April 2018
The official "season" at Palm Creek ended on March 30.  Many friends, neighbors and fellow residents took to the road and within a few days we
were living in almost a "ghost town." But, there were enough of us to share a wonderful Easter dinner on the first day of the month.  We
gathered on the park's Bistro Patio and, as usual, our friends brought a huge array of tasty food to share.
Those of us remaining in the park were given one last chance at Bingo night.  By law, there is a limit on how much money our non-profit Bingo
game may have on hand, so the last night promised lots of jackpots.  If you are a volunteer Bingo worker, you may not play the game on the
evenings you are an assigned worker.  The lady that has supervised the Bingo game most of the years the park has been open (since 1999)
rarely gets to play.  This night, however, she was able to play.  The whole ballroom erupted in cheers when Flo yelled "BINGO!" on a $500
Sherrin and Judy checking out Flo's
winning game sheet.
Mary attended a couple more "one last time" events....the ladies' golf league had dwindled from 45 down to about 10...but there were still
some good times.  On their last play date they were allowed to only carry three clubs...somewhat of a challenge to say the least.    The sewing
guild ladies rallied a pretty good sized group when brunch was announced.  The ladies gathered at one of the park's outdoor pavilions to
share some tasty dishes and then to play a fun game with fabric as prizes.
Nate, the golf pro supervised the ladies' snacks after their final round.
Mimosas were a big hit to start of the tasty brunch.
There were a few more sparsely attended happy hours and we enjoyed a last fun evening with friends Wayne and Linda playing Pegs and
Jokers. The year-round residents got their summer activities going and the first event was an evening of "card bingo."  Last summer the
average attendance was about 25 or 30.  Eighty players showed up for our first night this season...quite a crowd squeezed into the card room.
It was guys against the gals, and it took 6 games, but it ended in a tie.
With 80 players, the games had decent jackpots even if we were playing
with nickels, dimes and quarters.
We've been getting up earlier and earlier these days.  The temperatures are rising and since Arizona does not use daylight savings time,
sunrise is before 6:00.  Our golf and tennis games are now completed before 9:00am.  The tennis gang fills only one court, but we often have to
wait to tee off at the golf course.  The pro shop closed April 15, so now golf is free....hooray!
Tom and our buddy Dick are starting out at the
#1 tee.  (Harry was sleeping in that day!)
April is one of our favorite months here.  The winter drab of the desert gives way to gorgeous
cactus blooms and frequent colorful sunsets. We don't mind a little less traffic, either.
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