February 2017
February is usually the busiest month here at Palm Creek, and this year was no exception.  Our "Cancer Awareness Week" was in full swing as we started the month as
activities had begun at the end of January. All sorts of activities took place during this week...golf tournaments, tennis tournament, rubber duckie race, "Golf Balls From
Heaven" (dropped from hot air balloons), silent auctions, live auctions, fund raising raffles.  On Friday night there was a "balloon glow" accompanied by luminaries
lining the main road through the park and our central Palm Park, and some hot chocolate and cookies served to the spectators.  On Saturday morning the balloon
operators took on passengers for a flight over town, donating their fees to the cause as well. It was a successful week with over $21,000 raised our local Cancer
Support Center. The Tennis Club alone raised $2345...not bad for our relatively small group!
Residents ran along the canal that runs through the park, cheering on
their rubber duckie.
Just 4 of the colorful balloons lighting up the night as residents gathered
for hot chocolate and cookies.
The "Super Bowl of Tennis" with teams named for the NFL teams raised
money for the Cancer Support Center.
Sandy Murray was our enthusiastic auctioneer at the Tennis Club
Super-Bowl of Tennis Awards Night.
The empty lots around our house were the staging spots for the balloons
on Saturday morning.
We waved to the passengers as they took off over our heads for their
journey across town.
With the busy weekend behind us we headed out on a little "vacation from our vacation."    Its about a 3 hour drive from Casa Grande, north to Sedona where we checked
into the Wyndham Resort for a couple of nights.  It was a cloudy, misty and a little on the chilly side being at a higher elevation among the gorgeous red rocks, but it was a
pleasant stay.  We arrived just in time on Sunday afternoon to participate in the resort's big Super Bowl Party.  The next day we enjoyed driving among the stately rock
formations and toured the Chapel of the Holy Cross and the Sedona Heritage Museum. Coincidentally, our friends Harry and Marilou had booked a stay at the same resort
arriving on our last evening there.  We got together for a happy hour and delicious dinner at a lovely restaurant....fun to see friends in a different place!
The Chapel of the Holy Cross is part of the Catholic
Phoenix Diocese.  It was designed by a local
sculptor, Marguerite Staude.
The chapel's perch in the red rock buttes offers a
stunning view out its windows.  It was completed in
1956 for a cost of $300,000 and is now in the
National Register of Historic Places.
A view from our balcony at the Wyndham Resort.
Another local view of the red rocks.
A renovated train station at the Sedona Heritage Museum.
After our short get-away to Sedona we were back to our busy selves in the park.  The sewing ladies had another of their "Quilt Till You Wilt "  nights and sewed up over
100 baby blankets and burp cloths to be donated to the local hospital.  The park's Pickleball Club held their annual member tournament which always provides us with
some great spectator moments. One weekend a nearby RV dealer filled our Palm Park area with lots of shiny new RVs.  We had to take a look at all the new Dutch Stars.  
Fun...but no real temptation!  Our old neighborhood gang got together for their monthly dinner and game night.  We shared "take-out" Olive Garden lasagna, salad and
bread sticks before getting into the competition of rolling dice.  And we attended several evenings of entertainment in the park's ballroom.  Of course, there were the
usual card games, rounds of golf and tennis matches.
Mary's friend Jan was in charge of the blanket project.  
Our friends Kerry and Ross won three silver medals.
It's a beauty, but Tom didn't like the $435,000 price tag.
It's always a rousing evening with the old neighborhood
gang.....Barry won a fistful of cash.....
...As did our buddy Mac.
Mary and some friends enjoyed a ladies' golf outing and dinner
at the nearby Francisco Grande Golf Course.
Always a favorite for Mary is the annual Palm Creek Quilters and Sewers Quilt Show.  The guild has about 125 ladies at their weekly meetings, with many more listed on the
membership roster.  They are a very talented and busy group that keeps the Sewing Room humming seven days a week from 9am to 9pm.    It was a busy time on the day of the
show with hundreds of people visiting the exhibits.  The woodworkers held their show the same day in an adjacent building....many more talented people with displays of their
work.    The following weekend brought out the auto enthusiasts for the park's annual Car Show....humbling to see the cars you learned to drive in labeled as "classics" or
"antiques".  There's always something going on around here!
The blocks for this quilt were made on
an embroidery machine.
Some quilts are more like a small
jigsaw puzzle.
Many hours of work went into the quilts and the large display.
Some of the woodworkers make furniture and other large
pieces.  Others show their talent on smaller pieces.
There were some interesting pieces at the show.
Could it be that it's been so many years ago that
my Dad brought home a red '66 Mustang that
its now a "classic" old car?
This sure doesn't look like the Oldsmobile I
learned to drive in!!!
At Palm Creek we're always looking for a good excuse to get together for a meal.  And with a few weeks to rest up from the "Super-Bowl of Tennis", the members of the tennis
club were ready for their member tournament.  We did not play in the tournament, but we were willing to share in the potluck dinner and awards night.  Congratulations were in
order to all our friends who participated and to those who came out at the top of the ladder.  Its always fun to watch the competition!
Our "mixed-double" winners from the tennis courts.
And of course, no month would be complete without one of those Arizona sunsets and a big smile from Kalamazoo.
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