March 2019
The word around Palm Creek is that it has been a very weird weather winter...frankly, the worst its ever been since the park opened in 1999.  From what we hear, however,
we had a much nicer season that family and friends to the north and east of us.  March began with a few nice days to tease us, then we had our now typical wind and rain
for a while and
finally the last ten days or so of the month were beautiful......morning temperature around 55 and afternoons reaching mid 80s and pleasant evenings!  We're
happy that we are full-time residents as many of our friends and neighbors are having to pack up and leave just as the weather has improved.
"Duel In the Desert" is the annual pickleball tournament held here in the park, drawing about 1000 players from all over.  They "lucked out" as play began on March 1st and
the weather gods gave them four days of sun and warm temperatures....with a little wind thrown in for a day or two.  We're only spectators, but its always fun to watch the
play.   Meanwhile, back at the clubhouse, the annual Glass Show was happening.  We have an amazing glass workshop where many talented people create fusion and
stained glass projects.  The next weekend we drove out to the Casa Grande RC Flyers Airfield to watch some of our neighbors as they participated in their annual "air
show."  It was a real experience watching several flyers control their planes at the same time in the busy air space.  It was so busy that even with many spectators and
operators, one of our friends lost his plane.  A couple of drone searches over the desert area still were unable to find the aircraft.  And we can't leave out the "artists" in
the park.  They held the annual art show on another weekend.  It is always interesting to see all the different "medium" used by our talented neighbors.
Don't cross that white line into the "kitchen" of the court!
Residents checking out the glass show
found all sorts of beautiful projects.
Our friend Keith had several different types of work to display.
Look in the sky!   It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a lawnmower!  It was quite a
surprise to see a flying lawn mower at the air show!
Here it is on the ground next to a more traditional model!
There were water colors, acrylics, oils, mixed media
works on display at the art show.
Mary's sewing guild took a bus trip to the north Phoenix area one day and spent many hours in four different quilt shops.  To save time for spending more money, they
even packed their lunches and ate on the bus between stops.  The group had enjoyed a similar trip earlier in the season with a really great bus driver and had requested
him again this time.  As he shared some of his own RV stories and also experiences as a veteran the group decided that he deserved one of our guild's "Quilts of
Honor"...made by various members of the quilt group and given to veterans.  As we returned to the park we presented the quilt to a very surprised gentleman.  The group
hopes to see him again next season.

We honored Viet Nam Veterans in particular one day while the "Wall That Heals", a traveling replica of the Viet Nam Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC, was in town.  It
had been escorted into town by a parade of military persons and vehicles and veterans groups and set up in the municipal park for a four-day stay.  There was also a small
museum that is part of the exhibit.  
Richard was surprised and happy as some of the 50 bus ladies
presented him with a "Quilt of Honor."
The "Wall That Heals" is a 375 ft, three-quarter scale model of the Viet
Nam Veterans Memorial in Washington.  It was a sobering experience
to visit and see the many names on the wall.
There were a few "celebrations" this month.  A group of friends (one with the same birthday as Mary) joined us for a dinner out one evening to celebrate the mutual
birthdays.  And Mary's card group had a special desert for her one night as well.

To celebrate the end of the golf season, Tom's golf group held a "mini-tournament" and shared a dinner afterwards on the park's patio.  Tom's team came in second.
This cake came with a candelabra!
Mary and Steve shared their birthday cake with the rest of the table.
The golfers shared their "if only" stories with their wives at dinner.
The ladies in the sewing room always have a good time, but they do spend a lot of time working on various projects, many of them for charities.  For their last "Quilt Till
You Wilt Night" of the season the ladies were told there would be no sewing and that they should come dressed as "trailer trash."  A good time was definitely had by all
with games played, songs sung and prizes awarded for nifty costumes.

One of our friends was the winning bidder at an auction with the prize being an evening of entertainment by some other friends, Joyce and Lloyd.  Joyce and Lloyd are
retired teachers who have spent many summers entertaining at resorts in Missouri and Arkansas playing their beautiful country music.  A buffet of appetizers made it a
"dinner out" evening.
Diane, Pam and Theresa were pretty
creative in their costumes.
No baby sitter, so Betty had to bring a
little one along!
Lloyd, Joyce and a friend made some beautiful music!
As the yucky weather finally disappeared we were able to enjoy a few outdoor events.  A huge inflatable movie screen was set up in Palm Park several different nights and
residents were invited to come watch the movie.  It was sort of like the old days going to the drive-in...except we brought our lawn chairs instead of cars (and there was no
playground for the time before the movie started.)  But we did have a choice of things to eat from several food trucks that were parked nearby and the popcorn machine
set up in the park.

The last big event of the season was the "going away" party held by the park.  "A Blast From the Past" was the theme and there were a few people dressed like they might
have in the 60s.  Live music was provided by a band that changed their clothes each hour to focus on music from the 60s, 70s and 80s.  It felt good to be able to sit outside,
eat and enjoy the music in the sunshine.
"The Green Book" and "Crazy Rich
Asians" were the movies offered.
Shaved prime rib sandwiches and several sides were on the menu for
our party in the park "A Blast From the Past."
Thanks to lots of rain this past winter, the wildflowers have bloomed like crazy....even along the freeways and in the desert.  For some
reason, however, the cactus are a little slow in blooming.  We still enjoy the beauty of the Arizona desert year round!
Desert wildflowers near Casa Grande
Sunset over the pond at the entrance to Palm Creek
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