March 2018
Palm Creek is billed as an "active adult community" and that it is.  March began with the annual "Duel in the Desert" pickleball tournament which drew about 800 players
from all over the country for a week of competition.  As our house is quite near the 32 courts, we were very aware of all the traffic and commotion which began at sunrise
each day and went into the evening.  We walked over to watch some of the action several different times...and we're always amazed at the speed, stamina and talent of the

The active people in our Stained Glass Studio held their first annual show to let us all view some of their handiwork.  There were pieces of all sizes and shapes...all quite

Mary got active with a group of friends who made their annual trek to Francisco Grande Golf Course west of Casa Grande for their golf and wine outing.  The course was
originally built for the long-hitting San Francisco Giants.  The ladies didn't have great scores, but did have a great time!
Welcome to the Courts
By Sunday it was down to just a few players.
Traffic isn't all on four wheels.
And then the 'food odyssey' began.  As the 'season' was coming to an end, every group seemed to have a final get-together centered around food.  And, we threw in a few
special occasions to keep the food coming.  Two of our neighbors, who met here in the park as 'singles' several years ago had taken a special trip to Las Vegas in February
to be married and a 'reception' was held for them on our Bistro Patio.        Next up was Mary's birthday, which she shares with our friend Steve.  So, a group dinner was
hosted by another friend and a good time was had by all.      We got a phone call from full-timer old Bounder Buddies, Mary and Tony telling us that they were passing
through town.  We shared a meal and enjoyed hearing about their winter working for Habitat for Humanity in Las Cruces, NM and their upcoming trip to the Holy Lands.  We
remember what it was like trying to get all our mail as we travelled in our RV and were happy to be their mail destination.
It was a pleasant evening on the Bistro Patio to celebrate
with Don and Linda.
Of course, there was a cake to cut and eat.
It was a fun birthday celebration dinner with Steve and Sally,
Patt, Linda, Holly and Greg, and Wayne.
Its always good to connect with Mary and Tony, our
Michigan-O-Bounder buddies from years back.
The Palm Creek Chorus had a new director this year and we had a new venue for their performance.  They worked really hard on a wonderful program.  Several weeks
before their performance they had asked the proud park residents to send in photos of their grandchildren to be part of a video presentation.  As it turned out, the program
finale was a wonderful number about the need to nurture the world's children as they are our future.  We were quite surprised and pleased to see a couple of our photos
flash past, but most proud of the grand finale photo-left on the screen for some time-of our youngest, Evelyn, taken at the Women's March in Kalamazoo earlier in the winter.
Stained glass on exhibit
One of the ladies on the tee at the #9 hole.
Several talented residents were recruited to be the "house band" to
accompany the singers for the evening.
There were several screens around the
ballroom flashing photos during the various
The final number was all about the fact that
children hold our future in their hands.
Visitors are always welcome here, and we are always happy when we get a call that friends are passing through.  Our daughter-in-law's parents were staying in Benson, AZ
for a while, so we drove to meet them in Tucson.  We met at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum (which we had not been to visit since 1968!) and thoroughly enjoyed the
indoor and outdoor exhibits, a tasty lunch and too, the great visit with Rosemary and Brian.

Our former neighbors, Connie and Dennis, were back at Palm Creek for the month of March.  We saw them at Happy Hour a couple times and then invited part of the "old
gang" for dinner one evening.  Another fun visit remembering past times!
Here, kitty, kitty!  No, a mountain lion isn't a good
pet...but they are native to our part of the country.
A rare "crested saguaro" cactus.
We had perfect weather for joining Rosemary and Brian to tour the
Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum in Tucson.
Reminiscing fun times with Kathy and Larry, Dennis and Connie,
Harry and Marilou over dinner.
The Palm Creek Quilt Guild does a lot sewing, but once in a while the ladies break loose from their machines.  Their end-of-season luncheon had a Hawaiian luau theme
(with, of course, a tasty meal catered by a local restaurant) followed by a surprise style show for entertainment.  Several of the members are very creative and wrote a
hilarious script for the models.     The ladies also held their final "Quilt-Till-You-Wilt" night.  The theme for the evening was "Quilts of Valor", making quilts that will be
eventually given to honor military veterans.  Starting at 4:00 the ladies were divided into teams and given a pattern and kit to make a quilt with a military theme.  By 9pm
(including, you guessed it, a break for a buffet dinner, a few silly games and door prize drawings) the teams had completed 11 quilt tops. Good work, ladies!
Meet June, our guild president!!!
Here's the whole group of "Sexy Sewers".  Do you believe they
are all above minimum Medicare age?
Mary's team (Judie, Elta Mae, Suze, Marianne and Grace)
completed a quilt top for a Canadian veteran.
Mary wore the roving patriotic tiara for
a while at the quilting event.
Sports groups were holding their final events as well.  Tom's golf group held a "mini-tournament" at a local golf course followed by a pizza dinner back at the park.  The
travelling trophy was passed to this year's winners.  Most of the guys were planning to be around for a few more weeks, so the weekly games will continue into April.  Mary's
tennis league had a final "fun day" and played some skill games to see how good they really are.  Their final event was a new game that the tennis club has been sponsoring
this spring called "Bumbee Ball."  We're not sure where the name came from, but the game is played with the usual tennis racquets and a child's small rubber ball, and is
played more like volleyball with assists allowed to get the ball over the!
This time it was a pizza dinner at the patio.
Wayne, Joe, Lee and Bob were the
golf winners this year.
Bumbee Ball, with 6 players to a side and a big ball.
There were still a few more meals to share.  Our street still is only about half-full of homes...houses on both ends of the block with empty lots in the middle.  Before many
of the people headed out for the summer, we had one more get-together...this time at the home across the street from us.         Some of Mary's sewing buddies invited
their spouses and had a happy-hour one evening to share summer plans.    And finally, the park sponsored a "going away" party..."Parrotdise".  We had a Jimmy Buffet
tribute band, Caribbean food, and a bright sunny afternoon to enjoy with friends.

Somewhere in there we celebrated St. Patrick's Day with a delicious corned-beef and cabbage dinner at a friend's home and attended a going-away party for friends who
will not be returning to the park...both with, of course, great food but no photos.
Ric and Sandy provided margaritas and the patio
for our neighborhood gathering.
The ladies left the machines behind
and shared some goodies.
About 1500 people enjoyed the Jimmy Buffet music.
Meanwhile, back in Michigan, Rosemary had returned home and joined Kathleen
and Evelyn at the March for Our Lives.  Evelyn is becoming quite an 'activist.'
Quite a few "snowbirds" have left the park.  However, many of our friends will be hanging on
for a few more days.  We'll enjoy a pretty regular schedule for a few more days, and then will
find ourselves in the midst of a lot of 'peace and quiet.'
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