July, 2018
How hot is it?   Well, according to the weather man there were 7 days in July under 100*, with only 2 of them below 95*.  Humidity ranges around the
28% mark.  We had several instances of rain during the month with the total measured rainfall of .03 inches. Coming at various times, that's enough to
give the dust on your car some polka-dots!

We did manage to keep busy this month....not too much outdoor activity as even the "low" temperature was below 75 only once.  It was often still 100*
at bedtime.   By the middle of the month, we had given up the early morning golf game and used the park's air-conditioned fitness center instead.       

We started off the month with a trip to the movies.  One of the park's commercial sponsors, a dental office in Los Algodones, Mexico, rented one of
the local theaters and gave us all free tickets.  We enjoyed the movie "Tag" as well as our "goodie bags" containing snacks and a few other items.  
There was even a drawing for door prizes.  This same dental office sponsors our coffee and doughnuts at least once a month as well, and will
provide round-trip transportation to their office (3 hrs. each way).....wonder how much business they actually get from the park residents.

Independence Day found us gathered with 120 or so friends and neighbors for an indoor picnic.  There were a few patriotic moments followed by a
great potluck meal.  Following our dinner there was some fun with a few games.  An adult-style ring-toss game had us aiming the rings around any of
the bottles set up like bowling pins at the end of the alley.  If you got a ring around a bottle of wine or beer, it was yours to take home.    Another
game proved to be difficult as well.  Wearing oven mitts, we tried to unwrap a big ball of plastic wrap that had a gift card in the middle.  We took turns
at the attempt, with your turn lasting until another person, rolling dice, rolled "doubles."  We came home only with our empty pot-luck dish!  Later in
the evening we drove a little further north from the park to find a parking lot where we could watch the city fireworks display.  We were lucky that
Casa Grande put on their fireworks as many of the communities in Arizona cancelled theirs because of drought conditions.
Get your pop and popcorn and get in line!
The practice owner, Andrea gave us a good morning welcome and then drew
numbers for a door prize.
A crowd of about 120 gathered for our 4th of July picnic.
Cindy was "all thumbs" trying to unwrap the ball while Sandy threw the dice.
Let's see....do I want wine or beer?
I-phone photos of fireworks from a distance aren't the greatest!
On July 5th we had a little more excitement.  We had one of Arizona's infamous "haboobs"...an intense dust storm.  All our cell phones rang with
alarms, alerts and warnings.  We don't always get a lot of warning, but on this day there was enough to see it coming and "batten down the hatches."  
They only last a few minutes and are often followed by some rain...but usually not much more than a few drops around here.  We've had several more
storms since then.  Often, a "micro-burst" of heavy winds occurs and one of those bursts removed the patio awning from one of our friend's home.  
After the storm stopped, they found their roof several blocks away in a parking lot...pretty much in one piece.  A neighbor had witnessed it fly over
their house.
This is the view from the back of our house on a normal day.  
This was at the start of the July 5th haboob.  We could see it coming!
This photo, taken in Phoenix, was on one of the TV
station's website.  Those rolling clouds are all sand!
A couple hours later we had a gorgeous sunset.
To liven things up one Sunday afternoon, the water-volleyball gang held a "rubber duckie race" at the pool across from our house.  We went over to
catch all the action and were quite entertained. (We participated only from the deck!)  The ducks were the usual small yellow rubber duckies.  
Racers were to guide their duck the length of the pool into the drain basin at the opposite end.  To help the duckies swim, racers were given a large
water shooters to propel them forward.  Bystanders were allowed to use their water pistols to inhibit the racers, so it got pretty lively around the
pool.  After several "heats" and eliminations, a winner was declared.
They're off and swimming!
Go, go, go!
Bystanders on the deck weren't too helpful!
This is hard work!
Winner Dale gave his visiting grandson a ride on the first place prize...you
guessed it....an inflatable yellow rubber duckie!
We've continued with the games of "Swoop", Pegs and Jokers, Poker and Bridge various afternoons and evenings.  Mary has spent quite a bit of time
in the sewing room.  We've made a couple trips to Phoenix to run various errands.  There's been enough medical appointments to keep the doctors
and pharmacists busy.  Mary was called for jury duty, but was released early in the month and by the end of the month received a second summons for
a date in August.  Life goes on in the desert!
We also have pretty sunrises!   Our neighbor Jeanine got this shot!
Another neighbor got this photo of her
"rain chain" in one of those few
moments that the rain lasted long
enough to make a puddle in the street.
We have some family fun planned for August, so
check back to find out what we've been up to.
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