January 2018
For us, its a two day drive from Leander, Texas to Casa Grande, Arizona.  We had celebrated New Year's Eve and New Year's Day with family in Texas and made the trek back
home on the second and third of January.  We'd had decent weather in Texas...although a little cold for our liking.  On the drive back home we had a new experience driving
through an area of "frozen fog."  The road was clear but all the vegetation along the road was coated in thick white ice and there was a misty fog in the air.  It was like a
Back home at Palm Creek we got back into our usual routines. A few more residents had arrived and the activities were filled to capacity.  With the expansion of the ballroom
and added residents, parking for activities became a little tougher.  The sewing ladies were ecstatic as the main sewing room was finally given a certificate of occupancy...and
was quickly filled to capacity by the ladies and their projects.  They held a couple of "Quilt Till You Wilt" nights, making children's quilts for the foster kids in town and baby
blankets for the many needy families giving birth at the local hospital.  A bus load of the sewing ladies made the trip to Phoenix to attend the annual Craft and Sewing Festival
at the fairgrounds, taking all day to visit each of the many booths in several buildings.
The frozen frog made us feel like we were in a real "winter
wonderland" as we drove across Texas.
So many booths to browse at the
Sewing and Craft Festival.
We took a break to walk in the sunshine
between buildings.
The cool mornings (we even had a few down to 32*!) made for good balloon weather and we were often greeted at sunrise with our resident pilot launching his craft at the
ball diamond across from our house.  The cool weather was also perfect for the tennis club's annual soup potluck.  We had about a dozen pots of delicious soup to choose
from along with bread, salad and dessert.  We had a fun and tasty evening giving them all a try.
Good morning!  Here they go!
We took samples, then went back for a bigger
bowl of our favorite soups.
We continued with the usual golf and tennis games, card games and sewing projects.  Mary's team was "in the money" a couple times.  We enjoyed several evening meals
with our old neighborhood gang - each time a different themed take-out meal followed by a different game.  We've also attended several "Monday morning coffee" sessions
where park management gives us updates on the renovation and construction projects and where we've been lucky enough to win a few door prizes handed out by
commercial sponsors.
The renovated patio hosted "Monday morning coffee" sessions.
Look closely for the new friend who often visits
our house. (Its a burrowing owl)
We continue to have glorious evening sunsets.
Meanwhile in Michigan, Evelyn was the
flower girl at a wedding.
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