April 2014
We've said many times that the month of April has the best weather of the year here in Casa Grande.  Our theory held pretty true once again, although we have had some
windy days.  Otherwise our temperatures have been in the 80s during the day and around 60 at night....very pleasant!  Slowly but surely the population in the park (and in
town as well) has dwindled.  Activities have slowed down but that means our days are a bit more relaxed.   Quite a few of our immediate neighbors had departed around the
first of the month, but a week later we enjoyed a tasty happy hour with about 25 of us still in the park!

A few days later we ventured outside around 11pm and settled into our lawn chairs to watch the eclipse come and go.  The dark peace and quiet of the desert made it an
enjoyable experience.

And then came Easter.  By then a few more people had headed for home, so it was a quiet holiday at our house.  We did, though, share dinner with our friends, Marilou and
Harry who were leaving the following morning for their home in California.
There were a few other guests this month....the park has a lot of doves in residence.  They love to build nests in our awning struts and hang around the RV.  But when we
weren't sitting and watching the doves, we spent some time playing golf.  Tom was excited one day when he golfed with buddies, Dick and Paul, to get his third "Hole-in
One" on the #6 hole here at Palm Creek.  He's started a pattern as his others were on #12 and #18 a few years ago.  Mary has played with several different groups of
ladies.  And, starting May 1 we'll enjoy playing golf for free as the pro shop has closed for the season.  

The park likes to support community activities and many of our residents volunteer outside the park at the hospital, schools, shelters, etc.  We joined a large audience
one morning to attend a play put on in our ballroom by a local fifth grade class telling us all about the revolutionary war.  They did a good job and appreciated the
audience of "foster grandparents."
Spring is certainly "in the air."  The state tree of Arizona is the Palo Verde Tree.  There are many, many of these trees planted around town because they take little care or
maintenance.  The bark of the tree is green and in the spring the trees produce thousands of small yellow blossoms.  Therefore when the winds starts to blow, the
blossoms fly like raindrops and the town is covered in yellow.  We wonder if people with allergy problems find them a nuisance.

By the end of the month we'd said good-by to more of the neighbors and happy hours were down to six or eight people.  Mary enjoyed spending time in the quite empty
sewing room where the ladies working there could spread out all their "stuff" and come and go whenever they had time to spend sewing.  There were often enough
people to support two courts of tennis in the morning.

We've been working on our "to do" list before leaving Arizona...tackling just a few chores at a time.  We've been making the rounds of the doctors and dentist.  We took
the Escape in for a "check-up" as well, and they found a transmission leak.  We're glad we had that checked out so we hopefully don't have a repeat of our unfortunate
adventure of several years ago.  Our departure is scheduled for sometime in the next two weeks and we are looking forward to a visit with our busy granddaughters in
Texas before we head to Ohio and Michigan.
There wasn't a lot of room on Glen and Rena's patio, so we lined up
like we were at a big banquet....and ate like we were, too.
We watched the moon appear and disappear on the night of the
eclipse.  (not very good photos with our little camera)
It was a fun last visit and a BBQ chicken dinner for our
Easter farewell with Marilou and Harry.
Doesn't look like a good place for a "home" to us, but that's
where they like to build a nest.
And for a little exercise, they do a balancing act on the
windshield wipers!
The happy golfers, Dick and Paul, witnessed Tom's Hole-In-One on the #6 green.
The Palo Verde tree in bloom.
We can "see for miles"  - or so it seems in the
almost empty RV park.
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