March 2014
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March became a busy month for us here at Palm Creek Golf and RV Resort.  Many of the park residents leave for home by April, but March finds the population high and the
people trying to pack in as much activity as they possibly can.  Of course, many residents have been quite busy all season and so it's time to show off all their efforts.  The Fine
Arts Show started us off on March 1st, with those who have been working with all the various medium of painting creating a lovely show.   The Pottery Studio was expanded in
size this year and those artists took advantage of it to turn out some beautiful and creative work.   The Palm Creek Chorus had also been practicing for several months, and
delighted their audience with two performances featuring familiar music from "yesteryear."   The Palm Creek Car Show was an opportunity for road machine enthusiasts to show
off their pride and joy.  Palm Park was full of shiny old cars and some beautiful motorcycles.

Mary and a couple friends enjoyed some familiar music when they went to the Herberger Theater in Phoenix to attend a stage performance of "Respect."  The production began
as a research project by Dr. Dorothy Marcic who was looking for information telling the story of women in the 20th century.  She found that popular music of the time told the
whole story and incorporated music into a presentation she had been asked to give.  Her presentation evolved over time into a book, some CDs and a theater production.  The
ladies thoroughly enjoyed it!
About 20 artists displayed their talent of painting and drawing at the
"Fine Arts Show."
The "Potters of Palm Creek" had many interesting objeccts on display
including useful items as well as artistic pieces.
A totem-pole, made
in several parts.
The Palm Creek Chorus filled the stage for their performance.
Mary and friends Cathy, Marilyn and Kathy enjoyed
a "day out" in Phoenix.
The shiny chrome from the motorcycles was almost blinding in the
sunshine at the Palm Creek Car Show.
The "Ford Row" had a lineup of Thunderbirds and
Mustangs, old and new.
Mary's birthday was cause for a celebration with friends Jeff and Elaine and Judy and Ed.  Jeff's birthday falls on the same day as Mary's and we have celebrated with them
several times over the past few years.  Our mutual friends Ed and Judy added to the fun as we enjoyed dinner at Jeff and Elaine's new home in Robson Ranch.  They have
created a beautiful place in a new section of the Robson development and we will miss them at Palm Creek.  Another night we attended the "Hosts and Rangers" dinner with
some of our friends and neighbors who also volunteer as Mary does greeting new arrivals in the park.
Elaine and Jeff fixed a delicious dinner for
us and Judy and Ed.
Mary and Jeff blew out the candles on their birthday cake.
Head Ranger Bob and neighbor Marty
dished up cake at the host dinner.
Living in small spaces makes it difficult to find a place for everything, so once a month the park holds a "Patio Sale" day, giving residents the opportunity to get rid of a few
things and create some space.  I think that means we just move the stuff around to different sites, but there is always a brisk business on the early Saturday mornings.

We have some pretty crazy neighbors in our little corner of the park...that's what makes life fun.  Jack and Cindy went back to Alberta to welcome a new grandchild.  Neighbor
Mary Duncan assured them that a tasty dinner would be awaiting them on the day of their return.  Their arrival wasn't quite what they expected.
We don't have a garage here in Arizona, so sales are just
on the patio.
Jack and Cindy found quite a collection of stuff in their
yard when they returned to the park after
a three week trip to home.
The "blackened" chicken was actually an accident that
sent smoke billowing through the neighborhood.  Pizza,
There is always a competition of some sort going on in the park.  For the second year, we have helped with the "Itty-Bitty-Triathalon".  We encouraged our fellow residents in a
swim of 8 lengths of the pool, a bike ride and a run, finishing in Palm Park.  There aren't too many participants, but we certainly admire those that compete!
Swim, swim, swim!
Ah, the finish line!
The wonderful winners of the "Itty-Bitty-Triathalon"
Then came St. Patrick's Day.  The neighborhood hosted its 2nd Annual Mini-golf Tournament followed by a delicious corned-beef and cabbage dinner/potluck.  Various neighbors
constructed a mini-golf hole at their site.  We divided up into foursomes and had a "shotgun start" as we made our way around the 9-hole course.  Back at the first hole, while
awaiting final dinner preparations we had a "longest drive" contest...using marshmallows, of course!!!  The weather was perfect and we had a great time.
All the players in the mini-golf tournament
registered at the "Pro Shop"
Our "golf pro" (and party planner) gave us all the rules and
instructions for the competition.
This was just one of the holes, created with a (new) sewer
hose and a target hole in the middle of a deli container.  Mary
got a hole-in-one on this hole!!!
It's hard to make a good long drive using a marshmallow and
with everyone watching!
The tournament winners...besides the hole-in-one, Mary
won the ladies division.  Too bad that doesn't
happen on the regular course!
Good thing there isn't a lot of traffic in the park...our tables
extended into the street as we shared a most delicious dinner.
Mary has been quite active in the Quilters and Sewers group this year doing lots of sewing and being in charge of class registrations.  There are about 250 ladies registered
in the quilters guild and they make good use of the amazing sewing room.  With proceeds of their quilt show, raffles and classes they have purchased a lot of wonderful tools
and equipment for the room. The latest addition is an "Accuquilt Studio" machine which uses dies to cut fabric in various shapes accurately and up to 10 layers at a
time...making it easy to cut lots of pieces for a quilt.  At the end of the "season" the quilters held a fun night and rather than sew, they played games and had a farewell
dinner.  They are a bunch of crazy ladies!!
They don't take reservations, but quite often the Quilt Room is at capacity
with all 43 stations humming with machines at work.
Mary attended a class to learn how to
use the Accuquilt machine.
The ladies rolled dice in an effort to win fabric strips.
What are the crazy ladies doing now?  It was a relay
race....running from their team line with a plunger (a new one
from the dollar store!) between their knees.
At the other end they had to insert the plunger into a roll of toilet
paper without touching the plunger or paper roll.  Lots of laughs,
not much success!
Our friends and neighbors do like to eat a lot!  We spent an afternoon playing "redneck tennis" with three players on a side, then joined with our tennis club members for a
chili and cornbread dinner.  We enjoyed a last "Pegs and Jokers" game night with friends.  Palm Creek sponsored an "End of Season"party with a cowboy roundup theme.  We
picniced in the park, had a chance to ride a bull, and watched a re-enactment of an old western gun battle.  Another day we got together once again with our neighbors for a
take-out chicken dinner and a night of our favorite dice game.  The ladies' tennis league ended their season with a lunch out at the Creative Cafe in town.  And the final
neighborhood "party" was a catered happy hour on the park's newly renovated Fireside Patio.
It felt good for the ladies to sit and enjoy a cool meal
after a hot tennis match.
Our tennis friend, Penny climbed up on the bull at
our Spring Roundup Day
Look out for the bad guys and the flying bullets!
We had a gorgeous afternoon for a "happy hour"
on the Fireside Patio.
Neighbors enjoyed getting together one last time
before we begin our summer travels.
Mary's cousin Geoff and his wife Bethann stopped for a visit
one afternoon on their way to Phoenix.  We had a great time!
We think that this past season has been the best winter weather we've had here at Palm Creek.  We've had beautiful
days allowing us to enjoy all of our outdoor activities.  Gathering for our daily happy hour has hardly been hampered.  
We did have a few "hiccups" here, but nothing like the rest of the country.  We have lots of sympathy for our friends
and family who are still encountering winter.  Wish we could share a little with you.
On March 25 we had an early "haboob"...a wild dust storm with
50mph winds and "brownouts' like a blizzard that followed I-10 from
Tucson up to Phoenix.  We could see it coming for miles as we "battened
down the hatches" before it reached us.
We'll be enjoying our more typical Arizona weather
for a few more weeks before we head east.