April 2016
We've always said that the month of April is the best weather month at Palm Creek.  This year was true to our word.  We've had a few windy days, but overall, the month has
been gorgeous.  A good number of the park residents head for their other homes at the first of the month.  Canadians are at the mercy of the US government's visitor policy, so
off they go at the end of their allowed days in the US.  As the month continues, more and more people hit the road.  Our neighborhood gang dwindled from 35 or so down to
about a dozen people by the 22nd, and by the end of the month there were just 6 of us left to enjoy the sunshine.

Even as friends departed, we were keeping busy.  Mary and her sewing buddies kept the Sewing and Quilting Room humming every day.  The tennis schedule cut back to three
days a week and started earlier becuase of warmer temperatures and we were there most days.  Golf fees were lowered and we took advantage of that a few times as well.  Tom
had a few good nights at the poker table (and a few not so good ones, too!) and Mary's Pegs and Jokers group had one last hurrah!  One day we drove to Tucson to meet
Michiganders Rosemary and Brian, parents of our daughter-in-law, Kathleen.  They were celebrating Rosemary's retirement with a trip through the southwest and we enjoyed a
tasty lunch and a great visit with them.
The party's over!
It took Linda several years to complete this beautiful quilt, and Mary is
jealous of the outcome.....a beautiful piece, indeed!
A few of our die-hard tennis buddies...Glady,
Ron, Jill, Hank and John
Smiles from Evelyn's grandparents...Mary, Rosemary, Tom and
We finally got in a round of golf with our friends
Marilou and Harry.
Adding our carport took several days and several inspections.
With special permission from the park, we drove the RV over to
the house on a Sunday and began unloading things into the
second bedroom.
How did we keep all this in the RV????  (And this is only some of
Meanwhile - just so you don't think we've forgotten about our grandchildren - things have been busy in Texas and Michigan as well.  Evelyn is now 6 months old - my how time
flies!  She has been taking swim lessons and been on hikes along Lake Michigan.  In Texas it's the end of the school year and our three granddaughters there have been busy
finishing up their activities.  

We plan to hit the road via car this summer and make a round trip from Arizona to Texas and on to Ohio and Michigan and return.  It will be quite a different mode of travel for
us, having to stay in hotels.  We're not sure of our exact route or schedule and we know that we'll have a lot more projects to finish up when we return to Palm Creek.  But, we
are looking forward to seeing the countryside from a different point of view and also getting together with friends and family.
Evelyn really enjoys her swim lessons.
Close Ann had a great time at prom.
Coffey has a 4.0 at Texas State and made the
Dean's List.
And now for the big news.......We've been "full-time RVers now for 15 and a half years.  When we hit the road in November of 2000 in our '98 Bounder we had no real long
term plan, itinerary or agenda other than to travel and live in our RV.  The first several years on the road we covered about 50,000 miles visiting many wonderful places and
meeting lots of marvelous friends.  We traded up to our '04 Dutch Star and continued touring another 93,000 miles and spending the winters at Palm Creek Golf and RV Resort
in Arizona still visiting fantastic places and making more lasting friendships with fellow travelers from all over the United States, Canada and even Europe.   It is truly difficult to
make major life changes.  Heading out in our RV and selling our Ohio home and everything in it gave us many "jitters.'  But once we got going, it was worth it.  This past winter
we finally 'made the jump', again with "jitters", deciding that it was time to hang up the RV keys and return to a more traditional home.  We have really enjoyed staying in Arizona
and particularly at Palm Creek.  There are so many great activities and programs to keep us busy, and so many good friends to share them with here in the park.  Palm Creek is
not just an RV park these days.  It has become a large community in itself, with over 2000 homesites....many RVs, but also a variety of other homes.  We have chosen to buy what
they are calling a "Village Home."  It is a manufacured home, delivered to our site in two halves and finished on-site.  It was delivered on March 8 and as I write this blog on
April 30, we will spend our first night in the house.  It has taken about 2 months to complete the assembly, install flooring, construct the carport, complete the roof and pass all
the inspections.  We are now the owners of a 1280 sq. ft, 2 bed/2 bath home.  A 14'x14' shed will be built on our lot soon and the landscaping still needs to be done.

Moving into our home turned into quite an adventure.  Our move-in date originally was in early April.  We had advertized our RV for sale and a prospective buyer gave us a
deposit.  We set a date to complete the sale of the RV only to discover that, as the date of transfer approached, our house was not ready for occupancy.  We were given
permission to empty the contents of the RV into the 2nd bedroom of the house (Where did all this stuff come from?  How did it all fit in one RV?) and Palm Creek graciously
arranged for us to stay in one of their "rental vacation park models."  The next morning our buyer changed his mind.  So, we are now working on a Plan B and Plan C, etc. for the
RV.  We stayed in the rental unit for a week while waiting for the final chores to be completed at the house - mainly hooking up an electric meter and power!

Since we had sold everything in our Ohio home all those years ago, we have had to start over buying everything a house needs - mainly furniture.  We started with a bedroom
set and two chairs for the living room.  We have a small collection of portable chairs and tables and with these items we should be able to survive for a while.  We are still
planning a trip to Texas and to Ohio and Michigan this summer.  It will be very different for us to travel by car and have to stay in hotels.  When we return to Arizona, we'll finish
getting the house "in order."  Moving isn't as much fun as it was 40+ years ago when we did it somewhat often.
The first half of our house arrived early one morning before we
were even awake.
The second half arrived a few hours later.  Have you ever passed
one of these on the road?  The driver backed it into place in
nothing flat!!!
It took a few more days to winch it together, finish the roof and
drywall inside, hook up utilities and close in the crawl space.
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