing a size 00/long got into the family)    Tom kept busy with a few repair and painting projects at the house and Mary had some sewing
projects to take care of.       Coffey had a ball tournament in York, PA one very hot weekend so we stayed behind to take care of the dog and the two younger
girls.                  Ann had some major oral surgery early in the month that kept her pretty much "under the weather" for more than a week, so we spent a lot of
time at the house just helping out and providing rides to doctor appointments.   That was also a good excuse to head over to Knoebel's for a ride on the roller
coasters and such and into town to see a movie.  Whenever we had a chance, we headed to the campground swimming pool and several times had time for a
campfire and some S'mores.
Our first big event of the month was the Independence Day holiday.  It was our third year here in
Pennsylvania and we once again went to the town of Bloomsburg and enjoyed a picnic dinner in the Town
Park while listening to the Catawissa Military Band Concert in the bandshell which was followed by a fantastic
fireworks display.
When we had originally planned our summer trip the girls were supposed to play in a ball tournament at the end of July near Washington, DC.  That was cancelled,
but they decided they still wanted to go someplace.  After going over reasonable options it was decided that we would all go to the Pittsburgh area for a few
days.  It was a fun opportunity for the girls to actually travel in the RV rather than just visit us at a campground...so off we went to the Fox's Den Campground near
New Stanton, PA.  Matt and Ann joined us later and stayed in their tent...but took advantage of free showers and meals together in the RV.  We all spent a day at
the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium....great fun for all!  By coincidence, a couple we'd met when we first started RVing over ten years ago, live right across the
road from the campground...so we were able to connect for a great visit and get some tips on things to do and see in the area.  Another couple we met at the
same time live a short distance away and we had lunch with them one day while the McCurdys explored "Hannah's Town Village" and "The Big Mac Museum"
(where the famous sandwich was "invented.") Thanks to a suggestion from our friends we had a great "last night together" dinner at Dino's Restaurant in
Greensburg, PA which is famous for its chicken wings and association with the Pittsburgh Steelers whose training camp is nearby.
One last event before we ended our family visit was to celebrate the coming birthdays.  Coffey and Tom blew out the candles in anticipation of their big days
next week....Coffey officially becomes a teenager and Tom is now eligible for Medicare....where have the years gone????        We parted ways with the family
on the morning of July 31.  They were off for one last day of exploration in Pittsburgh before heading home while we headed north to New York State.  We
arrived at dinnertime at the Newfane, NY home of Jim and Paula Jones, our Arizona/Palm Creek neighbors...looking forward to a few days in the
Buffalo/Niagara Falls area before heading west once again.
For a mid-month break, we took a day trip to the town of Pottsville, PA.  At the "Maroons Grill" we met up with Palm Creek buddies, Jeff and Elaine Spencer
who live in Ambler, PA.  They fly back and forth to Arizona for the winter and we had brought a box of Elaine's hand made pottery back east for her.  That was a
great excuse to get together and enjoy a good meal and catch up on each other's activities.  After lunch and checking out the memorabilia of the 1925 NFL
Champs Pottsville Maroons we headed over to the oldest brewery in the US...Yuengling's...for a tour and taste.  The brewery has been operated by the
Yuengling family for five generations and tourists are able to get 'up close and personal' with the brewing and bottling process as well as sample the products.
Site 42 at the J&D Campground backs up
to Roaring Creek.
Ann and Matt, Close, Merrick and Coffey....
Tom and Mary...enjoying a picnic at the park...
and after dark, the fireworks on the 4th of July.
Fireworks over the bandshell at Town Park in
Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania.
Coffey at bat for the U14 Rebels.
Run, Coffey, run!
Merrick demonstrating her craft at Family Night at
the Girl Scout Camp.
The closing Friendship Circle at the Danville
Summer Girls Scout Day Camp.
Good catch, Close!
Coffey and friends practicing with their flags on the
stage at the school.
Gee girls, if you want to cool off...why not wash my
OK...the car is a little cleaner so how about the
Slip n' Slide?  Does the grass look like its been
over 90*  for a month????
Hang on tight, Merrick!
Close and Tom on the "Twister" high above
the crowd at Knoebel's
No trip to Hershey is complete without a stop at Chocolate
World for a free taste!
Coffey and Close roasting the giant marshmallows
to make S'mores.
Matt and Tom checking out campground view from
the roof of the RV....and also checking the roof.
The oldest brewery in the US...Yuengling's..in
Pottsville, PA, has been family owned for five
Let's see....yes, this looks like a good bag of grain
to put in the pot!
This kettle gets really hot while making the brew!
They were filling cans the day we toured.
Elaine and Jeff Spencer with Tom and their smiling
faces after tasting the brews in the Yuengling pub.

                               at the Pittsburgh Zoo
     ....and Bears..... oh, my!

and  PPG Aquarium.
The sea lions put on a good show, too!
Lil and Jeff Kerr had just returned from an RV
trip to Ohio but came to visit us at the Fox's Den
Campground across from their home.
Judy Metzler and Jeff Rubic came over from
their home in Pittsburgh for a great lunch out
and a good visit.
It was hard saying good-by to our three
granddaughters...Coffey, Merrick and Close.
Coffey and Tom blowing out the candles.
The Great Lakes contingent of our Palm Creek
neighborhood...Paula and Jim Jones, Mary and Tom
on Jones' deck in Newfane, NY.
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