June 2020
The "shutdown" continues!  The Covid-19 took a little longer to really hit Arizona.  In fact, it seemed to not be so bad here as in other places.  Some of our restaurants,
gyms and salons opened in May and as we came to the end of June, things in our state were getting really bad and the governor and our mayor have closed a lot of places
down again.  We'll just have to see how it all goes.  Fortunately, so far, we are doing fine, as is our family scattered about the US.  People in our little "compound" here at
Palm Creek seem to have taken things pretty seriously and we are not aware of anyone being ill with the virus.  Mary has continued to go to water aerobics each morning,
with the group well scattered in the water.  The sewers in the sewing room work scattered about the room as well, and many wear their masks.  We have made almost daily
trips to the Fitness Center and usually are the only ones in the building and we are sure to wipe down our equipment before and after our use. (Although that has now
been closed again!)   Life goes on!!
Our "compound" this month was VERY quiet...and therefore not a lot of photos to share with you.  We made two big escapes....one, Tom's neurologist appointment in
Phoenix and two, his ophthalmologist appointment in Tucson.  The drive to Tucson was a smokey one as we drove through a bit of smoke from the wildfires near the city.  
Three weeks later The Bighorn Fire is still only 58% contained.  Our temperatures have been 105* or above most days and we have not had any rain in weeks.
To add a little controversy to our life in the park, corporate management (based in Michigan) decided to paint all of the park owned buildings white, covering the typical
southwest adobe tan.  Many residents, including those now elsewhere for the summer, registered their great dissatisfaction!  The painting was stopped!  We assume
there was lots of discussion somewhere, but eventually the work resumed with the only change in plans being that all the trim work is now white also instead of the
rumored black.  Its all so very different that what we're used to, but we'll get accustomed to the look.
One nice hot afternoon (approaching 115*) as the painting controversy was brewing and the residents were frustrated with all the shutdowns, everyone thought they
heard an ice cream truck like we'd all known from when our kids were little "back in the day."  As we went outside to investigate we found the park manager driving
around in his pick-up truck, with ice cream music blaring, and the assistant manager and activities director in the back of the truck with a giant cooler throwing out
Popsicles.  A fun treat!      Another day the activities director organized an afternoon of "Virtual Bingo".  Bingo cards were available in the lobby for a couple weeks
prior to the big day.  Then players had to log into the park's Facebook page at the appointed time for a live session with the activities director calling numbers from
her desk.  If you got a Bingo, you had to immediately message the caller.  Pretty innovative!
Our white activity center.
Friend Sue got a photo of the Ice Cream truck.
We saw this lady penguin at the Post Office.
Friend Peter came prepared to aerobics class.
It takes all kinds to make the world go 'round!
And we still have those gorgeous sunsets!!!
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