September 2010
The first week of September was our final one in the Toledo area, so we had to get in all our "last get-togethers"  and all our last minute errands run and
appointments worked in to the schedule.  First off, on the 1st, we took the coach on a "day trip" to see our friends at JAM Tire Service in Rossford, OH.  They had
installed our new tires on the rear last summer and on the front two years ago.  We had noticed poor wearing on the front tires last year and when they were
rechecked this year it was decided that we needed to replace the front ones once again.  So, we did as they suggested and have new rubber on the front once
more.  On the third of September, we were still having problems with our Olds tow car engine spite of major repairs done in August.  We had to
pull off the road on our way to dinner one evening and retrieve the car later after it had cooled down - and we'd had our dinner with good friends who were kind
enough to provide taxi service.  The next morning Tom was able to have that problem taken care of which was caused by a poorly fitting cap on the coolant
It was a busy several days as we were able to have a last visit with Tom's sister, Judy and her husband, Ron and to stop and see Mary's brother Bill and his wife,
Beth at their new home.  We enjoyed a wonderful lunch hosted by friends Jacques Everhart and Jo Gettys and caught up on all they've been doing.  At Kathy and
Dennie Dew's we were treated to a great meal and Tom and Dennie checked out a few more things on the Dew's new-to-them motor home.  We know they will
enjoy using their RV and think they are far more "ready" than we were on our first trip out on the road 12 years ago.      Our son, Reid arrived from West Virginia
on Thursday, September 3.  He joined Tom and our friend Dick Lehto for their first 9 holes of golf on Friday before he put in several hours of this day
and age you can work from anywhere!     On Friday night the three of us joined Dick and Liz Lehto and daughter Tricia for a tasty dinner at their home.  We thank
you all for the wonderful hospitality while we were in Toledo!!!
On Saturday the 4th we moved the rig to Jackson, Michigan for the Labor Day Weekend and parked in front of Mary's mom's condo.  Her neighbors had been
asking if we would be around this summer!  Mom was quite pleased - and so were we - that Reid was able to come up for a visit.  We played a lot of games while
sharing stories and hearing all about Reid's new ventures.  For those that are interested, one of Reid's company's new clients is the Boy Scouts of America and
they are involved in the planning and development of the new
scouting high adventure base in the New River Gorge of West Virginia.   Reid has been making
quite a few trips to scouting's national headquarters in Texas and was scheduled to go there again on Tuesday, so he returned to West Virginia on Labor Day.  
On Monday afternoon we joined Mary's step-father's family for a holiday cook-out.  It started to rain just as we were ready to eat, but within a short time it was
sunny again and we enjoyed some games of ladderball and later some cards.  It was great seeing everybody again.
After the holiday we were back on the road and in a "service mode" once again.  We drove to Charlotte, Michigan to the Spartan Chassis factory.  There we had
them do an oil change and lube job, change various filters and do a thorough maintenance inspection.  They discovered a few things that needed attention so
we were glad we had scheduled the stop.  Then it was on to Elkhart, Indiana and Duncan RV Service where we had scheduled service on our awning, water
heater and dash air-conditioning.  Another day and a few dollars more and we checked a few more things off the maintenance list.   While waiting for service
we drove the car down to Nappanee.  At  the Newmar factory we picked up some replacement radio antennas and had a chance to say hi to friends Norm and
Linda Payne who were parked at "Camp Newmar."  A stop at the local hardware store yielded some parts to install the antennas.  We had lunch with Rich and
Diane Emond and enjoyed catching up on what they'd been doing since we saw them about a year ago.  Paynes and Emonds were headed to the Escapee's
Escapade in Goshen, IN the next week.
From Elkhart we headed west once again, putting quite a few miles on our tires in just a few days.  With overnight stops in Moscow, Iowa; Emporia, Kansas
(where we picked up a replacement part for our Brake Buddy System); Hays, Kansas; Seibert and  Breckenridge, Colorado, we arrived on September 16 in
Grand Junction, Colorado at the home of Palm Creek buddies, Glen and Helen Arnold.  Glenn and Helen had us park the rig in the street in front of their house
and they showed us a great time.  Over several days, we had some fabulous meals, a guided tour of the Colorado National Monument (which you can see from
their beautiful home) and the greater city of Grand Junction, and best of all some terrific tennis games.  What a great visit!  We're all primed for our return to
Palm Creek.
Dennie, Kathy, Mary and Tom at our last dinner
together for a while.
Dick and Liz and daughter Tricia shared a great
meal with us.  Tricia starts med school in Phoenix
soon, so we took on a few boxes of her stuff.
We said good-by to our site at Harbortown on
September 4th.
Our son Reid and his happy grandmother, Mary's
On Labor Day we labored over a couple of card
...and some rousing games of "ladderball."
Next stop for us was Montrose, Colorado.  At the Centennial Campground we parked next to former Palm Creek neighbors, Art and June Nelson.  They have
spent two months here for the last several years and really like the area.  It had been several years since we had been to Montrose and we enjoyed seeing
the area once again and having the opportunity to "catch up" with Art and June.  One day we drove the "Million Dollar Highway" up to Ouray and Silverton.  
The aspens were turning their beautiful fall gold and we stopped at many overlooks to enjoy the splendor of color.  Another day we toured the Black Canyon
of the Gunnison National Park.  The Black Canyon is fifty miles long and 2000 feet deep...a miniature Grand Canyon and just as beautiful.
We found the end of the
rainbow in a big
pile of dirt!
Helen and Glenn Arnold were our wonderful
hosts for a visit in Grand Junction, Colorado
We played tennis three days in a row on the
court at their daughter's home.  The scenery was
The Colorado National Monument
another scene at the Colorado National Monument
"The Coke Ovens" at the Colorado National Monument
The "Black Canyon of the Gunnison"
In the "Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park."
Tom and Art  checked out a bear with the help of a
park ranger.
Along the "Million Dollar Highway near Ouray, CO
Red Mountain Pass on the "Million Dollar Highway"
A hillside of aspens and pines along the "Million
Dollar Highway."
Our last outing from our Montrose base-camp was just down the road from the Centennial RV Park.  In Ridgeway we visited the Dennis Weaver Memorial
Park.  Weaver was a noted actor, writer and environmentalist.   He had moved to Colorado in 1989 and his family has donated 60 acres along the
Uncompaghre River to the town of Ridgeway for a park and wildlife refuge. The Weaver's solar powered home, "Earthship", was built nearby from
recycled materials.  The memorial, a huge bronze eagle, weighing 2800 lbs., is perched atop a pile of "prayer rocks" in the center of an Ute Indian Circle of inspirational spot.
I saw an eagle in the sky today
Flying free upon the wind
In my dreams I touched the
Caught the wind and flew with

Oh, what glory it was for me
Flying free up in the sky
For dreams become reality
If in our souls they never die.

So seize the moment which is
For your eagle lives within
Hold the vision of your truth
Dream your eagle and fly with
-Dennis Weaver
This portion of Weaver's poem "Dream Your
Eagle" is on a plaque at the memorial
The bronze eagle at the Dennis Weaver Memorial is
in a "Circle of Life" aligned to the summer solstice
The sculpture is perched to appear
that it is flying.
The view of the San Juan Mountain range from the
Dennis Weaver Memorial.
We were back on the road early on September 29.  After saying our good-bys to good friends Art and June Nelson, we were heading south from Montrose past
Telluride and on to Delores and Cortez, Colorado.  The winding drive on the "San Juan Skyway" was gorgeous!  It looked like somebody had spilled lots of
cans of paint in all the possible shades of green and yellow all over the mountainsides.  A few of the mountaintops were capped with snow, but we remained in
sunny, 80* weather down below.  Reaching Cortez, we found our way to the Ute Mountain Casino parking lot for a freebie night.
Our former Palm Creek neighbors and Montrose
tour guides-supreme, Art and June Nelson.
In the San Juan Mountains near Telluride, CO.
Aspens among the pines along the San Juan
Skyway near Telluride, Colorado
A forest of golden aspens along the San Juan
Skyway in Colorado.
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From the lush green mountains to the grandeur of desert -- we moved from the San Juan Mountains of Colorado, through the "four corners" area and on to
northern Arizona for the last day of September.  In the town of Chinle we stopped at the "Canyon de Chelly National Monument."  After driving across many
miles of what seemed like flat desert, the Canyon de Chelly was quite a surprise.  All of a sudden it looked like we would be driving off a steep cliff (and in
fact I guess we could have!) and there was a most beautiful canyon.  The colors and formations of the rocks are truly magnificient.  Some Navajo people still
live and farm in the bottom of the canyon, much as they have for hundreds of years.  Although we didn't take a guided tour to the bottom, watching the
Indians working from the rim of the canyon added much to our perspective of what life must have been like hundreds of years ago.  There are still several
areas of "ruins" along the canyon walls.  The many huge swirls in the rock formations makes one wonder how much water and wind there must have been to
create such a place.
Farmland in the valley of the Canyon de Chelly
Ruins of long ago villages within the canyon.
The "Spider Rock" formation
stands over 800 feet high.
  Views from the south rim drive of the Canyon de Chelly
Our visit to the Canyon de Chelly closed out the month of September and
our summer travel season for the year.  We're grateful that we are able to
travel as we do and that we can share it with others through our website.
Sunset along I-40 near Winslow, Arizona on September 30,2010