September 2012
The big yellow truck we had rented in Utah in August took us into September.  We'd "crashed" in our own bed in the RV for one night while passing through Ohio on our way to
East Lansing, Michigan from West Virginia.   But, bright and early on September 1st we got back on the road for the final leg of our journey and delivered the truckload of stuff
to our son's new residence near the Michigan State University campus.  Then came the fun of unloading and finding a place for everything...we pretty much left that chore to
Reid!  We did stick around for a few days over the holiday weekend and helped with a few other chores around the house.  There were some bookcases to assemble and some
yard work to do.  We carted lots of empty boxes to the recycling center and returned the rental truck.                 Through the Internet we keep in touch with lots of RVers we've
met over the years.  We have crossed paths with Rich and Diane Emond many times and this time they were going to be at the Spartan Chassis Service Center in Charlotte,
Michigan - about 20 miles from Lansing - while we were in Lansing as well.  We had a great visit over dinner at the Texas Roadhouse.                                                 On Labor Day
we headed back to Ohio to retrieve our own home.   We said our final good-bys of the summer to our Toledo area family and friends over some tasty meals in a fast moving
several days, then drove the RV back to Michigan.  We had been alerted to a campground in Jackson by the Emonds and sure enough, the former Elks lodge about 10 minutes
from Mary's mom was now allowing non-Elk members to camp there.  We settled in for a several day stay and had some more brief visits with our friends the Emonds as well.  
We were about 45 minutes from son Reid too, so that made it very convenient to visit in both places.  On Saturday night Reid and his friend Cristin came to visit us in Jackson
and we had a fun dinner and evening teaching Cristin how to play dominoes.                                       
We certainly enjoyed our visits in Ohio and Michigan this summer, but it was time to move on.  On Sunday September 9, we started our trek back to the west heading across a
familiar route through Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma and into Texas.  As we drove on I-44 in Missouri we saw a billboard we hadn't noticed in the past.  It was advertising
the "Munger Moss Motel" in Lebanon, Missouri on old Route 66.  On our "honeymoon drive" to Arizona in 1967 we had stayed in place by that name and had told the story of
our adventure there many times over the years.  Could it still be in business???  We stopped to check it out - and lo and behold, it is still there and business is still good.  The
owners, the Lehmans, have preserved the ambiance of Route 66 and belong to a group tyring to maintain the history of the old route through the west.  Mrs. Lehman enjoyed
our visit and gave us some souvenirs.  She said we wouldn't be able to repeat our experience of 45 years ago, however, of a night's room, dinner at a neighboring restaurant
and bowling at the lanes across the road for a grand total of $10.  Those were the days!
We stopped for the night in "all the usual places" as we crossed the US to the west....Walmart in Indiana (although we had to move to a different Walmart when a previously RV
friendly one in Plainfield told us we were no longer welcome to spend the night there) and Missouri and then the Downstream Casino (west of Joplin) and the Fire Lake Grand
Casino (just east of Oklahoma City) and finally arrived at the Abilene (Texas) RV Park on September 13.  Time for a visit with our granddaughters!                       Of course, Friday
night means its football night in Texas.  Our oldest granddaughter Coffey, is in the Wylie High School Band.  We went to the football game in the awesome Wylie Stadium and
were proud to watch Coffey perform with the band.  (The team won their game, too!)  We then jumped right into the hectic schedule of two working parents and three active
girls.  Our car became the after-school transportation, picking up Merrick at the Jr. Hi and then Coffey and Close (and often Close's boyfriend, Alex) at the High School.  From
there it was one or more activity from horseback riding, dance classes, softball games and practices, band practice, freshman football games, a little homework and dinner.  
During the day we have busied ourselves with a few yard work and household projects and some sewing and "decorating" work.  Friday the 21st found is in a 2-car caravan
driving 70 miles to Brownwood for the away football game.  Life in Abilene is never dull.
Merrick's 12th birthday, September 22, was a busy day for all of us.  We had been recruited to walk with the team from "Visiting Angels" (Ann's employer) in the Abilene
Alzheimer's Walk.  We joined a large group of people (including Elvis!) from the community at the Rose Park Senior Center for the several mile walk.  It was a perfect weather
and we enjoyed the early morning walk.  After lunch we headed out to "PrimeTime Entertainment."  Merrick chose the activities for the afternoon...arcade games, laser tag,
go-carts and putt-putt golf.  From there we went to dinner at Red Robin and then home for ice cream and cake.  How can the baby be 12 already?
The end of September in Abilene was a weather disaster.  We had several days of high winds.  Our daughter's pool bottom was layered in red dirt...not to mention everything
else that was available to the wind.  And then the rains came.  The Wylie High School homecoming game sure wasn't the celebration they had planned...although they did win
the game.  Matt, Close and Coffey (in the band) braved the rain while the rest of us chose to stay dry.  From Friday morning to Saturday night we had over 7" of rain.  As they
don't have storm sewers around here, many roads were closed and those that weren't, had many high water spots....a pretty yucky end to the month that made it easy to stay
inside and watch the Ohio State/Michigan State game and the Ryder Cup Matches on TV.
We plan to stay in Texas another week or so and then head to Arizona once again.  
We're anxious to see all the changes that are taking place at Palm Creek.
"Okay, here's the plan."        Reid found a place for all the skis,
snowboards, snowshoes, backpacks, boots, kayaks and
paddles, hiking and camping gear, bikes and lawn equipment.
Reid and Tom put together two large bookcases, but there could
be more in the future.  They were filled quickly.
There were several trips to the East Lansing Farmers' Market
during our stays in the area in August and September.  They
had a wonderful variety of foods available.
We had a great time playing dominoes with Reid, his friend
Cristin and  Mary's Mom.
It's always a great time when we get to catch up with Diane and
Rich Emond, fellow Dutch Star owners and fulltimers since
2000, just like us!
The Munger Moss Motel in Lebanon, Missosuri hasn't
changed a lot since 1967.
The visiting team, the "Steers" from Graham, TX, had a steam
spouting mascot...they "do it big" in these parts.
#23, Close Ann at bat.
#26, Coffey Ann hits another one
Coffey coming in at home plate with another run for the team.
The Team: Coffey, Merrick, Alex, Close, Matt,
Ann, Mary and Tom
Here we go...following the leaders.
There was go-carts...
laser tag in the dark...
putt-putt golf...
and cake for Merrick's birthday celebration
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Tom got started on cleaning the mud from the bottom of
the pool while waiting for reinforcements from our
The Wylie High Homecoming Pep Rally had to be held
indoors because of rain, but we got a glimpse of the
"senior streakers" as they exited the building.