August 2019
Our first adventure for the month of August was a tour of the PING golf club factory in north Phoenix.  The fun tour had been arranged by our summer fun group here in the
park and transportation was provided by the Amazing Dental office in Los Algodones, Mexico that sponsors many of our park activities.  The tour was quite interesting....we
knew that PING clubs have a great reputation and are in the more costly price range...and we learned why those things have come to be.  Every single club is assembled by
hand, passing through the hands of many employees before it is shipped out for sale.  The employees do use various machines to calibrate and test strength and angle and
to glue parts together as each club is handled individually from start to finish.  Computers at each station and labels on the parts help the employees know which parts and
clubs go into each custom ordered set.  Most employees have worked at PING for years and the company is still family owned and managed.  We got to peek into - but not
enter - the VIP area where the professional golfers come to be individually fitted and try out clubs.  There is a nice driving range for practice and tryouts and they tell us that
the company got a call one day from the Post Office across from the end of the 300 yard range reporting broken windows the day after Bubba Watson had been there.  We
weren't allowed to take photos inside the factory, but there is a great video available on You Tube.  Years ago we had visited the "fitting bay" where Tom's golf swing was
analyzed and clubs were suggested.  That is still an available option at a different site.
The Vault at Ping - where they keep gold replicas of every PING putter that
has won a major tournament.  Each is engraved with the player's name,
date and tournament.
The practice range at PING.  The tees are to the right of the photo.  Bubba hit
over the far fence.  The little screen house on the left is where the automatic
ball machines are located.
Next up were some birthday celebrations.  Here in Casa Grande Tom's birthday was "low key" and we were caught having dinner at Culver's by some park friends.  Mary's
friend Gladys celebrated all month at various get-togethers but got a crown and a special desert at our house when the ladies card group gathered.
Happy Birthday, Gladys!
Happy Birthday, Tom!
You certainly can't say that the older generation around here sits around watching TV all day.  Our "summer fun group planners" called for a "Trailer Trash Party" for one of
our weekly happy hours.  We had some "previews" for several weeks before the actual event.  The costumes were fantastic and the food and fun were terrific.  We didn't get
any photos of the other games as we were 'in charge' of one of them and spent our time supervising the "poop toss."  The members of each two-person team had a plunger
in hand when they stood about 15 feet apart.  They had to take turns tossing a handful of (rubber) poop to each other and catch it with their plunger.  If they caught it 5 of 10
times they got tickets for wonderful prizes...just like at the arcade!  Other games were ring toss over beer bottles, knock over water bottles with a long stocking cap with a
ball in the end hanging from your head, jacks, and tossing wine corks into a toilet.  We had a great time.
Our wonderful friend, Ken, enjoyed bringing us a preview of the "Trailer Trash Party" several weeks before the event and
then was named "General Manager" of the trailer park on the day of the party.  Sadly, he passed away the very next day from
complications of surgery.  We will truly miss him!
Barb, Glo and Joy...three of our party planners.
Patricia, Mary and go-ers
Costume winners.... Betty and her baby..........
Denny and his beer can handy hat and belly.
In years past, Mary's favorite summer pastime - the sewing room - has been open only sporadically.  The biggest advantage of sewing in the summer was that there was plenty
of room to spread out all your projects and "stuff" and leave it there all summer to use as your own time allowed.  This year, more resident sewers have magically appeared
and the sewing room has been open seven days a week.  The disadvantage is that although the sewers have been able to leave their machines set up, space is more limited
for spreading out "stuff".  The advantage has been the fun and friendship that always happens as the sewers work on their projects. At the end of August they decided to
share a meal in an attempt to gather everyone in the same place at the same time.  As always, there was plenty of good food...and plenty of laughter.
We've decided we're not sure we're looking forward to the return of 250
winter sewers!
Scott, our embroidery guru, and just some of the summer ladies.
Below are just a few of the projects that have been completed by
people in the sewing room this summer.  
OK  -  let's talk about the weather in Arizona in August.   Most days we've had a temperature of around 110* - give or take a few degrees.  When we get up around 7am its
between 80* and 85*.  Mary heads straight to the pool for water aerobics class.  According to the TV news, we've had 28 days over 110* since June 21, the official start of
summer.  We spend most of the day in air-conditioning whether its in the car, the movies, stores, restaurants, or activity rooms here in the park.  Time getting from one place
to the other is minimal.  We realize its hot, but the humidity hovers around 10% to 15%.  (People complain big-time when the humidity gets up to 40%) We've gotten used to the
heat and try to be smart about being out in it.  Everyone carries big bottles of water wherever we go.  We've had only one small "monsoon" storm in August and got maybe a
quarter inch of rain.  The forecast is for mid-to-upper-90s towards the end of September.  Just remember - we don't have to wear heavy clothes or have need for a snow
shovel.  We do have some beautiful sunsets!
Something common in this part of the
country...door handles wrapped in
you don't burn your hands.
A minor sunset from our house
A better view of a sunset from the supermarket parking lot was posted
on our neighborhood Facebook page.
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