February 2009
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"Super Bowl Sunday" started us off in February.  We had perfect weather for the game, even though we were clear across the country from the stadium.  That didn't matter to people at Palm Creek, and there were many parties to choose from.  Our neighborhood had a big "tailgate party" starting early in the afternoon, complete with games and barbecued hot dogs and other tailgate foods.  Many of the group then moved on to the site of one of our neighbors where his TV was visible from the patio.  We had also been invited to a viewing party at the home of our tennis buddies, Jean and Bob McConnell.  So, we moved on to another section of the park to share more good food and company while watching the game....thrilling right down to the end.

We had our own football games at our tailgate party.  First we had to toss the little football into a bucket.
Then we had a try at getting a real football through the life saver ring.  The hot sun and the beer margaritas didn't help much!
Our friends, Jean and Bob McConnell have a great "Arizona room" where we gathered with some tennis buddies to watch the game...reclined and relaxed.

February 6 and 7 were  Palm Creek's Cancer Awareness Days.  On Friday night we were part of the "Cancer Glow."  Two thousand luminaries were sold and placed along the entry road and lighted in memory or honor of loved ones touched by cancer.  At the end of the road a hot air balloon was lighted to add to the mood.  On Saturday there were many events held, each raising more funds for cancer research.  There was a walk, run, and bike ride led by members of the local high school band as well as tournaments in lawn bowling, golf and tennis.  Over $10,000 was raised by the park residents.

Palm Creek Boulevard with the lighted luminaries at dusk.
The balloon was tethered for the "Cancer Glow."
The "T-town" girls...Charlotte Eicher and Mary went to different high schools together in Toledo in the early 60's...but met on the tennis court at Palm Creek.  They were partners for the Cancer Tennis Tournament.
Twenty-four men and twenty-four women paired up on a "blind draw" for partners for the day-long tournament.  Here are Darlene and Rita serving to Char and Mary on the far court.
The hot-air balloon that participated in the Cancer Glow is owned by a Palm Creek resident...so we see him flying over the park often in the daylight hours.

February is usually the busiest month of the season here at Palm Creek.  Many people don't come for the whole season, but most are here in February.  We have enjoyed spending time with various couples we've met over the years through our association with the Bounder clubs in Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania back when we owned our Bounder.  We helped celebrate a birthday and enjoyed some meals out and some evenings of card games and dominoes while catching up on news from "home."  Several of the couples will be moving on at the end of a month and we'll look forward to seeing them somewhere on down the road.

We joined his wife, Judy and a few others to help celebrate Ed Lichtenberg's birthday.  We won't say which one, just that his medical insurance is now provided by the government.
We found space in one of the park's activity rooms to gather for card games with buddies from Ohio and Pennsylvania, Ed and Judy Lichtenberg, Bob and Marilynn Reynolds and Jeff and Elaine Spencer.
Representing our Michigan (former) Bounder owners are Dick and Nancy Maxwell who are staying at a nearby RV park.  We got together with them for some meals out and domino games.

Give us an excuse - and our neighborhood gang will have a party!  One of our neighbors, Dick Wells, is from Washington State and is an avid fisherman.  For several years now he has brought a freezer full of his salmon catch back to Palm Creek.  When he announced the date of his annual salmon dinner friends lined up to bring a side dish and share in the meal.  About 35 of us spread over two sites and spilled into the street to enjoy the several ways the fish was prepared.

We brought out the "ladder golf" game at our neighborhood salmon bake.  Luckily there wasn't much traffic that evening.  A good time and a tasty meal was had by all.

Meanwhile, people here in the park have been busy working on all sorts of projects.  It is absolutely amazing, how much talent there is among the residents.  One weekend found us attending the annual Quilt Show on Saturday and the annual Pottery Show on Sunday.  Each of those crafts have their own beautiful workshops which are busy from morning to night, seven days a week.  The work created by the artists are beautiful and some is donated to charities, some is sold to viewers and some is kept for personal use.  The shows grow larger each year.  Another on-going project was the annual Palm Creek Playhouse production.  This year they performed the play "The Dirty Dredge of Cedar Edge."  One of our neighbors, Connie Shafer, has had a lead in the play for several years.  This year she convinced Mary and another neighbor, Linda Kanable, to become part of the warm-up act comedy skits.  So, there were several weeks of rehearsals and costume gathering before the three performances.  A good time was had by all - the audience and cast members.

Just one example at the Quilt Show...this one was made without a pattern by a very talented lady.
There were all sorts of pottery pieces on display at the Pottery Show...some very useful, others just for "art's sake."
The (somewhat crazy) cast of "The Dirty Dredge from Cedar Edge" and the warm-up skits.  Sitting in the front row in the red dress is our neighbor Connie Shafer who somehow talked Mary and Linda into joining the skit.
Each member of Skit #1 played someone in a different profession.  Mary (center stage) was a taxi driver. ( Our neighbor, Linda Kanable is on the far left end of this photo.......

she played a librarian.
Our tennis buddy Gar Wildeman brought down the house with his impression of "Adam before Eve."

By the end of the month, people were starting to think about moving on....more excuses for a party!  Our neighbors, Jim and Paula Jones, were the guests of honor at a going away party on February 26.  We'll certainly miss their laughter and I know they will be missing golf, bridge and happy hours.

Paula spent a lot of time improving her golf this winter, so we let her start off our "Marshmallow Golf" tournament  (Its amazing how far they go.)
Paula and Jim Jones own a greenhouse near Buffalo, NY so they have headed home to get things growing.  Jim's sister, June and her husband Tom stayed in the park for the month of  February and have headed east now, too.

Our schedule for March is looking pretty busy, too.....so come back soon to see what we've been doing!