June 2018
Yes, it's hot!  We've had only 5 days in the month of June under 100*...and those were in the 90's.  But as you always hear....it's a dry
heat!  And truly, it is.  Our humidity is usually between 10% and 20% and the "real feel" is often lower than the temperature reading.  On
the other hand, we don't spend a lot of time outside after 9:00 in the morning.   We have continued to play golf often - teeing off
between 6:00 and 7:00.  Sometimes we decide on a neighborhood walk instead, keeping closer to home in case we decide its just too

Activities this month were pretty laid back and spread out...allowing for time to cool off, rest and read a book in between.  Mary has
spent quite a bit of time in the sewing room, taking advantage of space to spread out her "stuff" with only 6 to 8 sewers sharing the
room.  She also has a machine at home for those times the sewing room is closed.     We have enjoyed some afternoon card games in
the clubhouse and Tom often goes to the poker room in the evenings.  Saturday night card bingo brings out a decent crowd as well.   
We've ventured to the pool several late afternoons to cool off.  We made a couple trips into Phoenix to do a little shopping.

Of course, there's always food....a dental office from Mexico brings in coffee and doughnuts once a month, as did a local therapy
center.  They're always trying to drum up business.  On Tuesdays the park residents get together for "Tapas Tuesday" (tapas being the
Spanish word for appetizers).  We always have a good variety of food and its enough to serve as dinner.

One evening we joined fellow residents for a "sunset cruise" starting with a social hour in the parking lot and then we all "cruised the
park" in our golf cars as the sun went down.   We have done the evening cruise on our own several times, too, checking out progress
on the big "park expansion" and just seeing what all is going on in the neighborhood.  The expansion is moving right along, with quite
a few houses arriving, landscaping being done, and the "greenbelt" completed.  We can't believe how great the greenbelt looks as we
were certain that laying sod in 100*+ weather was not a good idea.  
Its a parade!
We've learned a new game called "Swoop."
The Saturday night crowd gets pretty noisy!
A little of this and a little of that - and there's
It's amazing to watch the drivers expertly
back in half a house in one try.
The weather forecast for July is much the same as June and our activities will be much the same, too.  We can always
hope for some rain...according to the weather guy on TV, it hasn't rained at the airport since March 11.
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