December 2010
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December marked the start of our 11th year as "full-time RVers."  And, as usual for December, we were involved in various activities celebrating the
holidays...beginning with the annual Christmas parade on the chilly first weekend of the month. (Our photographer must have really been cold as the photos were
all blurry!)  After the first few chilly days, the weather did warm up and we had some of the warmest December days on record with temperatures in the 80s.

On many evenings we attended the usual round of holiday parties at Palm Creek held by the Host Program, Tennis Club, Duplicate Bridge Group, the Sewing Guild
and, of course, our neighborhood group.  The food and fun were always the greatest.  During the day we kept up with our usual activities on the tennis courts and
golf courses and with our volunteer jobs.  Mary took another quilting class and spent quite a bit of time doing some on-line Christmas shopping.  

A meteor shower was predicted for the night of December 13, so we joined neighbors Kathy and Larry Axelson for a "patio party" at 3am.  We huddled around
Larry's heater and watched the light show in the sky for an hour or so.  
Before we knew it, it was time for us to pack up and fly east for Christmas with the family.   We flew from Sky Harbor in Phoenix to the Detroit Metropolitan Airport
on December 20.  From there we rented a car and drove to Jackson, Michigan for a few days at Mary's mother's home.  Then the three of us drove to Elysburg,
Pennsylvania to spend five days with our daughter, Ann, and her family.  Our son, Reid, drove up from West Virginia to be with us as well.  It was a great
get-together  -  and over too quickly!
Returning from Pennsylvania, we stopped in Wadsworth, Ohio for a short visit with Mary's aunt and cousin and then in Perrysburg, Ohio to see Mary's brother Bill.  
After getting Mary's mom home safely, we returned to the Toledo area for a few days visit.  We enjoyed a great evening and a tasty dinner with friends Dick and Liz
and another with Mary's brother and sister-in-law, Bill and Beth, and a nice visit with Tom's mother at the Spring Meadows Senior Community.  Our wonderful
hosts for the several days were Kathy and Dennie Dew who treat us like family.  We shared our now "traditional" New Year's Eve with them for (we think) at least
the 40th year.
Our travel weather while in the eastern US was great.  We put about 1500 miles on our rental car with no snow and ice and only a little bit of rain.  Meanwhile,
back in Arizona it had turned to cold once again and there was even snow in the northern areas of Phoenix.  It was warmer in Detroit than in Pheonix when we
started our journey back to Arizona.   Looks like we'll have to re-define the meaning of "snow-birds" as we move into 2011.  
This is just a portion of the sewing room at Palm Creek...and just
a portion of the many ladies who use it.  It's a really busy place!
Just one of the buffet lines we passed through during the month
of December...this one was filled - and emptied - by the duplicate
bridge group.
Ooooh...there goes one!  Did you see that meteor?
Great-Grandma and Coffey made the cinnamon rolls for
Christmas breakfast.
Tom and grand-daughter Coffey made the French toast.
Ann and Matt took charge of
juicing the big box of oranges.
The table was set for another holiday meal.
Is this for us?  The three granddaughters open a
shared gift.  
No Christmas would be complete without a
"construction project."
It's a keyboard!  They can make "beautiful" music.
Gee, Uncle Reid....this is fun!
There was plenty of time for games of cards and
And we had to try out the new Wii game "Let's Dance."
It was a great family time!
Mary, her cousin Kathryn, Aunt Nina and Mom
We've seen lots of beautiful sunsets in Arizona...but one day
we were up early enough to see a beautiful sun
rise.  As we
head into 2011 we wish the best of things to come for all our
family and friends near and far.