September 2014
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Once again, we had a pretty quiet month.  We continued taking care of medical appointments, made several visits to each of our mothers, and enjoyed time with family and friends.  
On Saturday, September 6 we drove from our spot at Big Sandy Campground near Toledo to the Detroit airport to pick up our daughter Ann as she arrived from Texas.  The three of
us went to Jackson for a visit and dinner with Mary's mom.  From there we drove to East Lansing and spent the night at son Reid's house, although he was not there.  On Sunday
we drove on to Midland, MI.  Ann and Mary attended a wedding shower for Reid's bride-to-be, Kathleen while Tom and Kathleen's dad spent the afternoon touring Midland and
visiting.  After the shower both families gathered at the home of Kathleen's parents, Reid joined us and after some chatting, we all went to dinner.  Reid returned to Detroit,
Kathleen to Kalamazoo, and the three of us took advantage of Reid's East Lansing house for another night.  On Monday we drove Ann back to Detroit Metro for her return flight to
Texas and returned to Big Sandy....a full circle, a lot of miles, but a fun weekend.
We have enjoyed the visits with our mothers this month.  Mary's mom is now quite settled in her assisted living complex in Jackson, MI.  She enjoys the activities and has even
been involved in taking charge of an exercise class and the domino games.  She especially enjoys
not being resposible for the cooking and cleaning chores!  After several
postponements we finally attended 'closing' on Mom's condo in Jackson and have that process all behind us.      We shared an evening of music with the residents during a
special week at Tom's mother's senior facility.  She is doing well there and celebrated her 92nd birthday this summer.  Fighting the never-ending road construction made our
several trips to the Detroit area to meet Reid for dinner an adventure, but it was well woth it to hear about his interesting job and plans for the upcoming wedding.
Get-togethers with friends kept us busy in September -  usually over a meal.  We enjoyed seeing Dick and Liz, our former next-door neighbors in between Dick's fishing trips.  
There were lots of domino games with Kathy and Dennie and we took advantage of 'senior day' at the movies a couple times.  Mary and Kathy checked out all the vendors and
booths at Waterville's Rouche de Bouf Festival at the end of the month.  Tom's sister and brother-in-law and Mary's brother and sister-in-law were also on our 'list.'  We'll miss
them all over the winter.
We bid farewell to the Toledo area on September 29th and headed to Indiana.  At the Newmar factory in Nappanee we took the last un-assigned RV site and are awaiting our turn
for service.  The drive through the countryside from Ohio was a beautiful one as the leaves are beginning to change color and the farmers are busy harvesting crops.  We're
usually well on our way to Arizona by this time of year and are enjoying the opportunity to experience the fall season this time around.  (Although Tom is not so sure that with a
month to go before the wedding, that we'll escape seeing snowflakes up close and personal!)
Cupcakes served in the shape of a dress were a tasty hit at
Kathleen's wedding shower.
Kathleen had fun opening gifts.
It's always a fun time when we get together with Liz and Dick.
"Two for the Road" showed their many talents at their performance at Spring
Meadows Senior Community.
Reid sadly retired his old truck and arrived in a new one when we met
him for dinner.