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We had arrived at our winter home, Palm Creek Golf and RV Resort in Casa
Grande, Arizona at the end of October.  The park office tells us that there are
more registered guests than at this same time last year, but for some reason,
our neighborhood still looks a little sparse.  Those of us that have settled in for
the season are getting a little spoiled with the open space around us.       To top
it all off, the weather has been fantastic.   It didn't take us long to get into our
'old routine' and if you think 'us old retired folks' sleep in and have lazy days,
you're wrong!  Most of us are 'off to work' each day around 8:00 - heading either
to the golf course, tennis or pickle-ball  courts, or hitting the streets for a long
walk or bike ride.  Later in the day we usually gather with the neighbors to share
the day's adventures and news and occasionally argue a point or two.  Evenings
sometimes find us playing cards...duplicate bridge for Tom and a ladies' group
for Mary.  Tom has been working one shift a week as the golf course "starter"
and Mary does a shift in the Activity Office and occasionally as a "resort
host".........kind of monotonous so far this season, but the life we are lucky to
The park held a "Welcome Home Party on November 15.  We
were entertained by an Elvis look-alike and enjoyed the
company of Marilou and Harry Forsberg and Connie and Dennis
Shaffer while downing a little "Bud" and some hot dogs.  All of
the clubs, classes and activities had a booth to display their
"stuff" and let everyone know what goes on here at Palm Creek.
It has become a tradition to set up tables on Dick and Alice Wells' covered
patio even though they are still in Washington.  We appreciate their
hospitality to shelter us from sun and later, evening breezes.  We were joined
by Paula and Jim Jones, Tedd and Mary Duncan, Mac Kryzanoski,  Bob Daniel,
Cathy and Peter Nichita and Connie and Dennis Shafer.
Before we knew it, it was
time for Thanksgiving.  
Since our neighborhood is
a little "sparse" this year,
we had a smaller group at
our gathering.  We really
missed the company of our
family and friends that were
not with us this year - and
trust they had a good
holiday.  The food and
friendswe shared here at
Palm Creek were
tremendous.   We started
off with a game of 'bean-bag
baseball.'  The ladies were
victorious over the men,
once again!
Then it was time to carve the
turkey.  We actually had two of
them.  Tedd and Jim tackled the
carving of Tedd's BBQ'd bird.  
Conversation lasted into the evening.
As the month of November came to a close, we celebrated
the ninth anniversary of our "life on the road."  We are truly
thankful for the opportunity we are living -- and hope that it
will continue.  We are thankful, too, for the family and friends
that share our blessings through this website.    Come back
again, soon!