January 2020
Our New Year started off with several days of family time as our kids and grand kids had arrived in late December and had all departed by January 4.  What a wonderful
visit we had!! (Go back to
December 2019, if you like).  We spent a week or so after they left trying to get ourselves and the house back to normal.  All the Christmas
decorations and the tree had to be packed away and in the process, Tom decided it was a good time to clean and re-organize the storage in our "shed."  Its always
good to have a little motivation!   With that accomplished and the laundry caught up and the house cleaned again, we were back into our "usual routines."      Mary's
Friday tennis group got back to "work" and she spent time in the sewing room. There were a couple of golf games and card nights with the ladies as well. Tom met with
the physical therapist on his regular schedule, frequented the card games and hit the links with his golf buddies.  

The Michael J. Fox Foundation sponsored a day of information and motivation for us in Phoenix.  Along with our friends Sally and Steve, we gathered with about 1000
people at the Arizona Biltmore to hear some interesting speakers and learn a few things.  We also enjoyed a fabulous lunch and a bit of entertainment.
January also brought a regular schedule of entertainment to Palm Creek.  Some years we have not been interested at all in what was offered.  This year it seems like they
have tried to "tune in" to our age group with "tribute" artists imitating people/bands from our younger years.  Some do a good job...others not quite so good...but at least
the music is familiar and the audience often sings along!  So far we have been to see "The BeeGees,"  "Tom Jones," and "Neil Diamond."
Palm Creek has an annual "Cancer Awareness" week each year, with many fun activities.  We didn't participate in many of those activities this year, but we did enjoy
walking up to the park on Friday evening at the end of the week to see the "Balloon Glow".   

Mary finished out the month by attending the big Craft and Sewing Expo at the Arizona State Fairgrounds with a busload of her closest friends. A good time was had by
We had some gorgeous weather this month and are looking
forward to a bit more coming soon!
It was quite a crowd at the Arizona Biltmore for our day with the
Michael J. Fox Foundation.
One evening the sewing ladies made and packaged over 100
baby blankets for newborns at the local hospital.
Mary's tennis buddies were all smiles before their match one
Friday, sending a greeting to a friend who can no longer come to
the park.
The Tom Jones impersonator had a great band
backing him up.
He got our friend Sue up and dancing in the aisles.
The BeeGees' career spanned many years and these guys
gave us a lot of history between numbers.
He didn't look so much like Neil Diamond but
his sound wasn't too bad!
There were 9 colorful balloons at our "glow." The colors appeared to get brighter
as it got darker outside.
Our friend Sue captured this shot as she walked across the golf course in
the park.  We do enjoy our sunsets!
Going on the bus meant the ladies could definitely
"shop till you drop" and get a ride home.
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