June 2017
With daytime temperatures around 110* and nighttime lows around 90* June became a laid back, quiet month for us.  Arizona does not observe Daylight Savings Time, so sunrise
was in the 5:00am range....and that's when the park was most active.  All the construction workers began their day at 5 and by 6am, the pickleball players and golfers were "doing
their thing."  We were slightly slower to get going at our house, but on golfing days we were on the course around 6:30 and our little tennis gang started play at 7:00.  We were
home in the air-conditioning between 8:30 and 9:00...with breakfast, showers and naps to follow.
We sometimes had company on the golf course...one of several
families of ducks who live along the water...
A family of feral cats that greeted us at the #1 tee..
and our buddy, Ranger Bob who appeared with his clubs one
early morning to join us.
The "survivors"...the only willing tennis players left in the park by
the end of June...Mary's motley crew...Rex, Bob, Doug and Tom.
A few other activities brought out a gathering of folks at various times in the day.  A coffee and donuts hour happens about once a month...so we pass up golf or tennis on
those days and go for the fresh sweets!  One morning the park sponsored an "All You Can Eat Omelet" breakfast.  A local chef brought his gear and set up a cooking station to
prepare several at a time as we placed our 'custom order."  We enjoyed juice and pastries while we waited for our hot dish.   The park residents organized a regular happy hour
on Tuesdays which we dubbed "Tapas Tuesdays", named after the Spanish "tapas" meaning small plates (like appetizers.)  It's pretty much the same crowd that gathers each
week, but it gives us a chance to see other summer residents of the park on a regular basis.  We take turns hosting the event and occasionally the host will choose a theme for
the week.  This turns out to be our dinner on Tuesdays.  :-)
                           Saturday night brings our weekly card bingo game.  Mary has won several of the larger jackpots (and
when you win - you have to be the caller the next week!)  After trying it one week, Tom decided this wasn't his game.
Coffee and donuts bring out the residents early in the morning.
When someone else is cooking breakfast to order, its another
occasion to gather.
Same tablecloth...a little different arrangement of
people for breakfast.
More food.....this time a Mexican themed "Tapas Tuesday"
offered us some tasty dinner-time treats.
We gathered around the card tables this time for a "rousing
game" of card bingo.
Yes, the weather has been HOT!  By the middle of the month we had a string of days over 110*, the rest being over 100*.  But we seem to have adjusted quite easily.  Of course, we
thank goodness for our air-conditioning.  Outdoor activity is just done in short spurts.  We are also grateful for our kind friends, Glen and Rena,  who loaned us their golf car for the
summer rather than putting it into storage.  That makes going to the mailbox or to the clubhouse and sewing room an easier jaunt.  We've also enjoyed late evening drives around
the park just to check out the construction progress and to see if all our friends' empty houses look normal.

Our newly planted palm trees seem to be doing just fine.  The park workers finally installed an irrigation system on our lot, so we no longer need to get out the hose to keep them
watered.  The workers also spent many HOT hours building a decorative landscape wall along the east side of our lot which faces the street.  They were on the job around 5:00am
with loads of tools, blocks, cement, jugs of cool water and accompanied by mariachi music.  They finished up the project right at the end of the month as we were getting ready to
head east - and we forgot to take photos of the finished project.
They say it got to 120* that day, but I didn't catch the thermometer at that
The palm trees have stay upright in heat and wind.
Working away in the sun and heat.  They tell us that they are cooler by
keeping their skin totally covered with long pants and long sleeved shirts.
We took several trips into "the big city" this month.  Mary guided us on a "shop hop" to various quit shops gathering materials for her next projects. We spent some time at IKEA
once again.  Slowly but surely our house will be all furnished.  We had a fun evening with friends Art and Normalee from Alberta who joined us for dinner.  They were taking a
short vacation from their farming chores and flew down for a week of "sun and fun" at their place here at Palm Creek.  Normalee visited the sewing room one day to check out
the summer action there.  
A small group of ladies worked diligently on their sewing projects this
month in the temporary workroom.
A "new sign" and some paint on the gravel is all the progress we've
noted on sewing room construction this month.  
Another trip to IKEA meant getting out those little allen wrenches again.
We spent the last several days of June prepping the house for our absence and packing for a journey to Texas, Ohio and
Michigan.  We're looking forward to several weeks visiting family and friends before returning to Palm Creek in August.
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