February 2020
The days were getting longer and sunnier and we were keeping busy during the month of February.  Luckily, we didn't have any harsh weather and we were still able to enjoy the
outdoors - at least during the daylight hours.  Our month started off with the completion of the park's "Cancer Awareness Week."  Our tennis group participated by holding it's
annual "SuperBowl of Tennis" tournament (as this event always seems to coincide with the Super Bowl) and although we didn't play in the tournament we attended the awards
dinner and fund-raising auction.  Our club is quite proud of their participation in the Cancer Awareness project as we make the largest single contribution from our resort....this
year the approximately 100 people attending the dinner raised $4400!!!
One of the players checking out the items up for auction.
Our auctioneer, Bill, loves to wear his kilt!
The second weekend of February brought the annual Woodworkers' Show and the annual Quilt Show.  Both events are open to the public and always generate a large crowd.  It is
totally amazing to see the work of the talented people in our park.
Just a few of the magnificient items
crafted by our woodworkers.
There were close to 300 quilts of
all sizes on display at the quilt show.
The quilting ladies are always busy with many projects.  Once the quilt show was over, they were back to work on charity projects.  At the monthly "Quilt Till You Wilt" night, it was
"pajama night."  The ladies dressed in their pjs, played some silly games, and sewed up about 255 pillowcases to donate to our local foster children.  Dinner was served by several
loving quilter husbands as they cooked "breakfast for dinner"....omelets in a bag.  The ladies wrote their name on a Zip-loc bag, then broke 2 eggs into the bag and added
'toppings' from a buffet of choices...peppers, mushrooms, onions, etc. Then the bag was sealed shut and dropped into the big pot of boiling water for 8 minutes or so.  Wal-la...an
omelet - served with coffee cake and fresh fruit salad.
Everyone had a task...cutting, sewing, pressing,
folding...many hands make quick work!
Wayne and Greg were in charge of cooking.  
They had two big pots boiling.
Just some of the colorful finished products of the
"pillowcase night.'
We got together with our old RV neighbors several times in February.   It was finally warm enough for us to sit outside for a period of time in the afternoon and we enjoyed a
couple of "happy hours" and catching up with those we don't see as often.  Our monthly "game night" with the old gang was a profitable one for Tom as he won all the dollars in
one of the games.  Another night was a sad farewell gathering for RV neighbors Ann and Ola.  They have been coming to Palm Creek each winter for 10 years from their home in
Sweden.  They have had several different RVs and have done some travelling around the US as well.  But, they decided to spend more time seeing Europe and have also
purchased a larger home in Sweden, so they sold their RV and will not be returning to the park.  Ann is quite a sewer and will be missed in the sewing room, so the ladies
surprised her with a quilt with all their signatures.  The neighbors will miss them greatly as well.

We miss our former Ohio neighbors, too.  Lucky for us though, Dick and Liz have a daughter who lives in Phoenix and they come to Arizona frequently.  We thoroughly enjoyed a
visit with Dick and Liz and Doctor Trisha on one of her days off.  We shared a tasty lunch out before they headed back to the big city.
Ola and Ann and the signature quilt made by the sewing ladies.
All smiles after a good meal with our visitors Trisha, Dick and Liz.
Adding to the list of musical entertainment in the park this season, we attended two more concerts.  First was a tribute to Garth Brooks.  It was an evening of great music by a
talented group.  It was so popular, the park booked them for a second performance.  A tribute to Aretha Franklin was another great night of music.  Both concerts had our ballroom
"tapping and clapping."
He sounded very much like the real Garth!
She had the big vocal range of the real Aretha!
There were also several "transportation events" this month.  In the past there have been some golf car parades and some group bicycle rides.  This month, a group of
motorcycle riders decided it was their turn, so one afternoon we had the roar of a gang of big bikes ride past our house.  The group often has road trips outside the park as well,
heading out on day-long rides around the state.

Then there was the annual Palm Creek Car Show.  It was quite the show with cars dating back to the twenties and thirties as well as those "old historic vehicles" that were
around when we were kids.  There were a lot of proud owners polishing and shining their vehicles.

Quite often we wake up in the morning to big "whooshing" sounds.  Our resident hot-air balloon pilot uses the ball diamond across the street from our house as his launching
pad.  He and his helpers seem to get it all inflated and ready for take-off quite easily.
Here comes the "gang".
The view from our back door.
Our neighbor, John, recently bought himself a "new" truck.
This '56 Chevy is owned by our next door neighbor, Ric.
A view from the top of an RV that was also on display,
of barely half of the grounds.
The calendar for March is filling up quickly as friends
and clubs plan the "going away" gatherings as the
Snowbird Season comes to an end. Check back in a
couple weeks to see what we've been up to.
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