November 2010
November 1st marks the beginning of the official "season" at Palm Creek.  Since we had arrived a month earlier, we were all set and ready to get started
with the "seasonal" activities.  On the actual "first" day of the month, Mary worked at the "resort host" station, greeting the newly arriving RVs and helping
to get the residents started with their registration process.  It was a fairly busy afternoon.  It was a few more days before the population in our
neighborhood started to increase...but we were certainly happy to greet our friends as they arrived.  Once a number of us were here,  we hosted a  "picnic
dinner" so we could all catch up on what had happened over the summer.
The park held its "Welcome Back Party" on a sunny Sunday afternoon.  All of the activities, clubs, and groups had an information table in our Palm Park
so that residents could see examples of the beautiful arts and crafts one can learn and meet people involved in all the sports, games and clubs
available.  There was also free food and drinks and some live entertainment.  Mary helped with a new program handled by the Activities office called
"Pots of Petals."  The park landscape crew has purchased several hundred large flower pots which they filled with blooming annuals.  Residents are
invited to choose one or more of the pots and to rent them for the season.  The crew will deliver them to your patio and pick them up in the spring.  All
the residents have to do is water them and we all enjoy the added flowers around the park.  Its been a successful program so far.
Our Las Vegas friends, Bonnie and Don Wolfe were in Phoenix in mid-November and drove down to visit with us for a day.  We had a great time and
enjoyed going out to lunch with them.  They hadn't traveled to Toledo this past summer, and we didn't have Las Vegas on our itinerary, so it was great
to have a chance to see them.          As the month continued, we were both playing golf and tennis on a regular basis and Tom and his partner were
winning a few pennies at the bridge table.   Mary took a beginning quilting class and has a decent looking table runner for a finished project.  
Before we knew it, it was time for Thanksgiving.  We planned our usual neighborhood shared celebration.  It was a bit smaller group this year but
there was no shortage of delicious food.  The bigger concern was that Arizona experienced its coldest Thanksgiving holiday in about 80 years...and in
this part of the country, it is very common for the holiday dinner to be served outdoors.  When you live in 350 square foot homes, it isn't easy to serve
a sit-down dinner for more than about 6 people.  But, we are resourceful around here.  As usual, we set up our tables on the covered patio of Dick and
Alice Wells.  This year, we placed a large patio heater in the center and put the whole collection at the end away from the wind.  It worked quite well,
and 16 of us managed to devour most of two turkeys and all the trimmings. A good time was had by all.
During the last several days of the month a local farmer was busy harvesting the acres of cotton that had been planted on the other side of the wall
that surrounds the park.  We had toured a cotton farm several years ago, but it is always fascinating to watch the harvest "up close and personal."  The
trailers used to collect all the picked bolls were right along the wall, and it appeared that the load of white fluff was about to come right over into the
park as they were dumped into the module frames.  But, it was contained in the frames and then we got to watch (and hear) as the giant hydraulic press
tamped the fluff into a huge solid module.  One of our neighbors used a ladder to scale the wall and was invited to ride along in the "picker" for a while
as it scooped up several rows of the fluffy white bolls at a time.
The morning of November 30 brought a shock to us as we got up in the morning....our water pipes were frozen.  Are we still in Arizona?  Our
thermometer read 25.7 degrees.  Our coach is quite well insulated and we have never had a problem in the past, but this was the coldest we've been
here in the desert and the basement unit housing the water hookups was facing an open area exposed to the winds.   It didn't take long to get the
water moving again after Tom started the fan in the basement unit.  We dressed really warm as we headed off to the tennis courts and by the
afternoon the bright sun had warmed us up quite a bit.  
We're gearing up for the Christmas season and looking forward to a trip to be with family in the east.
While we were waiting for neighbors to arrive we
thought maybe we could earn some money in the
meantime...luckily for them, there wasn't a sale!
It was great to share our summer adventures.....
...........and of course, a meal!
We had great weather for the Welcome Home
Party...lots of friends gathered once again.
The landscape crew had worked hard to get the
park green and tables were set up in the center
court to pass out information.
Mary helped residents pick out "Pots of Petals" to
spruce up their patios.
We always enjoy a visit from Bonnie and Don.
It was a happy group, dressed in warm clothes.......
...........and gathered around the big heater........

at our neighborhood
..........but the conversation was flowing........

Thanksgiving dinner.
............and the food was delicious.......
The hopper  dumped the load of fluffy cotton into the
module frame behind the wall.
The hydraulic tamper, in the center, then moved
along and squeezed it all down into shape.
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