July 2016
Hot and humid.....that's July in Ohio!!!   We had checked into our great condo on June 30.  The next day, July 1st, we gathered with some of Mary's cousins.  Her Aunt Nina had
passed away last fall and her July birthday was chosen as the day we would gather for her "Celebration of Life".  As Mary's brother is the only one left living in the Toledo area he
and Beth were the great hosts for the family get-together. It was so good to see everyone and to share our memories of the wonderful lady that Nina was.
Some stress relievers were in order, so we took time to drive up to Jackson, Michigan and visit with Mary's mom.  We spent a day at the Toledo Zoo.  We took in some movies.  We
got together with Mary's brother, Bill and his wife Beth, and also with Tom's sister, Judy and husband Ron and with our long-time friend Bob.   Two days we had visits from Palm
Creek buddies, Sally from the Flint, Michigan area and Greg and Holly from the Detroit area.  The ladies visited the local quilt shops  --  of course!  One day we visited the National
Museum of the Great Lakes on the Maumee River in downtown Toledo.  The museum opened just a few years ago so we had not been there while we lived in the area.  The
museum has some very interesting displays of Great Lakes history and of the ships and industries related to the lakes through the years.  There is also a lake freighter docked on
the river at the museum which we toured as well.
Reid and Kathleen had now had time to get settled in their new home and had also taken a week vacation to northern Michigan.  It was time for us to go visit with baby Evelyn
again.  We headed to Kalamazoo for a weekend of giggles, hugs and laughter.  We toured the local Farmer's Market and worked on a few small projects and enjoyed catching up
with life in Kalamazoo, with Reid's new position with Gannett, and hearing all about the family trip to Beaver Island, Michigan.
The next day, July 2nd, we spent time getting ourselves organized at the condo and stocking up on groceries for the days ahead.  Later that evening we went to the home of our
friends, Kathy and Dennie, for dinner followed by an outing to watch the holiday fireworks in Waterville.  After the fireworks we continued the dominoes challenge back at Kathy
and Dennie's house.  It was quite late when we returned to the condo, only to discover that there had been a home invasion and robbery!!!!!   All of our electronics - two laptops,
two Kindles, I-pod Touch, were missing along with Tom's backpack containing 2 checkbooks, our passports, some cash, keys and medical records.  All gone!!!  We called the police
who came promptly and determined that there was no forced entry and that nothing of the condo owner's property was taken.  The thieves had gone through our suitcases and
belongings but hadn't found anything more of interest.  Not a great way to start a stay in the old home town!        So, at 3am we packed an overnight bag and went back to our
friend's home.                     As you can expect, the next several days were spent changing User IDs and Passwords, and notifying banks, and accounts, etc that our information had
been compromised.  We have also done some shopping to replace our lost items and dealt with the insurance company and the AirBnb network.  We did not return to stay at the
condo....so sad, as it was a great accommodation....and after several days at our friends, we moved to an extended stay hotel.
We gathered with cousins from California, North
Carolina, New Mexico, Michigan and Ohio.
We had too short a time to visit with everyone.
The polar bears made it look cool on our day at the zoo.  
But it was actually about 90*.
Ah, that face!
The Toledo Zoo ranks right up there with San Diego,
where we visited last month.
The Col. James N. Schoonmaker ship is moored next to the Great
Lakes Museum on the Maumee River.
Evelyn was joined on vacation by her
cousin Conner who turned 1 on July 29.
Beaver Island was a great place for new
adventures for Evelyn.
Trying new foods is always an
adventure as well.
The temperature was in the high 90s during our visit to
Kalamazoo.  Best place to be?  In the pool!
Mary and Kathleen took Evelyn to story-time at the
bookstore and enjoyed the A/C.
Mama deer and 3 fawns visit Reid and
Kathleen's yard several times daily.
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As the month came to the end we had a few doctor appointments and started planning for
our return trip west.  Staying in a hotel has been a much different experience than
having our own "home on wheels" with us.  It took a lot more planning and thinking when
it came to packing suitcases and buying groceries for the kitchen.  We'll be on the road
again soon.