September 2016
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Summer continues in Arizona!  Toward the end of the month, the temperatures cooled a bit.....into the 90s during the day and some quite comfortably cool mornings.  We
continued our early morning golf games on many days.  We discovered that the grounds crews had started the annual re-seeding process on the 'back 9' when one morning,
getting our balls up to the 10th green, we discovered it was bare of a hole or flag.  The grass was quite dry and cut very short....a work in progress.   Within a day or two, the
dust was flying as the crews were seriously working to bring the course up to its fall and winter glory.  
Some good friends from our old neighborhood (several blocks away from where our new house is located) were here for a few days.  One couple has bought a park model and
took care of some projects there so they would be ready for the upcoming season and another couple came to pick up their RV which they had left on their site for the
summer.  After several days here in the park, both couples headed east for a great trip to the Atlantic and back.  We had a great visit while they were here and will look forward
to their return in another couple weeks.
In between the breakfast hour and the evening concert times we've been keeping busy as well.  We now have a sofa, TV and credenza in the living room and have "window
shopped" for a more furnishings to add to our empty spaces.  Mary has spent some time in the sewing room...enjoying being able to spread out her projects in the
not-so-crowded room.  She also has participated in some card-bingo nights.  We've continued to check off items on the doctor and dentist appointment list.  One afternoon
we enjoyed a great visit with former Palm Creek neighbors, Art and June.  They stopped by on their return from the Phoenix airport to their home in Green Valley.  (the camera
forgot to record their visit, however)
Our neighborhood is busy with construction activity.  Quite a few house have been delivered and are nearing completion.  The various trucks and heavy equipment come
and go every day, starting by 6am.  We don't need an alarm clock!!!  We'll be happy when all the digging and dust is completed.  Added to the construction activity, work has
begun on re-seeding all the grass in the park....the golf course, center park, dog runs and the ball diamond.  Early one morning we thought we had awakened to a really foggy
morning.  We quickly discovered that it was not fog, but the dust and grass generated by the tractor working in the dried up ball diamond across from our house.  Whew!!!!  
We couldn't see through the windshield of our car when we went to leave home.  First stop - the car wash!  But barely a week later the field is a beautiful green.  How do they
do that???  We've also had several "haboobs" (desert dust storms).  We usually have warning because the storms gather speed and dust as they move across miles of
desert.  We can see the big rolling "cloud" as it approaches, usually giving us time to get home and secure all the loose items outside the house.  The TV News stations are
quite good at filming the storms from their helicopters and its alway interesting to see their videos.
We've heard from lots of our Palm Creek friends who are getting organized and packed for their return to the park.  We're looking forward to seeing them and getting back
into our winter routine.  Sadly, a few won't be joining us this winter and we want them to know we will definitely miss them and will be thinking about them.  Our good friends
Harry and Marilou have spent the summer here and will be going home for a while just as others are returning.   We'll look forward to their return after the holidays.  Life
certainly brings us many changes!
Harvest season is approaching in Arizona as it is in other parts of the US.  But, our fall crops are different than in the midwest where we saw lots of corn and soybeans.  Here
they are now harvesting olives.  The olive trees grow quite well in this part of the country and can be grown without using pesticides.  We have quite a few olive trees here
in the park which are used only as ornamental plants...too bad they are not easily processed as they produce quite a crop.   The other big crop in this area is cotton.  Its
amazing to think that it used to be all harvested by hand.  It will be a few more months before the citrus is ready.
It was "guys vs. girls" when Phil, Pat, Bob and Stephanie
joined us for a game of Pegs and Jokers.
The early morning sun casts long shadows across the golf
course...our usual tee off is around 7:00.
We visited with friends and neighbors over our
omelet breakfast in the ballroom.
We had quite a representation from Palm Creek
attending the "Concert in the Park."
It was a gorgeous night to sit out and enjoy the music.
A local band "Back to the Fifties" was our entertainment.
We've been enjoying the "slower pace" of the "off-season" but we have been keeping busy!  The park sponsored an "omelet breakfast" one morning, bringing in a chef who
cooked our meal to order.  Another time we attended a 'coffee and donuts' early morning meal.  Both occasions were a great opportunity 'meet and greet' with all the people
hibernating in their homes - away from the high heat of summer.  On one perfect summer evening we joined a number of our Palm Creek residents attending the monthly
"Concert in the Park" in downtown Casa Grande.  We took our chairs and snacks and enjoyed going "Back to the Fifties" for a few hours.
Mary's friend Lorraine showed off her summer
projects in the sewing room.
A "typical day" on Cheyenne Drive....concrete
delivery along with several other
construction companies all "doing their thing."
A friend got this shot of one of our sand storms
on an otherwise sunny afternoon.
Hard to believe that a week before this field was all sandy.  
(Our house is in the center at th other side of the ball
Look closely in the center and you'll see some olives...a few green and
some purple that are more ripe.
The cotton field next to the park is just starting to blossom.  A few more
weeks till it will look like it has snowed.