February 2015
We didn't have much time to sit around this month!  February is "high season" here at Palm Creek Golf and RV Resort, and we managed to keep ourselves busy with a multitude of
activities and projects.  We're still catching up on all the medical stuff, but there were plenty of sessions on the tennis courts and golf course.  The month started off on February
1st with plenty of rain.  Our "Super-Bowl of Tennis" tournament on that weekend had been rained out, but we had our awards dinner - minus the awards, anyway.  Part of the dinner
evening was an auction which raised the funds for our contribution to the park cancer fund donation.  At the end of the first week of February the park held its culminating event, a
"balloon glow."  There were 10 hot-air balloons assembled in the parking lot surrounding the "Palm Park."   The streets and walking paths in the area were lined with lighted
luminaries in honor of cancer survivors and victims, and lights were strung from the palm trees.  Hot chocolate and cookies were served while residents mingled among the
balloons and tents of silent auction items with live music in the background.  It was an emotional evening.    The following morning several of the balloon operators took people for
rides, with their fees donated to the cancer fund as well.  
Rain, rain, go away!  We really can't complain too much, as it is rare to
see the ground in our neighborhood shiny wet with water.
Tennis friends Penny and Nancy took charge of the
Cancer Awareness Auction for the tennis club.
The road to the clubhouse was lined with beautiful luminaries
along with our lighted palm trees.
Palm Park glowed in the dark.
Our favorite balloon - a butterfly.
The Arizona State Flag was represented in one balloon.
Just two of the balloons looming over our street on Saturday
morning...a pretty sight.
As we moved on into February we found ourselves at several more events.  Our neighborhood held its monthly indoor dinner and game night...good food and some fun playing a
dice game.  The tennis club had an entertaining happy hour with some of our talented members and their friends singing and playing for us.  Another group of friends hosted some
former residents (and our former tennis buddies) as they passed through town bringing their instruments and talents.  The street was blocked off to become a dance floor, a patio
became a bandstand, tables were loaded with food, and a party happened!
The "Long Ago String Band" entertained the tennis players with their varied
instruments and joyful tunes...
...followed by some haunting melodies on
the bagpipes.
First it was through the food line...
...then on to the games...roll the dice and pass the basket of
A good crowd gathered to circle their chairs and enjoy the evening
at a friend's block party.
Several of the guys play multiple instruments and played
and sang a variety of music.
The street became a dance floor for the "round" dancers...
...and the line dancers.  An evening of great fun.
February brought "tournament time" to the RV park.  Our tennis club championship was played, with Mary giving her best (but coming up a little bit short in the win column.)  It was
also time for the Pickleball Club tournament.  The sport of pickleball has grown like crazy and our group here in the park has grown tremendously and is enjoying 24 new courts.  In
March they will be sponsoring an "open" tournament with entrants from all over the Southwest and in the fall the national tournament will be held here.    One of our park
residents has been having fun with a radio-controlled "quad copter" and took some overhead photos.
We watched the Women's Finals at the pickleball courts on a bright
and sunny afternoon.
The pickleball courts from above.
On the larger tennis courts, Mary played in the club championship
tournament...lots of fun, but no blue ribbon!
Mary has continued to spend some time in the Quilting and Sewing Room and joined with some other ladies on a class project making bags.  She takes her turn at being the room
monitor once a week and has been in charge of class registrations this year.    At the end of the month, the Quilting Guild held their annual quilt show.  The ladies - and their one
male member - showcased their awesome talents.       On the same day as the quilt show some of the other clubs held their "show" as well.  Displays of photography, wood working,
pottery, jewelry making and other crafts let us see the many skills of our residents.
Lapidary and silversmith skills combine to make
some pretty jewelry.
We have some awesome photographers in our midst.
It's amazing to see what things can be made in the
woodworking shop.
The quilters had projects of all sizes and shapes in the show.
Lots of time went into the many projects.
Many different styles of quilting were on exhibit.
Mary and a few of her "bag lady" friends.
Pottery on display
Of course before the month was over, we had several more "food opportunities."  One of our neighbors spends quite a few summer hours fishing near his home in Washington.  
He generously brings a good portion of his catch to share with friends almost every year.  We all contributed side dishes and deserts and enjoyed the annual fish dinner.

Another evening, we had a great visit from friends Tony and Mary.  We met them when we first started RVing as we all belonged to the Michigan Bounder group.  Tony and Mary
have worked with Habitat for Humanity for many years now and we enjoyed hearing about their adventures since we last saw them two years ago.
There is always a great variety of choices from our neighborhood cooks.
We had about 30 neighbors join in the fun for dinner.
It was great fun catching up with Tony and Mary.
We already can see that March will be a busy month....come back later to
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