April 2017
April first at Palm Creek means "departure" for many of the residents.  Boy, did the park 'empty out' fast!  Its a shame that so many people leave at this time of year because
the weather is almost "perfect" most days and the desert plants come alive.   Those of us remaining in the park continued to enjoy the April weather and less crowded
streets and stores.  There were still activities to attend, but life was now at a much slower pace.   We continued to play tennis and golf on a regular basis.  Our card games
continued to mid-month.  There were still some 'heavy readers' among us which kept us buy with our volunteer job re-shelving books in the library.   We went to the
movies a couple of times.  Mary and the sewing ladies kept their new "temporary" sewing room quite busy with leftover projects getting finished, and some new ones

One of the quilters retired a year ago from the job of the park's food manager.  She still loves to cook for a crowd, so invited all the remaining ladies to a pre-Easter
brunch.  What a feast!

Several days later we shared a delightful Easter dinner with a group of friends at the home of our friends, Linda and Wayne.  (and we forgot to take any photos!)  As usual
when there is a potluck meal, we had far more delicious food to choose from than we needed.
The table decorations were seasonal appropriate!
June and Patt opened the
champagne bottles.
About 40 ladies turned out for the quilters brunch.
A favorite cactus here in the park.
The blooms only last 24 hours.
Meanwhile, projects related to the park's massive expansion plans have gotten under way.  The sewing room had been emptied at the end of March, and the first week in
April crews arrived to dismantle and move the building.  The three sections have been temporarily parked in a gravel parking lot located about half-way to its new location
waiting for the new location to be prepared.  The park's large RV storage lot has been emptied.  Pallets of blocks and bricks used to build walls and patios have been
moved to a new location.  Huge piles of composting mulch have been removed from the previously unused "north-40" portion of the park.  
The sewing building looks a little different in three pieces.
There's some empty space now...ready for new construction.
It's halfway to its new home - patiently waiting.
For a little diversion one evening we drove to Harrah's Ak-Chin Casino in nearby Maricopa.  We enjoyed the seafood buffet, a little slots and blackjack action, and several
hours of music by a "blast from the past" Herman's Hermits band.  Peter Noone and the gang were playing in the lounge, so the music could be heard throughout the
casino.  It turned into a giant sing-along affair...a fun night!
Live and in person...Herman's Hermits
By the end of the month of April, it truly was peaceful, quiet and empty in the park.  The weather was getting a lot warmer.  Our tennis games moved to the early morning.  
Mary tries to get her daily walks in before 8am. Chores and errands are on the schedule before the heat of the afternoon. The park is really quiet after lunch time, but comes
more alive in the evenings.  We are hoping to do some traveling later in the summer, but in the meantime, we're looking forward to experiencing the "summer life" here at
Palm Creek.  We're still waiting for that first official 100* day  :-)
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