March 2016
March in Casa Grande "came in like a lamb" and left the same way.  What wonderful weather we've had!!   We took advantage of the weather several days to lunch at the pool patio
and also at the patio near the sports complex.  Both places have a reputation for tasty and filling lunches.  The weather has also been great for outdoor activities.  The pickleball
club held their annual tournament with hundreds of players coming from all over the southwest.  A couple of our neighbors played hard and we enjoyed watching the competition,
but sadly they did not win any medals.
Mary is winding down her first year as a "board member" of the sewing group.  The ladies celebrated the end of the season with a fashion show of sorts.  The outfits were created
literally from their descriptions and were a big hit with the crowd.  The ladies of the group had several of their "F.A.R.T." trips to finish out the season.  (That is
Fabric Accumulation
Road Trip).  They visited several quilt shops in the Phoenix and Mesa areas and enjoyed a lunch out.    Several of our friends exhibited their talents at the grand opening of Palm
Creek's new  Art Studio.  It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon and the artists and their work were inside and outside.
Mary remembers well the stress and hassle of "Parent-Teacher Conferences" at her school.  This year she was offered the opportunity to once again participate in the "fun."  
However, she took on a new direction in the events....she flew from Arizona to Kalamazoo, Michigan to help by taking care of granddaughter Evelyn while our daughter-in-law, the
teacher, met with her students and their parents and our son was working.  It was a great week for Mary in Michigan getting in lots of playing, reading and cuddling with Evelyn.  
Mary also was able to make a couple trips to Jackson to visit with her mom, one of them accompanied by Evelyn and Reid.  The time was over too soon and we're looking forward
to more "baby time" this summer.  Meanwhile, back in Arizona, Tom was keeping up with projects around the RV and getting in some tennis and games of bridge.  
Back in Arizona, we enjoyed a visit by Mary's cousin Geoff and his wife Beth.  They were on their way from their home in Las Cruces to California to celebrate their daughter's
birthday.  It was great to catch up on all the family doings.    And then came Easter.  We shared a delicious meal with friends on their patio on a day that was warm enough to sit
outside well into the evening.  
Many of our friends will have headed for home by the end of the first week in April, but there is still lots going on.  
We're anticipating more good weather and some busy days.
The pool patio is a busy place at lunch time and there is
live music on Wednesdays.
The annual "Duel in the Desert" took place on Palm
Creek's 32 pickleball courts.
Our neighbor Kerry (in the grey shirt on the far side) is a
pickleball fanatic.
Another neighbor, Barry, (in the red shirt) also plays a lot
of pickleball.  
(Did you notice that our names all rhyme?  We
also have Harry, Larry and two other Marys)
Our neighbor Judy had a fantastic display
of her varied work.  She's quite an artist.
The Art Group also outside space to promote their club.
Beside "regular" quilt shops, Mary's group shopped the
"Mesa Market" - miles of vendors, flea market style.
Sally wore a lace jacket with
cap sleeves to the fashion
Marilynn wore a pillbox hat, a
double-breasted jacket (you
should have seen the back,
too) and a pencil skirt.
Kathleen and Evelyn dressed for St.
Patrick's Day.
Evelyn and Mary had lots of happy
moments during their visit.
Great-Grandma Edith enjoyed seeing Evelyn, too!
Our Easter dinner was a delicious meal
shared with good friends.
Our edible Easter Bunny and
the hugable Easter Bunny.
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