January 2019
The New Year was off to a busy start as more and more residents arrived at Palm Creek and our activity schedule was in full swing.   Tom has continued with Physical
Therapy sessions and we had the usual dose of various doctor appointments mixed in throughout the month.  Mary's tennis league got into action with 20 ladies competing
for "honors" on the #1 court.  (Mary's place is a little further down the line.)  Just like in most other months, we had the usual card games and get-togethers, and many of
our activities seems to center around food!
Mary's card group celebrated Bev's birthday after
play one evening.
Our neighborhood gathered to say good-by to two different
couples leaving the block.
The new game of "swoop" has filled 10 tables in the
card room on Wednesday afternoons.
The Palm Creek Sewers and Quilters are a very busy group.    Once a month they usually organize a "road trip" to visit quilt shops somewhere away from our little town.  
January's trip was to the "southeast valley" of Phoenix.  The ladies visited three shops and - of course - went to lunch.  This month's lunch was at a unique place called
"The Perch" and while some thought it was a seafood place, it turned out to be a bird sanctuary.   It was just warm enough for the ladies to enjoy their delicious meal
outside surrounded by some beautiful birds.  Back home, on another day, the ladies gathered for their monthly "Quilt Till You Wilt" evening.  They made close to 100
flannel blankets  and matched them up with donated "onesies" to be given to needy newborns at the local hospital.   The weekly group meetings have become quite
popular especially when there is a speaker or the monthly raffle.
The sewing ladies took over a section of
the patio at "The Perch."
The many colorful birds sang to us while we ate.
The ladies can be proud of their annual
donation to the hospital.
Jodi Barrows gave a fun program on her life and
quilting methods.
The weekly sewing meetings are often "standing room only".
"In season" here in the park we have multiple entertainment opportunities each month.  This month we chose to attend a performance of "The Diamonds" and another
titled "Rock Me Gently."  The Diamonds gave a fantastic performance, although only one of the performers was from the original fifties group.  The "Rock Me Gently"
group was a 'tribute' band that performed music mainly from the 70's.  Both groups had the audience singing along and "dancing in the aisles".

January is also the time for the park's annual "Welcome Home" party.  "Around the World" was this year's theme with food provided by a big circle of food trucks parked
in the parking lot.... Lots of tasty choices and music from a strolling mariachi band.  All of the clubs and organizations in the park had a table to promote their activities
and entice new members.
The Diamonds brought back a few memories from our past with their music.
Just a few of the food trucks that circled the park.
The tennis club was just one of the groups promoting their
February promises to be busy as well, so come back
next month to see what we've been doing.
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