October 2010
October was to be our "chillin'" month.   We'd traveled for four months and were looking forward to the peace and quiet of an empty park
when we arrived at Palm Creek on October 1.  Well, it was pretty empty and it was peaceful and quiet.  But "chillin'" it wasn't!  The
temperature was 105* the day we arrived and the heat continued close to that for the next three weeks.  We settled in at our usual site.  

The "back nine" of the golf course was still open and the "front" had been closed for reseeding...but play was a good price...FREE!  So,
Tom was at the golf course to tee off around 6am each morning.  He usually went around the course twice to get in his 18 hole game.  In
the afternoons we worked on our list of errands and stayed close to the air-conditioning...several times at the movie theater.   Workmen
arrived to hook up our internet service and clean our carpets.  We enjoyed having time to relax, read and work on things at our own
pace.   We enjoyed a dinner out and "catching up" with friends Char and Terry Eicher who stay at Palm Creek year round.
Activity in the park was increasing as the month went along.  The staff was extremely busy with projects to get the park all "spiffy" as
more and more residents arrived.  Mary began working regular volunteer shifts in the activity office.  The "back nine" of the golf course
was closed and the "front" reopened.  The Pro Shop, however, was not scheduled to open till November 1, so Tom was among the
volunteers recruited to be a "starter" on the front nine and collect a $5 fee for anyone wishing to play the nine holes.  He also had found
some tennis pals and started alternating golf and tennis days.  You might have noticed that there is no mention of Mary enjoying the golf
and tennis.  That's because she was enduring some painful sciatica.  A recommended chiropractor helped her out but suggested no
strenuous physical games for a while...just walk...so, that's what she did.
Former Palm Creek residents and neighbors, Art and June Nelson were passing through Casa Grande, so we shared a dinner with them
and other former neighbors, Judy Grove and Arne Hawkins.  We had a great evening reminiscing...and hope to see them again this
We had made several trips to the Phoenix area for various doctor appointments and to visit Tricia Lehto, the daughter of our Maumee,
OH neighbors, delivering some moving boxes we had brought for her from Ohio as she starts medical school.  One Saturday we once
again made our way to "the city" to attend a Parkinson's Conference.  Tom's neurologist was one of the main speakers, bringing a
glimmer of hope for advances in treatment.
Finally, by the last of the month, a few of our neighbors had arrived and every trip to the store or the park activity center brought
encounters with returning friends who stay elsewhere in the park.  Traffic was increasing.  We enjoyed having company for "happy
hour" and look forward to a busy upcoming season here at Palm Creek.  For our Palm Creek buddies still out there....we're waiting for
By mid-month the heat had lessened and we had some gorgeous weather...allowing us to turn of the air-conditioning and sleep with the
windows open...but its still shorts and t-shirt weather.   We had a quiet celebration of our 43rd wedding anniversary and are looking
forward to many more!
First they trim all the palm trees.  Then they scalp the
grass, re-seed, fertilize and water.
A few weeks later the golf course starts to look green
The flower beds have been planted with new plants.
We had a great evening visiting with Art and June,
Judy and Arne.
The "Tremble Clefs" is a choral group sponsored by the Phoenix area
chapters of the Parkinson's Disease Association.  They gave a
fantastic concert at the conference we attended.
The landscape crew has been really busy.
The Welcome sign has been hung!
And we have a few people gathering for happy hours.
Tom with Kathy and Larry, Dan and Gail.
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