April 2020
To say the least, April 2020 has been an interesting month for us here in Arizona....as we are certain it has been for all of you!   Fortunately we have remained safe and
healthy as we have maintained the "Stay-at-Home" order proclaimed by Governor Doug Ducey of Arizona (who happens to be a Toledo, Ohio native whose Mom grew up
around the corner from Mary).  Virtually all of the Canadian "snow-birds" at Palm Creek headed for home by the first of April as their medical insurance carriers notified them
that, due to concerns of the Covid-19 virus, they had ten days to return to Canada before their coverage would lapse.  Many of the US snowbirds also headed for home, but
quite a few remained here feeling that they were safer here than in their home community.  April is our "best weather month" and we enjoyed gorgeous sunny, 70 to 80
degree days...perfect for enjoying the outdoors....which has been easy to do within our resort's wide open spaces and minimal population.

On Easter Sunday we enjoyed a "family reunion" via "Zoom."  Our kids and grandkids gathered together around their computers and phones as we had a good holiday visit.  
I guess the good part was that nobody had to fix a big meal and clean the house for company for the get-together.  And we were introduced to our first
"great-grandchild/dog", Blueberry Banana (Blue, for short) who belongs to Close Ann.
The Easter Family Reunion
Introducing "Blue."
So what else did we do in April?
We walked the empty streets.
We could smell the beautiful flowers.
These gorgeous blooms last
only 24 hours.
We went to watch our friends at the
pickleball courts...nobody there!
We went to the activity center to see who
was playing cards or creating in the pottery
How about a burger at the Snack Shack?
At least there were a few signs of life
on the golf course.
On April 26 we put new batteries in the
remote thermometer just in time to see it
reach 106*
(However, the correct time did not
reappear...it was only 2:15)
A dip in the pool would be really good!!
Well, maybe someday soon!
One of our residents organized a parade of golf cars one evening.  He
wanted to show support for our local first responders and health care
workers.  It was also suggested that we bring along a few canned goods
to donate to local food pantries.  Over 60 golf cars showed up to enjoy
a delightful evening ride around the park (with social distancing and
plenty of pot-banging noise) and enough food was collected to complete
the 5th pick-up load of donated food from Palm Creek.
We did take a road trip or two this month...to
Walmart to pick up prescriptions and to the
grocery store.  Having someone else do your
shopping is kind of nice!
Mary and her sewing machine have been
busy. The sewing guild members remaining
in the park have made close to 3000
masks donated to local facilities and park
residents as well as their friends and
families all over the US.
In between masks, a quilt was finished.
Meanwhile, in Michigan, Evelyn is getting
quite good at managing lessons and
storybook reading via the internet.
As April came to its end we were looking forward to getting back to a "normal"
life...whatever that may now be.  Through the "Stay-at Home" period we have remained
healthy and safe.  Here's hoping that all of our friends and family have as well.  
Our "Stay At Home" order has been extended till May 15 so
life for now will remain pretty quiet.
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