November 2017
Well, it looks like the winter visitors have returned!!!
The winter season at Palm Creek has officially begun.  More and more people have arrived daily.  I think the recycle bin didn't fill up all summer....but it needs to be emptied
often these days!  And we're happy to see friends arrive at our various activities and to get back into our winter routine.  It didn't take long for the sewing ladies to "get into
gear."  The main sewing room is still under renovation.  The ladies are temporarily housed in a small room with only 12 work spaces (vs. their normal 45) and limited hours.  
Mary had signed up for a special quilting class, so the ladies took a day trip to Tucson to pick out fabrics and have lunch.  Several days later they gathered around to learn
from their instructor and then try to put all their new knowledge to work.  

The sewing ladies have a favorite "long-arm quilter" who stops by several times a year on her way back and forth from California to Texas.  She always brings fabrics to sell.  
Since the regular sewing room isn't open yet the ladies set up an 'open-air market' and had a successful sale.  The quilter spent the night as well, and we were among several
couples who got together for a pot-luck buffet to entertain her that evening.
Instructor Linda discussing fabric choices with
Mary's friend Stephanie.
The group is always open to
trying a new restaurant.
The ladies were "pooped" when they made it back to Palm Creek
after a day of shopping in Tucson.
Fold here, cut here, sew here...the
ladies are doing a technique called
"paper piecing."
A back yard patio was a perfect spot for our "open-air market.
Palm Creek was the site for the USA PIckleball National Championships from November 4-12.  There were 1400 competitors this year and the action went from sun-up to after
dark most days.  The park was a busy place but the many volunteers and park staff handled it pretty well.  Not being pickleball players, our participation was watching from
the can they move that fast???

On Veteran's Day, November 11, we joined some of our friends at a breakfast honoring Veterans living in the park.   We had a delicious breakfast and enjoyed a patriotic
The courts were busy every day of the tournament.
Our friend Ross was a fierce competitor (and flew home to Canada the
next week for knee replacement.)
Quite a large number of our residents have served in
the military over the years.
We enjoyed the company at breakfast but
there were no old war stories!
Mary has been busy this month as a volunteer with the "Loving Hearts - Helping Hands" group.  Basically their function is to raise money for the Cancer Support Center.  They
do that by having a bake sale booth at the park monthly craft fair and at several other local events.  This month they had three events in one week, so we were baking up a
storm for several days in a row and Mary took a turn at the booth as well. The efforts were successful, as the group raised about $3100 this month.   One of the events the
group participated in was a night of "Booby Bingo."  It was a fun evening at another local seniors community with the Bingo games themed around breast cancer awareness.  
About 40 women from Palm Creek participated and Mary even came home a winner.
Lots of yummy stuff baked by the ladies was
for sale at the Craft Fair.
(photos by
Just one of the several tables at Booby Bingo filled by Palm
Creek Ladies...daubers up!
Sue Hepler)
It was a perfect sunny day for a picnic lunch.
Jake and Elwood (The Blues Brothers) and their band.
They even brought their infamous car along for the show.
It seems that some of the most popular entertainment events here in the park are the "musical tribute" shows.  For our fall "welcome home" party a crowd of almost 1000
gathered at our 'Palm Park' for a picnic and music of the "Blues Brothers."  We couldn't have asked for more perfect weather, the food was good, friends were fun, and the
music was nostalgic (taking us back to the 80s)!
Along with our usual happy hours, bridge games, tennis matches, a little golf, and Mary's sewing sessions, we have attended the Monday morning coffee gatherings.  
Announcements are given about upcoming activities and we hear reports on the construction progress  The last report we heard was that the ballroom will have its first event
on New Year's Eve, the Sewing Room and the Pro Shop will open around December 10, and the Bistro restaurant and patio opening is yet to be determined.  Our hard working
kitchen staff have been working out of a mobile kitchen trailer in the parking lot.  They serve a tasty lunch every day and have cooked Thanksgiving dinner and a prime rib
dinner and several other meals during the pickleball tournament.

And, speaking of Thanksgiving....this year we shared our holiday meal with a different group here in the park.  Some of our old neighborhood gang still organized a meal,
however we decided this year to join some of the friends we've made through Mary's sewing group.  There were about 25 of us gathered at one of the park's pavilions on the
90* afternoon.  What a wonderful time we had sharing the delicious food.
Mary's friend Sally organized the
Thanksgiving meal.
We dined on ham, turkey and all the trimmings and then played some
games with our group.....what an enjoyable afternoon!
With Thanksgiving behind us, we started thinking about the Christmas holidays.  We avoided the Black Friday shopping, but did bring out some holiday decorations.  We also
started planning a few contributions to upcoming events.  We sure do a lot of eating around here!!!    Mary and a friend made another trip to Tucson to pick up a few more
things at their favorite quilt shops.  And, we're looking forward to a trip to Texas for Christmas with the family.
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