April 2013
What a glorious month here in Arizona!  The weather has been absolutely beautiful with temperatures in the 80s and sunshine every day!  We did have some wind a couple of
days, but it didn't last.  We weren't at all envious when we saw photos of other Palm Creek residents who have had several snow storms since they returned home. And as we
finished up the month, we had our first 100* days!

A good number of winter residents headed north on April 1st, and as the days went on there were fewer and fewer people in the park.  That also meant there was less traffic in
town and really short lines in the store check-out lines.  We had a little trouble rounding up tennis partners but did enjoy several nights of mixed doubles followed by drinks
and snacks on the patio in the cool of the evening.

We had missed our annual "spring training visitors" from Ohio in March but enjoyed a one day visit with Dick and Liz as they made a fast trip to visit their daughter in Phoenix
early in April.  Good neighbors, Harry and Marilou joined us for a last, fun round of golf before they departed for California and we also enjoyed some happy hours and a dinner
on their peaceful patio.
During the winter Tom played in a tennis league that involved several other local tennis clubs.  By the time they arranged the awards day for the end of the season, we were
the only Palm Creek players still around.  But we enjoyed gathering with some of the players at a local club and brought home the awards ( for Palm Creek's
other team!)

A group of Alpha RV owners held their annual rally here at Palm Creek for a week in mid-April.  There were about 100 rigs and Palm Creek did a good job of providing them with
a great rally in our fabulous facilities.  We helped serve their evening meal one evening, and Mary got to know some of the ladies while they worked in the sewing room over
several days making vests for their chapter members.  They had such a good time that they have booked for their rally again next year.
Looking for shade at Happy Hour one day, neighbors gathered at Duncan's patio and discovered Tedd watching a curling match on TV.  It turned out that the match was
between Canada and Sweden, and suddenly the flags appeared and the cheering began.  We have enjoyed having Ann and Ola  from Sweden as neighbors this year.  They
purchased a trailer and had it delivered to a site near us and plan to return next winter as well.  By the way, Sweden won the match!

Before the crowd thinned some more, we hosted a "last supper" with guests Dennis and Connie, who will be missed while building a home in Arkansas next year, Kathy and
Larry headed to Colorado and Tedd and Mary, returning to Calgary.  A fun evening!
There were no golf games this time with Dick and Liz, but we
had a great time "catching up".
Marilou and Harry made great golf partners and we'll be
looking for them again in the fall.
We always enjoy the flowers along the golf course, and if you look
closely you can see the Ohio flag flying above this bed. (Flags from
all the states and Canadian provinces hang on the  main drive.)
Ola from Sweeden had the biggest smile as his
team beat the Canadian team in the curling match
we gathered to watch on the patio TV.
Neighbors shared the "last supper" before most of them
headed off in all directions.
We wish Connie and Dennis the best of everything as they start
building a new home in Arkasas.  They will be sorely missed here in
the neighborhood!
Tennis players gathered to get their awards and enjoy
time to visit.
League organizer, Orly, handed out the prizes
courtside at Robson Ranch.
The Alpha Rally attendees waited patiently for their
dinner while
workers made the last minute preparations in the
In spite of fewer people in the park we managed to keep pretty busy.  Tom's list of annual maintenance chores came out of the file, and many items are now checked off as
completed.  Mary spent quite a bit of time in the sewing room - enjoying the ability to spread projects out and leave them from day to day to work on as time allows.  With
fewer golfers, we were able to head to the course when the mood struck us.  And then there were the doctors.  We checked off the routine visits with the various doctors
and dentists and when a few more are checked off in May, we'll be "ready to roll" like so many of our neighbors.

Right at the end of the month, though, we had a little excitement at the end of our block as they brought in a new house.  The house came in two halves and each driver
backed his half into the spot with hardly a hesitation.  It only took a few minutes, they unhooked and drove away...just like that!   And we thought it was a challenge to back a
40' RV into a parking space!
The driver pulled in around a corner and backed right up between the
palm tree and the other half of the house!
Guess summer has arrived in Arizona!  Thank goodness for
They finally added a "Glass" bin to our recycling center.  Its quite popular!
We're looking forward to some "on the road time" and time with family next month.
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