October 2013
The first week of October, 2013 found us still in Abilene, TX.  We were taking advantage of a monthly rate at the Big Country RV Park and enjoying a few last days with our
granddaughters and their parents.  While the girls were in school we continued the project we had started in September using the "Roundup Pass" whick admitted us to
various local attractions in Abilene. We spent a morning at the Abilene Zoo meeting and greeting the collection of animals from around the world.  Another day we went to the
downtown area and toured "The Grace Museum," an historic building that was once a hotel now beautifully renovated and housing a small but great collection of art, a
children's museum and a display of west Texas history.  Across the street from the Grace, the former railroad station is now the Covention and Visitors Bureau and the former
'Railway Express Agency Baggage Depot' is now a yummy chocolate company...a great use to some neat old buildings in the center of town.  Another downtown attraction we
visited is "The NCCIL" (called the 'nickel')... the National Center of Children's Illustrated Literature.  This museum features changing exhibits of the original artwork done by
authors and illustrators of children's books.  We spent some time viewing the process and work of Walter Wick who with Jean Marzollo created all the books in the "I Spy"
series.  Earlier this year the main exhibit honored Dr. Seuss.  It's quite a place which also has a great children's bookstore.
On October 5 we pulled up stakes and started west once again.  We even made it all the way to New Mexico without a vehicle crisis.  (Last year it was the motor home, the
year before it was the car)  Into Arizona we had planned to visit the Chiricahua National Monument and Ft. Bowie near Willcox, but due to the government shutdown we had
to change plans.  We did stop in Willcox, taking the opportunity to tour the Rex Allen Museum.  It is a small place but had quite a bit of memoribilia of the "Last of the Singing
Cowboys" and many of his western friends.   We were even treated to a short program of live music performed by some local musicians.  A stop in Tucson allowed us the
chance to have lunch with friends Art and June Nelson.  It was great to share our summer stories with them.
We backed in to our site at Palm Creek mid-afternoon on October 8.  We were the only residents on our street in the sparsely populated park, but it was good to be "home."  
Over the next several weeks we took our time 'getting settled.'  We had various doctor and dentist appointments scheduled, some involving trips up to Phoenix.  We started
organizing things in our shed.  We called a local vendor to come wash our RV and then we started the chore of waxing it with paste wax.  Tom swears the coach gets longer
and higher every year!  When our granddaughters used our sofa bed we discovered that the air mattress did not hold air overnight.  So, one day we took the mattress
outside and used a hose to help us find the leak.  So far, our patch job seems to have worked.  While we had the hoses out we hosed down some of our neighboring sites.  
They always look clean and neat when we arrive, but once the water starts flowing you can see the dust and dirt that has settled during the summer monsoon season as it
flows away.  We have had "perfect" weather with daily highs in the 80s and lows at night around 55.  We have enjoyed not having to run the heat or the air-conditioning and
were able to get some flowers planted.
Slowly, but surely, more people arrived in the park.  Tom found his way to the bridge tables and Mary has been spending time in the sewing room.  "Happy Hour" drew a
friendly group of neighbors sharing summer travel adventures.   We had a great visit when friends Gale and Tom Hertensteiner passed through Casa Grande on their way
from Tuscon back to their home in California.  We hadn't seen them in about 5 years and had a great time over lunch on a local golf course patio.  On the 28th we
celebrated our 46th wedding anniversary.  Where does the time go?
Management at Palm Creek has spent quite a bit of money, time and effort to "enhance the ammenities" in the park.  Many things have been completed, but many
projects are still in the works.  We're looking forward to checking them all out in the weeks to come.  If you're in the area, stop by to see us!
We came across a website that list "oddities" to visit in various places across the USA, so we checked out some things listed for Abilene, TX during our stay.  First was a giant
"paper airplane."  Actually, it was made of wood, not paper, but it is a giant model of one and built in a man's back yard.  Next was "The World's Largest Buffalo Skull" ...made of
steel, however...found on the grounds of the "Frontier Texas" museum.  In the downtown area,  we found "Dino Bob" and a  VW bug sitting on a roof-top.
You can't miss the big sign at the zoo.
Plenty of fresh air and blue skies up here!
The old Abilene Railway Station
The Railway Express Depot turned candy company
We had to peek through a fence to see the giant "paper"
We'd hate to see the rest of the buffalo belonging to this
giant skull.
We don't think Dino Bob will fit into the VW.
Our "Welcome Home" sign.
The Rex Allen Museum in Willcox, AZ is a small but
interesting place to visit.
Allen's ashes and his
horse KoKo are
burried in Willcox.
The air mattress got cleaned and, more importantly,
we found the leak!
Several patios in the neighborhood also got cleaned as
long as we had the hoses out.
Our friends Gale and Tom visited from California.
Several times in the last 13 years we have provided
moving services from Ohio to Arizona...this time to
Trisha in Mesa.
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